This number, according to a recorded message, has been changed to 800-935-9935. Atlanta, GA
 May 31st, 2012
This is NOT a scam. If you clear your browser and try to login to Chase, they will either email you a verification code to login or call you from this number. I'M not saying that people can't spoof numbers. However, this number is a legit Chase number.
 May 27th, 2012
This is a scam. Any posting that say it is not a scam are the actual persons trying to perform the scam. Call Chase give them both numbers and they will advise what you should do. I repeat this is a scam. Do use any information given and don't provide any information to either toll free number.
 May 27th, 2012
said was Chase ~ i didnt ask for any code so not going to use it~ sounds like may be scam to get information on account~i dont do online with them~~ i bought truck they financed~ so why would io need online banking account # think just another scam~
 Mar 05th, 2012
Chase called me with a code with which I could login to my account with.

They told me they were calling.
 Nov 01st, 2011
It sounds like SICKofIDIOTS is about as low as you can get on the food chain.
 Mar 02nd, 2011
This was from Chase. I entered the wrong password on my online banking account.
The call was to give me an ID number so that with the answers to several questions I could
continue with my online banking.

Now is that not a more plesant answer than the one from SICKofIDIOTS?
 Mar 02nd, 2011
This is Chase. It was a call to provide access numbers for their website.
 Jan 17th, 2011
The caller ID panel said JP Morgan Chase, but when I called Chase to find out why they called they informed me that I had missed a "fishing" call. That is was NOT CHASE at all but somebody trying to steal my identity by pretending to be Chase.
 Dec 08th, 2010
I assume from reading comments below it's Chase bank, I just got a auto loan thru them on the 7th of this month and my first note is not due till Oct 7th and I did not setup a reminder to call me. I know when the darn bill is due.
 Sep 21st, 2010
the callc ame at 9:30 PM./.we did not hear it,a nd left no message. When I called back, it said the number had been changed, and gave me a 1-800 number.
I called Chase and talked with the bank, and credit such Chase number. There was no record of anyone calling me from Chase. All I can say is, don't give any personal info to anyone that calls from numbers like this. Hang up and call your bank.
 May 29th, 2010
This is the number the automated system displays when it calls to let you know your account has met or exceeded the limits you have set on the website.
 Apr 30th, 2010
If it is a reminder, an automated message is left on one's answering machine. Look in your own backyard b/4 calling people names.
 Mar 11th, 2010
Probably chase; possible account reminders scheduled by me.
Jerry Dennis
 Jan 14th, 2010
Why don't you just answer your goddamn phone? Chase calls when you have it set up so that thy can REMIND you that a payment is due on your credit card in 'x' amount of days...or that a payment has just posted...or any other request you might have signed up for. If you don't answer your phone, your just running frm something, asshole.
 Aug 04th, 2009
Didn't pick up.
 Nov 26th, 2008
This is Chase, an automated account update that I requested.
 Nov 15th, 2007
Automated account update alert.
 Oct 27th, 2007