I received a message from this number and from the message left i knew immediately they were a scam!!!! Please do not give them any account info in re to a payment by phone. I had a payday loan in 2008 with my then spouse and we filed bankrupcy and went thru a divorce, these people are "bottomfeeders" A term which means they are not legitimate debt collectors and do not follow the law! PLEASE REPORT THEM TO THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION!!! Law abiding debt collectors follow the FDCPA and will not leave messages claiming to be legal in there identity, you can not go to jail for debt... they wil try and convince you it's "check fraud" not true!!!I've been in the collection industry for 13yrs and know my rights as a consumer and know the law as a licensed debt collector. These type of companies make it bad for legitimate companies to collect valid accounts. Again please do not give these idiots the time of day they sound like they are calling from a basement apartment, good luck i hope this helps someone.
 Jan 08th, 2014
They told me I had a warrant for my arrest for a bad check from 2008, to a bank I use to have. I filed bankrupsy in 2011. They had said they sent numerous motices to the address I live at now, which I have recieved NONE! they claimed I would be arrested in 48 hours, I didn't show up to court... I was never served. They also said they was coming to get my car too.I called my local County and they had nothing on me. She told me if anyone showed up at my house, which she doughted to give them a call right away. But, looked like it was a scam. I am a nervous wreck, but I DO KNOW that I filed bankrupsy on all this stuff and hadn't been served or contacted by that bank since..
 Dec 12th, 2013
A man called, insulted me, threatened to sue if I didn't call by 3:00. I responded when I heard the messages. Had the last four of my sis # and all. When I called back, a woman tried not to tell me what they do. She, with a nasty attitude, says they deal with people who wrote bad checks. This exchange had to be and error. When I called back for the address, I was put on hold for six minutes. I'm reporting these people to BBB, FBI, & anyone else I can think of. I don't mind paying an owed debt, but he never said what I owed, just hurled belligerent insults and threats. When I looked on line. The number associated w this call--originally "unavailable" is from COUNTY CHECK SERVICES.
D. G. H.
 Dec 04th, 2013