When is the govt going to realize these bozos are sucking up American's time with BS from Scam outfits that are nothing more than fake charities that use 90% of their fundraising for the fundraising outfit. In other words...begging for money to use for begging for more money. Very little goes to those in need.
F**K these scammers!
Pissed off
 Jan 17th, 2012
Not legit. They have no morals, obviously. Would love to give them a wood shampoo.
Derph the Serf
 Jan 13th, 2012
"Allegedly" Childrens Cancer Recovery Foundation yet they had absolutely no information of other legit children's cancer centers, St Jude's or even Ronald McDonald House. Money "allegedly" goes to offset family expenses and provide special services to young victims but solicitor had never even heard of Make A Wish Foundation.
 Jan 11th, 2012
These folks call every night at 8:50 PM! Clearly looking for money (SCAM ALERT!!)
 Jan 03rd, 2012
won't answer it. stinking do not call list must be of no use? :-/
 Dec 29th, 2011
Telemarketer to donate for the Children Cancer Recovery Foundation--scam
 Dec 28th, 2011
This was the second call from these pricks in 6 days. It is also the second call from them that got a complaint filed against them with the NDNCR because they are clearly FALSELY claiming to be a non-profit organization when in fact they are scammers trying to bilk the public out of hard earned cash during the holiday season as has been a common practice in this country for decades... If Bell had realized his phone would have been used for such things he would not have bothered inventing it!!
 Dec 27th, 2011
They say that they are collecting for the children. They told me that my money would go and have the kids with Cancer. Found out that they keep over 90 % of all collected to themselves. They don't help the kids, they help themselves. DO NOT GIVE them anything!
 Dec 22nd, 2011
The Children's Cancer Society which is a for profit group with only 5 percent of what they collect goes to cancer groups. Your donation is billed monthly. DO NOT Give them anything. If you did STOP PAYMENT They are crooks
 Dec 22nd, 2011
called last night at 8:30 and this morning at 9:12. I don't answer 8oo numbers with out a caller ID. If they leave a message, I might answer the next time, but this one hung up the second the machine picked up.
 Dec 21st, 2011
Hate it when people call and hang up on answering machine. Hate it when they call and hide behind unlisted or unavailiable phone numbers. As far as I am concerned, as we all should be concerned, ANYONE who calls using this practice is nothing more than a coward and a fraud and they DO NOT deserve our response in any way other than complaints against their number for harrassing us by causing our phones to ring without any respect to our right to know, before answering, who is calling us. The fact that they do not respect us enough to even leave a message telling us who they are and why they called, or even who they are trying to call is enough to tell them to go suck a rotten egg. Simply put. NEVER donate to ANY organization who calls BLIND calling. Especially if they call you using an unidentified phone number and then have the nerve to ask for you by name and then ask for your credit card information. Don't get me wrong. I do believe in donating to charities. But I only donate to charities I KNOW and have access to locally! That way I NEVER have to give out my credit card information! That is what I tell callers at the same time I tell them to remove my number from their active calling lists. That is what you all should do as well! Good luck! And keep filing complaints! Eventually the FTC and gov will realize that making exceptions to the rules only breeds more scammers using false claimes of qualifications of exemptions to allow themselves to violate the NDNCR and then they might even change the laws to actually protect us like they where meant to do.
 Dec 20th, 2011
told me similar story wanted my credit card to give donations for kids sad they would sick kids to get money from people. I only give in person.
 Dec 06th, 2011
Julie for a charity. Said National League Broker gave them our number to call. Who is the National League Broker?????
 Nov 17th, 2011
The fact that no ID name is displayed screams SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. A real charity usually contacts by mail, those that use the phone that are not scams always have ID displayed and will not be rude when you politely inform them that you do your donating in person.
 Oct 26th, 2011
Non-stop scamming
 Oct 24th, 2011
These fake charity calls nonstop for days on end, usually several times, stops and then starts calling again in a week or two
 Oct 06th, 2011
DEC: You are correct that non-sales calls are exempt from scrubbing the federal DNC registry. You do have options, however.

Matt B recently reported commercial fundraiser Associated Community Services as the firm hired to place the calls. Such call centers are very much for-profit and pocket most of what their periodic campaigns collect. At times the ''charity'' client is itself a closet profit enterprise, compounding the deception.

However, as commercial entities, these boiler rooms are expected to honor an internal no-call list and add any number upon request. Break that order, the FTC declares, and ''the telemarketer may be subject to a fine of up to $16,000.'' They are also covered to a point by other regulations for telepests, so you can kvetch about abandoned calls, bot calls to mobile phones, and so on.

What else to do? File complaints with the FTC and attorneys general, and the charity group doing the hiring. When the boiler room calls, try getting on a master ''no-call'' list for all of that firm's charity clients. (See more discussion under this number: 901-881-9984 ) If a given commercial fundraiser seems deaf to your demands, (as you indicate is likely) and/or merely renews its pestering with the next campaign, turn up your volume on paper. Send a cease-comm notice via USPS Certified with return card. It need not say more than to stop calling and writing whatever numbers and addresses you want protected.

A charity call campaign must usually be cleared through some agency or regulator in your state, and many states make activity reports available online. They often reveal a specified period of weeks or months in which the group is permitted to solicit, sometimes tracking well with the observations on these call forums. Find those reports and you'll find one more desk to advise of your displeasure.

further reading ....

Telemarketing Sales Rule

Various laws in brief from the FCC
 Sep 27th, 2011
Caller hung up after 3 rings.
 Sep 27th, 2011
Received repeated calls over the past week or two from this number as well as another from the same organization. I finally gave up and answered today. The guy was initially very friendly but when I attemted to speak on several ocassions, he talked over me with determination. When I didn't stop talking, he hung up before I could complete the sentence, "We want our number removed from your call list". I immediatley called the number back and listened to a message on how I could donate money but NOTHING on how to be removed from the call list. I expect they will continue to call as they wish, since the "nonprofit" status gives them freedom to do so.
 Sep 22nd, 2011
Thu 9/15/11 11:15am Call came in "unavailable". I answered but did not say anything. They asked for me by name and then hung up. When I called back, the recording answered "Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation".
 Sep 15th, 2011
once at 9:13 am and again at 1:21 pm only three rings
f r e d t u r d
 Aug 26th, 2011
i want the calls to stop
mary ross
 Aug 26th, 2011
Caller ID said "UNAVAILABLE". This is obviously a scam. The caller "Brianna" gave the names "AC Services", "Associated Community Services", and "Childrens Recovery Foundaton". She claimed that she was calling from a call center in Dearborn, Michigan and that she was not allowed to give her address. Of course, charities always operate from secret locations! They also use the phone number 877-213-5486.
Matt Bieneman
 Aug 24th, 2011
Caller ID said "UNAVAILABLE". This is obviously a scam. The caller "Brianna" gave the names "AC Services", "Associated Community Services", and "Childrens Recovery Foundaton". She claimed that she was calling from a call center in Dearborn, Michigan and that she was not allowed to give her address. Of course, charities always operate from secret locations! She also gave the phone number 800-238-6479.
Matt Bieneman
 Aug 24th, 2011