I am a victim of fraud by a company called Cash Now Loan. Last week from Monday November 18, 2013 through Friday November 22, 2013. I mostly spoke with a man named John. John told me I had been approved for a $7,000.00 dollar loan. This was great for me because I just moved into my new place. However, John told me that because I have a low credit score I needed to buy a green card from 7/11 called the "green dot money pack" card. I did this and sent $200.00 dollars to him on the green dot money pack card. The next day I was supposed to get my $7,000.00 dollar loan. That did not happen. Instead Mr. John started forwarding me to his manager Mark Petterson. Mark Petterson's number is 876-465-7202. I called him and he told me I would get my $7,000.00 dollars put directly into my account once I sent $500.00 dollars in order to get the loan since I had a low credit score. He told me to send the money through Western Union and not to tell anyone I was sending the money in order to apply for a loan. He also told me to make sure to send the loan to Domonic A Hart who lives in Jamaica. Therefore, I did what he told me to do over the phone and in the text message I got from him. Next, I sent the $500.00 dollars and Mr. Petterson told me that I could not get the $7,000.00 dollar loan because I would need to send more money. At this point I was very angry that I had done something this stupid. In the past I have used Cash Net USA and American Web Loan to help me out from time to time. I thought this company was something like the aforementioned. However, I was wrong and Mr. John, Mr. Mark Petterson and Domonic A Hart have all ran off with $700.00 dollars of my hard owned money that I may never see again. I am very sad this has happened to me and now I am going to be late paying my rent. Will somebody out there please help me to get my money back? I would greatly appreciate it.
OJuan Edwards
 Nov 25th, 2013