A majority of law firm collectors I have dealt with in my business are usually the ones with the "big head" syndrome. They try to impress you with titles such as 'Head Legal Assistant to Attorney Smith', or use the most intimidation to force payment with such classics as, "the paperwork is ready to send to the courthouse for suit." One of my favorites: "We don't have time to play games with you. Are you sending the money today or not?" These jerks seem to get their kicks convincing debtors that they have life and death power over them. They love to use the phone as a weapon of terror.

You almost never are allowed to speak with the attorney who sent you the letter because he is always "in court." You are told that they never take calls from debtors. Well that's not correct. The law states that if an attorney places their name and/or letterhead on a collection notice, they MUST make themselves available to talk with you and they MUST have some knowledge of the debt. Don't be intimidated by these over-bearing jerks. THEY CAN BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE UNDER THE LAW! If you feel that your rights are being abused by a debt collection attorney/law office, file a complaint with your State Bar Association, the Attorney General, or the Federal Trade Commission, or contact me for a confidential referral to a consumer law professional in your area.

CONSUMER HELPLINE 1-817-589-4284
 Jul 17th, 2007

The law binds attorneys who engage in the collection of debts and the collectors that work for them. One of the worst attorney collection networks I have ever encountered is the Collect America/Refinance America franchise founded by Attorney P. Scott Lowery, of Denver CO. This is abuse at its absolute worst. The worst Collect America/Refinance America office that I have encountered appears to be Attorney James Anthony (Tony) Cambece, of Peabody MA. This group of misfits, brain dead, egotistical punks think collection laws don't apply to them. Their ring-leader, Tony Cambece, a Massachusetts Attorney can be dealt with legally if consumers will file a bona-fide, written complaint about him and his thugs with the Massachusetts Bar Association, Boston, Mass at: 617-542-3602. Many other law firms that engage in the collection of debts. One recent scam I've encountered is Attorney A. C. Donahue, of Somerset, KY. It appears that Attorney Donahue is NOT really an attorney in states that he is sending mail from, such as Oklahoma. When I tracked Attorney A. C. Donahue to his KY address, he told me over the phone that he would not speak to me and to contact his attorney. Would you feel comfortable sending money to the Donahue Law Group of OK, (oh), and KY? I certainly would recommend that you DO NOT! (At least until it can be determined just where Mr. A. C. Donahue is legally allowed to practice law. He seems a bit confused about this.)
 Jul 17th, 2007

Agency collectors have correctly been deemed the worst-type of collection agents! They operate from a computer database containing all your personal information, provided to them by the original creditor. When an outside agency gets your account, it has been 'charged-off' for non-payment. They make calls as fast as the auto-dialer can picking up the first one that hits a live voice and letting the rest go as annoyance calls. That's why sometimes you get only a recorded message telling you to call about a very important matter. Commission is their livelihood; they don't have time for pleasantries or obeying the law.
 Jul 17th, 2007
 Jul 17th, 2007

There are good and bad debt collectors, then there are the debt collectors who give the impression they would steal from anyone. This is one of those kind.

If you have ever been contacted by this agency, check your credit report to insure that the dates of last activity are correct. The DLA is the start of the seven year clock which governs how long an item can remain on your credit. United Recovery Systems is NOT to be trusted in ANY aspect of debt collections.

Their contact information is:

United Recovery Systems
Glenn P. Osuch, President
Douglas B. Schultz, Chief Executive Officer
5800 N Course Dr
Houston, TX 77072-1613
Phone: 713-977-1234
Fax: 713-977-0119
Web site: www.ursi.com
 Jul 17th, 2007
no message just silence for about 5 seconds
 Jul 09th, 2007
didn't leave a message
 Mar 06th, 2007
called my 2 wk old cell (i thought only my friends had my number) during school on 2007-02-09. then today i got a call from 866-891-6939. no messages, just these numbers on my missed calls list.
 Feb 14th, 2007