Phone rang once...hung up...
Mario Di Leo
 May 31st, 2012
If this was citibank, then it was a scam call, the lady could'nt even pronounce my name, so i hung up. Beware of this one!
 Mar 21st, 2012
Recently obtained Citibank credit card. Activation process ends with connection to credit protection service sales rep.
 Oct 20th, 2011
Getting PISSED they call multiple times a day and I've called back and requested OFF the list even though I'm already on the do not call list.
 Jul 13th, 2011
Did not answer, left no message. Calls several times a day
 Jun 10th, 2011
They never stop...annoying...and I don't even deal with them
 May 09th, 2011
caller ID showed Toll Free, answered the phone and was hung up on, i wish these companies go broke.
 Mar 28th, 2011
Tired of their calls. Told them "no one here by that name. remove this number from your list." She said "if no one is there by that name, we have no choice but to remove you." Yay!
 Dec 17th, 2010
11 Dec 2010 -- 10:41 am -- no message left.
 Dec 11th, 2010
These People call everyday at least 3/day
Leave no message
Wish they would delete me from thier list
 Sep 30th, 2010
28 Sep 2010 -- 3:37 pm -- no message left.
 Sep 28th, 2010
16 Sep 2010 -- 9:18 am -- no message left.
 Sep 16th, 2010
It is Citi bank. they want to sell you credit protection for their card. I have told them no so many times. I gave up and went out and bought a Panasonic phone that lets one block calls coming in. The phone rings one time and the caller then gets a busy signal. This phone was worth the $$ .. Panasonic model # KX-TGA931T. You will be very happy with this phone. BTW Do Not Call list will not work with them they will keep calling..
 Jul 23rd, 2010
Thanks for the tips - called back and heard it was regarding a Citibank marketing offer. I pressed "1", gave my number, and a recording said we would be removed from their list in 30 days.
 Apr 03rd, 2010
never leave message, call at least 4x a day. I never answer such calls or call back. Yes, we do business with citibank and if this is a marketing call I will ask to not be called again. We owe them nothing, so not debt collector call.
 Feb 01st, 2010
Like most of the comments below I too have received multiple calls from this number. The caller never leaves a message on the answering machine. Last call was 8:57pm on a work night. I called the number and got a multiple choice, recorded voice, computer saying the call received was about a "marketing plan" and they would be calling back. If you stay on line and make enough choices you get to a point where you can supposedly be added to their "do not call" list but you have to provide your name, address, etc. Way more information than should be required so I hung up. I have a Citibank card in good standing but plan to call the Community Relations office at Citibank to complain about their business practices, and who knows, depending on their attitude and response, I may just close my account.
 Jan 13th, 2010
I also have been receiving 4 to 6 calls a day from this number for the last several weeks. I just don't answer and won't play these games as one never knows what they're capable of doing. However, next call I may just try "Phone-jacked"'s idea of pushing the # sign 4 times in quick succession (what could that hurt?). I've come to the conclusion that none of these folks are 'legitimate' as the real businesses 'should' honor the DO NOT CALL LIST. I think these guys rig their numbers to look like a legitimate business. Obviously they have sinister agendas and we don't need to waste our time.
 Dec 19th, 2009
Said hello and the subhuman hung up without saying a word.
 Sep 22nd, 2009
Hung up during ans machine msg
 May 14th, 2009
Called back and it said "Thank you for calling Payment Aid. We were trying to reach you about a Marketing Offer."

This has just GOT to be Citibank. The same ones who are in financial trouble, and increased my interest rate to 19.99% and cannot seem to keep me in their "Do Not Call" list. Once I pay off my card (probably in 2020 at this rate), I am cancelling it.
 May 04th, 2009
Try this one the next time some telemarketer calls: Push the POUND KEY FOUR TIMES in rapid fashion. (####) when you first pick up the phone and BEFORE you say anything on the phone. If they are using an autodailer, this usually works!! What this does is it fool the auto dailer into thinking that the phone munber it just called is invalid, and it drops it from the list THEN AND THERE! I've had about 75% success with this!!!
 Apr 25th, 2009
no one responded & there was no message. So annoying, what's the point of bothering people then?...
 Apr 14th, 2009
These people think these calls come from a computer that belongs to Citibank. So we're not the only ones. They seem be to getting very upset. I think the calls are to torment people into saying something to give them a reason to put them on a homeland security list. Once on that list, they have authority to track/implant you while sleeping if you ever get hospitalized or stay in a motel. Be careful what you say if you complain.
 Mar 05th, 2009
The trailer park IQ's that own this call center operation and and sorry humans that work for them seem to have alot of time on their hands. I receive 75 solicitations a day at my Portland business. These fools are just one of them. I have decided that if I'm stuck with answering to these shitheads, I'm going to give them a load of false information every time. False name, address & any questions will be answered with total opposites. The reason for this is most of these marketers will get compensated every time you answer. So why not deliver completely false data to help botch up their program. Only if 10,000 - 20,000 people could do this over a short period of time this would completely throw off any data retrieving schedules. I do this when ever I get called and it is rare that the number will come up again if you do this....
Richard Nixon
 Feb 25th, 2009
This is a credit protection scam. They are likely to use this cover to obtain your information. Caution, once they have an account number, SSN, or equivilent sensitive information, the damage is done. They can and have been associated with distributing (selling) the information in a way that relieves them of liability. That means your identity is now in the hands of one of the many fraudulent phishers out there; this is on a global scale. You can expect to see undefined charges against your accounts and a few have reported receiving cashiers checks from Nigeria, Azores, Laos, etc. for millions of dollars in exchange for $200(+/-) processing fee. Without a direct link or positive paper trail, this criminal activity is simply chalked up as a scam and you are on your own. Hope this helps.//jw
 Feb 14th, 2009
I get calls from this DAILY I tell my kids don't ans it, everytime I ans the call there is no one on the other end.
 Feb 04th, 2009
yep, they called us, too. After 8:30PM. After my kid was already in bed. You would think that any idiot with half a brain would look at the Do Not Call list and cipher with their two brain cells that perhaps people who sign up for this list really don't want to be called and their chances for having a successful contact is pretty slim. Oh! Wait! I just remembered, telemarketers don't have two brain cells!
 Jan 24th, 2009
Call came in and I answered. Male asked for me and I asked who's calling. He told me he would have to call back and hing up!!!
 Jan 23rd, 2009
won't leave messages; call 1-3 times a day for past week; said hello a couple times and no one says anything so i hung up; once answered and asked if i could take a message for the person who wasn't home and they said they'd call back; followed the comment by sherri - called number - said calling about a promotion; i followed the prompts to continue the call and be put on the do-not-call list for them but it wanted all kinds of information (name, address, etc.); i got nervous and didn't want to give out all that info and hung up
 Dec 20th, 2008
Have ignored this number for the longest time until today. I picked up, the other person asked if they were speaking to Derek. I said yes, they hung up.
 Dec 02nd, 2008
Ho has do not call phone have to report to the site,because this is a Advertise call.
 Oct 30th, 2008
I answered the call this time. It was CitiBank trying to make a sale (I have a CitiBank CC). The predictive dialer was slow connecting the agent to me so it seemed as if there was no one there for 3 or 4 seconds.
 Oct 23rd, 2008
Like you all I have been getting SEVERAL phone calls and so I finally picked up and answered. There were girls giggling and then asked for my husband (by name) giggled some more and then hung up after I asked to take a message. I came and googled their number nd found this website. So annoying to get these calls!
 Oct 21st, 2008
Have received quite a few calls in the last 2 weeks from this number. When you pick up the phone, even if it only rings once or twice, they hang up on you. I finally called it back. Caller ID showed Unknown Caller. The recording says: "Thank you for calling Payment Aid. "This is a telemarketing call and we will attempt to contact you at a later time." "If you are interested in continuing this call please press 1." When you press one, you have to enter your phone number, then your zip code. Then you will be prompted to, again, press 1 if you want to continue the call. After that you are given the option to be placed on their Do Not Call list. It is a ridiculous speak clearly/spell clearly of your entire name and address system to be able to opt out. I did it though. After you go through all that, the recording then tells you that it will take up to 30 days to come into effect and that you could still receive calls from them during that time frame. I wish there was some way I could blow up their phone lines when they call. Beyond ridiculous.
 Oct 15th, 2008
Toll Free Call, didn't leave message.
 Oct 15th, 2008
Called them back...some kind of marketing company. Continued with the call. The computer asked me to enter my phone number, I did. Then they asked me to enter my zip, I did. Then they asked me to enter my last name...I hung up. Never got to a message that allowed my to remove my number from their call list and thought that giving them my last name was too much information. Marketing companies should give you an easier way to opt-out. This should be illegal..what is the DO NOT CALL list for?
 Jul 30th, 2008
I told them that I am on do not call list and they have to pay $10k fine. The guy got scared and hang up. But another person called later on. You should go to on left side there is a link to file a complain. If a lot of people do that then somebody will stop them.
 Jul 29th, 2008
credit protector with citibank....
 Jul 07th, 2008
Called them back, listened to an obviously slow computer, followed the prompts to be added to "THEIR" do not call list. Says it might take 30 days, time will tell.
 Jul 02nd, 2008
Unknown who is calling, just says TOLL FREE NUMBER. I assume it is one of credit cards that I own. They have been calling once a day for the last 10 days.
 Jun 20th, 2008
They call every evening around the same time, Monday thru Friday. I never pick up "Toll Free Numbers" or "Unknown" or "Out of Area" calls as they are all sales calls. So much for being on the Do Not Call list!
 May 30th, 2008
Unknown name
 Apr 30th, 2008
Updated 2/2008
 Apr 15th, 2008
 Apr 15th, 2008
I called them back and a recording said credit aid. I pressed one and at some point they said i was on "citibank's do not call list"I immediately called citibank to ask if they knew anything about this. The operator said they didn't have any "alerts" I asked if there was someone I could report this to and she said"no, the calls here are monitored, just hang on to this information in case you need it later." I will be e-mailing and actually putting pen to paper to contact citibank about this.
Libby McLiberal
 Apr 08th, 2008
When they called, I answered the phone and no one was there. I hung up.

I called back and it says "Thank you for calling Credit Protectors. We were attempting to call you about a marketing offer. We will try to contact you at a later time. It gives option to continue the call by entering my phone number, which i had blocked.

 Feb 06th, 2008
They just called, no message left.
 Jan 31st, 2008
i am tired of this a-holes calling...saved their number with no sound(ringer) and viola no more ringing all day LOL :)
 Jan 15th, 2008
They never leave a message and call constantly. Sometimes when I pick up, they just hang up. Very frustrating. I am paying off the account and closing it. Only owed $45.00 and it isnt past due, late, or in any way behind.
 Jan 12th, 2008
I am getting it too much. I just added it to my cell phone as "junk call" with no (silent) ring attached to it. Now when they call, I know I can ignore it. If they want to talk, they can be there.
 Jan 10th, 2008
Called this number it belongs to Citibank and if you leave your name and address they say they will remove your name from the call list.
 Jan 08th, 2008
Keep calling and do not talk or leave any message.
 Jan 03rd, 2008
credit protection
 Jan 01st, 2008
Marketing call. This number corresponds to Citibank Credit Protector.
It is a marketing call to offer you their credit protection services.
Even if you are in the government do-not-call lists, you get this call because you do business with Citibank.

They never leave a message if your answering machine responds and often call multiple times a day. Annoying indeed.

Call the number to place yours in their DO-NOT-CALL list, as per the instructions in this forum.

A little painful as they'll ask you to provide number, name and address through an automated menu, but at the end you will be told your number will go into their list.

30 days to become effective...!
 Dec 16th, 2007
It is a Citibank Credit Protector program. Call the # back to be placed on their do not call list.

When it rings/answers, press 1; follow prompts for your phone # etc., press 1 again for their Do Not Call list (for Citibank)

Supposedly takes 30 days to be removed.
 Dec 12th, 2007
no message left
 Nov 05th, 2007
keeps calling, no message
 Oct 29th, 2007
Here is the rule from Federal DoNotCall registry. Looks like if you have a Citibank credit card, bank account, etc. They have the right to call you unless you go through their do not call request line. If they continue to harrass after that, you can report them, but I don't know how you prove you made the request.

A telemarketer or seller may call a consumer with whom it has an established business relationship for up to 18 months after the consumer's last purchase, delivery, or payment - even if the consumer's number is on the National Do Not Call Registry. In addition, a company may call a consumer for up to three months after the consumer makes an inquiry or submits an application to the company. And if a consumer has given a company written permission, the company may call even if the consumer's number is on the National Do Not Call Registry.

One caveat: if a consumer asks a company not to call, the company may not call, even if there is an established business relationship. Indeed, a company may not call a consumer - regardless of whether the consumer's number is on the registry - if the consumer has asked to be put on the company's own do not call list.
 Oct 26th, 2007
I also get calls from this number multiple times daily and called back to follow the prompts to be added to their "Do not call list." It takes a little while to answer the questions and the voice says it will take about 30 days, but I was assured that I am on the "Do not call" list for citibank marketing promotions.
Jennifer Butz
 Oct 25th, 2007
They have been calling for months and I finally called back to get my name off their list. I understand it will take 30 days but last night my husband answered and he told them he wasn't interested in credit protection or whatever they were selling and hung up. Today I received ANOTHER call from this number. This is the worst harassment by phone I have ever encountered. There has to be someone I can report this to.
 Oct 24th, 2007
It's Citibank.
Call back the number,1-877-507-2031, wait for the end of the "We will call back later" message confirm that you want to continue the call, enter your phone number when prompted and then confirm (by choosing 1) that you want to be on their DO NOT CALL list. IT'S THAT EASY! Takes up to 30 days to become active thoguh.
 Oct 08th, 2007
Why do they bothe to call if they are just goint to hang up? I hate these people and do not understand thier motivation
Jay McDonough
 Sep 29th, 2007
Got to be from India, they aren't proud of their business if it is from the States
 Sep 26th, 2007
I get calls from this number about 4 times a week. I let it go to answering machine and they never leave a message
 Sep 25th, 2007
Can ANYBODY who dialed up the company and followed the prompts to be removed from the call list....PLEASE CONFIRM IF THIS ACTUALLY WORKED AFTER 30 DAYS??!!!!!
 Sep 22nd, 2007
If I answer and there's no response right away from the other end, I know it's a telemarketer and I hang up. Annoying.
 Sep 21st, 2007
 Sep 20th, 2007
Applied Card Bank
 Sep 19th, 2007
Hung up on me
 Sep 11th, 2007
Calls every day. Never says anything. Over & over!
When are our lazy inept politicians going to take action against this plague of telemarketing trash!
 Sep 10th, 2007
Don't even think twice - REPORT THESE BASTARDS TO THE AUTHORITIES! Get a class action going and put a stop to this predatory and inhuman treatment by these companies ignoring the laws that were carefully set up to avoid this very harrassment! Citibank needs to be taught a lesson for this incessant predatory approach, and only swift and aggressive legal action will work. The heads at Citibank would never allow this to happen at their private palaces which are paid for from ill-gotten gains. They have NO respect for human dignity or privacy. In short, they're a bunch of bastards of the lowest order. And they wonder why their private lives and marriages are so miserable and they have every type of sexually transmitted disease and illness in the end? It's called KARMA! You get what you try to give! For all their attempts at positive public relations, they destory themselves behaving this way! Citibank are utter scum inmy book, now and forever because of this!
 Sep 05th, 2007
Sherri's message seems to work to get on the Citibank DO NOT CALL list
Wendy B
 Aug 25th, 2007
This number keep calling me for 3 months now. They are "Citibank Credit Protector". If enough people file a complain to maybe Citibank will get the message or close all accounts from Citibank.
 Aug 15th, 2007
Citicards generated the calls for me. If you call back the number it indicates 'Credit Protector' and you are asked to enter the phone number from which you are calling. I continued to hit 00 after each prompt and finally was asked if I would like to join the 'do not call' list by leaving my name, etc. This may prove helpful to some; as for me I'm making a direct call to a rep with Citicorp because these harrassing phone calls were the reason I most recently canceled two BankofAmerica accounts.
 Aug 10th, 2007
Number spams my caller id. My phone number is on the do not call list.
G. T
 Aug 09th, 2007
Placed call to 8775072031 and followed instructions to "continue call" and then prompted for the "Do not call list" of CitiBank... Could take up to 30 days and could continue to receive these calls until then...
(Thanks Kim...)
 Aug 08th, 2007
I have experienced everything everyone else has commented on...
I wish I knew what to do to report these guys, but I will figure it out and report back here...
 Aug 08th, 2007
it is citibvank. Call it, at first the prompt implies you will want the service BUT do it because it will eventually prompt you to the DO NOT CALL request others have mentioned.
 Aug 07th, 2007
Ditto to the most common posts above. Call Citibank at 1-800-950-5114 and threaten to transfer your balance somewhere else if you are a cardholder and they'll stop. This is such poor customer service they shouldn't be doing it in the first place.
 Aug 03rd, 2007
they are calling me 3-4 times a day!!
 Aug 02nd, 2007
I am really really tired of these people calling. Sometimes ever up to 9 at night! You would think after a few months of trying they would give up...geessshhh!
 Jul 31st, 2007
You can leave your phone number on "Do not call list".
 Jul 25th, 2007
I have been getting calls from this number as well, but since I am in the marketing business I know what is going on, and thought that I might help shed some light on this for others here.

1) You are not being called by a person. This is a "predictive dialer", which is simply a computer with all of our phone numbers fed into it. The computer calls each number over and over until it gets a response of some type. As long as your phone number is in the dialer, it won't stop. It's a computer. It doesn't get bored, and it doesn't get fed up. It just dials.

2) The National Do Not Call List DOES NOT APPLY here. Even if you are on the "Do Not Call" list, companies are still allowed to call you if you have a "pre-existing business relationship". You and I have Citibank cards, so we have a "business relationship" with Citibank. That means that it is perfectly legal for Citibank to put you in a dialer to sell you whatever service they want, even if you're on the Do Not Call list. You can groan and complain to whomever you want, but Citibank will not get in trouble for this.

3) Citibank IS required to offer everyone an "opt-out" choice, which they appear to be doing. They are not required to make the opt-out process easy, although I agree that it is a bit sleezy to make it overly difficult.

4) They are allowed to make you wait 30 days to implement your opt-out request. Again, you can groan and complain to whomever you wish, but if you don't give them their 30 days they won't get in trouble.
 Jul 17th, 2007
Don't answer this phone call. Their goal is to cheat you on money.
 Jul 16th, 2007
I get calls from this number @ work & let it go to vm and no message is left.
 Jul 12th, 2007
I received another call today after requesting to be on the do not call list through TCIM. Although this time, someone was actually on the phone and it wasn't an immediate hang up. I called TCIM back 800-333-2255 and left a msg at John's desk informing him that if I get called again. I will take legal action.
 Jul 11th, 2007
This is Citibank calling. Call them back, continue the call and give them your phone number, name and address. They make you spell everything to the computer. They then say they will place your your number on their no call list in 30 days. We shall see. Clever idea to make you spell everything. Most people will give up when they hear that. Why do we put up with these people?
 Jun 20th, 2007
4 rings and a hang up
 Jun 14th, 2007
Four calls in four days. Always a hangup if I answer. When I called back, the message says, "Welcome to Credit Protector. We were attempting to contact you about a marketing offer."
 Jun 07th, 2007
They call my house numerous times a day. It gets highly annoying, today I answered once waited about 15sec and then said hello. A woman asked for me, even though I am a 20year old living with my parents while not at school. I'm assuming its Citicorp trying to make more money off me, next time I will tell them to take me off the list.
 May 31st, 2007
My phone is on the do not call Federal Register, yet these folks continue to call. I have told them to remove me from their call list, and that I have already reported them to the government agency controlling the do not call list. If they get enough reports from this number, then they will turn it over to law enforcement authorities for further action.
 May 31st, 2007
Bottom of this website, you can submit a do not call request:

I'd also suggest calling the number on the contact us form: 800-333-2255 where you actually get a real person and complain!!!
 May 21st, 2007
I get a call almost every single day from this number. It's getting old. This time I gave the person a chance to talk and the line hung up.
 May 19th, 2007
2-4 phone calls per night. Caller ID shows up as "unknown". No one on the other line when I pick up. So annoying.
 May 12th, 2007
Similar experience to that of the previous posts...The company uses a predictive dialer...The rep I spoke with offered me credit protection...When I informed him I had requested (from a previous contact with them)I be put on their do not call list, before I could continue, he hung up...In my miind, this company is clearly violating the law...
 May 10th, 2007
BTW check out these 2 links
Very helpful !
 May 07th, 2007
For the past 2 months I've been with Consumer Credit counseling to pay these blood suckers (LEECH)!but still they're calling me every day around the clock to force me to pay for the late fees and other B.S. to make couple more dollars !
They get pisse off if you're going to pay them through CCCS ! Well tough $#@&* ! I do recomend this caller ID manager to exclude their calls !
Don't let these GREEDY a$$$$ wipes to terrorize and invade your home around the clock just to suck you dry !
I hate'em with passion !
Citi bank and Dell computer corp. and Wells Fargo Are the worse ones !They hate CCCS !
 May 07th, 2007
Well I followed Sherri's directions, hope it helps. I can't take the phone ringing all times of the day. Especially when the kids are napping. UGH!!!
 May 03rd, 2007
Getting really sick of numerous calls from this number. Never a message left.
 May 03rd, 2007
This unknown person called from this # and waited about 30 seconds and then hung up on me.
 May 01st, 2007