IT's actually I good deal. My husband and I were just talking about getting blackberries, it's a promotion for a good deal on a blackberry, with verizon wireless who I'm very happy with. I just called them back and ordered 2 new phones. it took an hour with verizon and the sales department to complete, but i'm glad they called.
 May 21st, 2009
verizon promotion for upgrades
john p
 Apr 29th, 2009
I contacted Verizon via their web site and got this response regarding this phone number...
Good afternoon. My name is Deanna and it would be my pleasure to assist you with information regarding the calls you have been receiving.
Our Promotions department has been attempting to contact you regarding some exciting new handsets and promotions you may qualify for. They would also like to offer you a complimentary rate plan review and analysis to ensure that you are on the correct plan for your use.
If you would prefer not to receive these calls anymore, please call (866) 799-1702 and choose option one to leave your information. This will place you on the Do Not Call List for Verizon Wireless promotions. Please keep in mind that it may take up to 30 days to remove your name from current promotion lists.
We appreciate your business and thank you for using Verizon Wireless products and services. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please reply to this e-mail.
Michael C.
 Mar 21st, 2009
they are still calling... someone just gave me a suggestion to add their phone # to my contacts and set ring to SILENT. at this point they can call all they won't, and it won't bother me...
nobody's home :)
 Mar 13th, 2009
I don't even have Verizon but I get calls too
 Dec 09th, 2008
This is definately a scam. They claim to be Verizon Wireless letting you know about new offers and handsets they have. Usually when new offers come out from the REAL Verizon Wireless, they come VIA text message. Don't put yourself on their 'do not call list' they make you tell them all of your information, and for a scam you definately dont want that!
 Dec 04th, 2008
Receive call from 866-799-1702 each day about 10:15AM EST. Caller does NOT leave a voice message.
 Nov 04th, 2008
Recieved a recorded message on my office voicemail. The beginning was cut off as the network switched to my extension, so I never learned who they were or what they wanted, but the message ended with "we look forward to doing business with you," and asked me to call 866-312-7541. No one in this office has anything to do with Verizon, or uses Verizon, so this was a very cold call on their part, and a waste of everyone's time. Not a very good way to attract new customers.
 Aug 29th, 2008
After receiving several calls from 866-799-1702, I verified the following by calling Verizon Wireless at 800-922-0204:

The outbound number, 866-799-1702, is associated with Cellular Central, a Verizon Wireless affiliate that offers phones and plans. I am still suspicious of this number and affiliation. I recommend not calling that number or leaving any info.

The number you are told to call back, 866-312-7541, is Verizon Wireless Marketing, which was verified by an independent Verizon Wireless customer service representative (at 800-922-0204), who called -7541 and asked the marketing person for her ID and location. It turns out that they were in the same building in the midwest. The Verizon Wireless marketing rep wanted to let me know about special offers, which I declined and asked that my number be removed from their list.

The Verizon Wireless customer service rep (at 800-922-0204) also made sure that I am on the "no solicitation" list and she cleared my contact info from the solicitation section of my account. She also added the comment "no solicitation" to the "hot remarks" section of my account, which will display when my account is opened.

Don't bother returning the -1702 or -7541 calls. Just call your Verizon Wireless rep and asked to be removed from any phone, text messaging, or email solicitation. They should go into your account and actually remove the contact info you have in the solicitation section. Have them add "no solicitation" to the "hot remarks".
 Jun 28th, 2008
I use this website to check all unknown calls I get. "Thanks" to those who report and help others figure out who is calling. I am a VZW customer and recently upgraded a phone, thats probably why they are calling. They asked me if I wanted to uograde my calling plan. I wish they had accepted "NO" at that time rather than resorting to harassing me with phone calls during work hours.
 Jun 24th, 2008
Call from sales at Verizon Wireless. Very polite, although heavily accented, woman reminded me my service contract was up and that I was "eligible" for a system upgrade. Verizon is by far the most expensive of all the cell phone services around here, but the only one which will work in our little rural area. I don't care about bells and whistles, by my teenagers do, and if they get a summer job, we might upgrade. Otherwise, no.....
 May 20th, 2008
They called my home phone and I didn't answer and two minutes later they called my cell phone.
 May 09th, 2008
Verizon Wireless commercial with details on how to get special offers and a free account analysis. CNAM UNKNOWN on the Caller ID
 Mar 24th, 2008
Left a message on my cell phone. Don't know who it is from as the message was already part of the way through before my phone recorded it. The woman left another number 866-312-7541) to phone during business hours, and that they appreciated my business.
 Mar 11th, 2008
Nobody there...
 Feb 27th, 2008
It was a telemarketing type call. They said they were with Verizon wireless. They offered to upgrade my lg 8300 to the 8350 for free. Not sure why since I can get my new every two upgrade next month anyway.
 Feb 21st, 2008
No One was on the Line...I waited 15 Seconds.
 Feb 21st, 2008
I get a call from this number every day while at work and they never leave a message. It is extremely annoying.
 Feb 11th, 2008