Caller claimed their "Debt Elimination Service Company" had been referred to US by the three credit bureaus. I jumped through the phone, telling him we're on the DoNotCall registry, that they would have heard that if I hadn't picked up the phone, and I knew they were a scam. The guy kept at it, trying to intimidate me, saying, "Well, YOU may not think you need us, but the Credit Bureaus think you do!" Any idiot knows it doesn't work that way. I told him to shut up (he didn't), told him I was reporting him immediately, and called the DoNotCall Registry. When I told the woman that we were still receiving calls after registering last March, she told me that we should assume that ANY company still calling is a scam. She gave me the number of the FTC: 877-382-4357. I actually talked to a person, filed a report, got a reference number, and was told they were prosecuting a lot of companies for this type of thing. Here's hoping!
 Nov 02nd, 2009