They called me from 844-350-5029. Left a voicemail saying the same thing about some document they just got in their office & to call them back at (877)367-9941. Blocked like the 100+ other numbers that try to scam people.
 May 08th, 2019
THey call from 844-765-9648 saying to call back about some documents they received and to call 877-367-9941
 Feb 06th, 2019
scammers. Do not call back. nothing but trash.
 Nov 17th, 2018
Same received voicemail about documents in office and to return their call - blocking the number
 Sep 13th, 2018
I Just got call from this number saying they were calling me about some documents and to call them back. I am not calling them back and if they know so much about us then they should mail us. If it's some old bill they "claim" I owe they are full of it. I would like to add that ever since Equifax was hacked in to more than once I have gotten tons of calls from collection agencies and I have no idea where they are coming up with these "SO called bills I Owe" all I can say is thanks to Equifax and other companies everyone knows our personal information and it does no good to file a complaint because the government isn't paying any attention to the numerous complaints I have called about and filed online. This will be another number that goes on my blacklist which also does no good because I notice they use various numbers from same places.I don't like that all these people have my personal information and to think they have our SS numbers and none of us can get help about this situation.
 Sep 11th, 2018
Someone called me today from this number. I can't find them anywhere online. Jensen and Evans. Say I owe money on an old bill from nearly a decade ago that I know was paid. They told me my social... A little uncomfortable. Hmmm...
 Sep 07th, 2018
someplace claiming they have financial matters to talk about named jensen and evens law firm
 Sep 05th, 2018