I've been receiving lots and lots of calls from this number. I have not missed or been late with my payments to cash call. they have been getting their money on time every time. what is their PROBLEM? what can be done about them?
 Nov 13th, 2013
CashCall, Inc.,
John Paul Reddam – Founder
1600 S Douglass Rd
Anaheim, CA 92806

CashCall, Inc.
Attn: Loan Servicing
P.O. Box 66007
Anaheim, CA 92816

Telephone numbers:

BBB file opened: 6/9/2003
Business started: 5/1/2003

Licensing Agency: Department of Corporations, Finance Lender
License Number: 6038780
Status: Active

John Paul Reddam (President)
Hilary Holland (Vice President)
Daniel Baren (Attorney)
Elissa Chavez (Director)

Number of Employees

Business Category:
Loan Companies

Alternate Business Names
Cashcall, Inc.
Cash Call Inc.

Other businesses connected to or with John Paul Reddam
Green Wall, LLC

Zed Corporation

Western Sky Financial, Llc,
PO Box 370
Timber Lake, SD 57656

Known associates:
(NOTE: Some names are listed twice by variant spellings)
Hilary Holland
Hillary Holland
Delbert O Meeks
John Paul Reddam
John Paul Reddon
Elizabeth Emrick
Shawna Parks
Michael Chiang
Ochoa Louis
Ron Radziminsky

Based on extensive research, it is opinioned this is an unscrupulous man/individual(s) and business(es). Be forewarned and carefully do your research before engaging or entering into ANY type of business relationship with any of the companies and/or individuals.

Better Business Bureaus: CashCall, Inc., is NOT a BBB Accredited business.
313 complaints with BBB in last 3 years
BBB rating on a scale of A+ to F “C+” (As of: 06/30/2011)

Government Actions:
Agency: Attorney Generals where no BBB (AG)
Description: On August 24, 2009, this company entered into a stipulated settlement agreement to resolve charges filed by the State of California on August 20, 2009. The California Attorney General’s complaint alleged that the company used illegal and abusive “loan shark tactics” to collect debts on fast money loans with exorbitant interest rates. According to the State, the company charged 139.34% annual interest on the $2,600 loan it offerd to consumers. This means that consumers who made the required $298.94 monthly payment over 36 months paid $10,761.84 over the life of the loan. That adds MORE than $8,000 in INTEREST to the loan.

Better Business Bureaus: Western Sky Financial, LLC, is NOT a BBB Accredited business.
There is currently “government action” being taken against this business.
4 complaints with BBB in last 3 years
BBB rating on a scale of A+ to F “D” (As of: 06/30/2011)

Government Actions:
Colorado Attorney General Release

DENVER – Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced today that his office has filed a lawsuit against Western Sky Financial, a South Dakota-based online lender, and its principal, Martin A. Webb, for making unlicensed, high-interest loans to Colorado consumers.

According to the lawsuit, filed in Denver District Court, the company made more than 200 loans to Colorado consumers since at least March 2010, during which time it was NOT licensed with the state. The loans to ranged (sic) in value from $400 to $2,600 and had terms ranging from seven months to 36 months. The loans' annual percentage rates ranged from 140 percent to 300 percent. Under Colorado's Uniform Consumer Credit Code, lenders making subprime loans MUST be licensed with the Office of the Attorney General. Because Western Sky Financial made loans with interest rates higher than 12 percent, it must be licensed.

NOTE: Interest rate(s)

Loan Borrower Loan Fee APR Number of Payment Amount
Product Proceeds Payments
$5,075 Loan $5,000 $75 116.47% 84 $486.58
$2,600 Loan $2,525 $75 39.22% 47 $294.46
 Jul 01st, 2011
I have been receiving messages at work from (866)899-1844 for the past several weeks. The callers claimed to be from Cash Call. Today I called back and spoke with one of their "supervisors". They informed me that I had a delinquent loan. When I told them that was not the case they provided several personal data and asked to confirm - SSN, driver license, date of birth, etc. None of this data except my name matched. They immediately asked me to fax them copies of my SSN and driver license. I refused to provide any data and instead asked to receive the driver license number on file with the "delinquent" loan. They told they'd "research" my request and get back to me. This has the definite smell of a classic identity theft SCAM.
Marcus S.
 Jul 26th, 2008
Cash Call is apparently an internet lender that makes high risk, high interest loans and then uses very aggressive tactics in collection attempts on those debtors that default. I am receiving nearly daily calls from them, looking for the former owner of my home. Repeated attempts to convince them that I am not this person, and that I am unable to help them locate him, have been unsuccessful. Scumbags.
 Jan 18th, 2008
cash call don't ever deal with them they are a bunch of pesty son of a bitches don't answer the phone because they still keep calling the damn bunch of idiots
 Jun 10th, 2007
They offer you an easy way to get money when you desperately need it. You pay according to the contract and then unexpectec circumstances arise. They will start you off with an interest rate that is just about dollar for dollar 96-98% for 41 months. Once you fail to make any payment ontime they will offer you a special program that will lower your interest rate, I went from paying $216 to $131.70 and I say this because they make sure you are unable to pay them, they offer these loans to folks who can't get loans anywhere else, so the interest rates are ridiculous. I have been paying them off and on for over 9 months and now they have threatened me with litigation and wage garnishments if I don't send the money in a money gram, the collection manager told me to pawn my car or any electronics that I have, he even suggested that I take out another loan to pay them back, I informed him that I have no money in the bank he said write the check and try to get the money from a family member to put in my account before they run the check. How do you like that?
 May 19th, 2007
My daughter just received a letter from Cash Call offering her "great loans." She owes for college. Told her to throw the letter away! They call at least 10 - 15 times a day - even Mom's Day!!! Whatever happened to the do not call list?
Really Annoyed
 May 16th, 2007
Looked up Cash Call - is considered a "predatory lendor." It specializes in quick unsecured loans, emergency loans, etc. Don't bother answering the phone.
Really Annoyed
 May 08th, 2007
If this call is from a collection agency, I'd like to know why it is calling me when I am not in arrears to anyone.
Really Annoyed
 May 08th, 2007
Cash Call Collections
 Apr 09th, 2007
Who are they?
 Feb 12th, 2007