This number is the fax number from a company called SaveOnFaxes. It is an email fax company. They translate your digital email into fax and fax the information to the fax numbers you provide. (I believe they are being bought or sold to Fax2Mail because I get links to both companies in my when I send a fax with the service). I just signed up for service yesterday, and when I tested the service out by sending a fax to myself I got the 732.542.3012 number in the 'subject' field when the fax was delivered to my inbox.

My belief is that people are just signing up for the service and spamming you. This is really the only way I can believe that such a great volume of spams could be generated and not have been shut down. Spammers sign up for the service needing only an email address with no identity verification, they sit at their computers and send out thousands of emails knowing that when you receive their fax the only thing you'll have to contact them with is a fake email address they made when they opened the account. IF you follow the trail you'll just be returned to the saveonfaxes number, which is who you should call: 866-924-6096.
 Apr 23rd, 2008
I just signed up for this e-mail fax program ( which allows me to send and receive faxes from my email account. When I submit a job a digital copy of my email is sent to SaveOnFaxes, and they actually fax it out. I sent a fax to myself just to test that the service was working, and when I received the fax back to my inbox the subject of the email says "## page document from 7325423012" My fax number starts with 866. So the 732 number must be the fax machine that saveonfaxes is using to send out its faxes. This is why you guys are getting spammed all day with solications from this number. Spammers sign up for the service and just send thousands of faxes out to random numbers. These spammers are just sitting behind a computer and they type your phone number in the format and then saveonfaxes tries to deliver the fax with the content of the email and any attachments to that number. The saveonfaxes website has a disclaimer saying it is illegal to spam people by fax, but no enforcement They spam you and you never can find out their phone number: heaven for a spammer. Here is the number for SOF: 866-924-6096. Let me know how it goes.
 Apr 23rd, 2008