This is a company claiming to be a debt collector, but they are attempting to collect fake debts
They called and woke me up and said "April?" And I said "no." Then they hung up
 May 22nd, 2019
Illegal Robo call. No message.
North Carolina
 Oct 12th, 2018
They repeatedly called, leaving no message, so I blocked them.
North Carolina
 Oct 12th, 2018
They tried threatening me with the bogus "we will show up at your work", "we have your name tied to legal documents" BS! I called them back (the claim # tied to the ph # given to me) and the lady was a rude ass as well. Told me she had to go down the hall to the attorneys office to get the info on why they were calling me. Uh no - scammer - If you were legit - youd have the info handy in your computer. Then she hung up on me after telling me "not to tell her how to do her job". Ok - sucks to be you - I see in hte comments below this belongs to DirectTV - sorry DT - your not getting any money from me for a shit product we have told you over and over to turn off due to lack of quality.
 Sep 27th, 2018
these people are from direct tv, they are very rude and smart-assed. they think they are law enforcement even if I owed direct with a rude smart-assed tone of voice and business manner they will get no. where with me talking like that
pm thurlby
 Feb 27th, 2013
Collection Agency for DirecTV
 Apr 25th, 2012
Hello, This number is clearly a debt collector. When you call the number back it says this is Acme I believe and this an attempt to collect a debt and any information received will be used for that purpose. So This number keeps calling and calling over and over again. They will not stop even though I have told them before that the person they are looking for is my ex boyfriend and he no longer lives here. I wish these people would get the hint and leave innocemt people alone. I wish my ex would get a phone and address listed so that they will begin calling him finally and leave me alone. I dont care where he is and I dont want to know where he is and I dont care about him. Stop calling people that say that person dont live there. It just makes you look bad. Sorry everyone for ranting but they just wont stop calling here. I am a single mom and it cost to change your number and I can not afford to do that. I may just shut the phone off and then I wont havee to deal with it anymore.
 Feb 10th, 2012