Person came by my house at 7:15 at night (dark outside) driving a early 2000 black Pontiac Grand Am. My husband answered the door, the man had no clear identification. He asked for me, when told I was not home, he asked when I would return. My husband stated he did not know. The man gave him a business card that was blank on one side and on the other had Attn: (my name hand written), Please contact our office in regards to a private business matter that requires your urgent attention. 1-866-775-3617 Ext. 4766 (the extension was hand written). He also stated to my husband somewhere in his mumbling that he was with a recovery company. He did not present any valid paperwork. I looked the number up online and came up with Lasko & Associates who appears to be known to show up at your house or bother neighbors. Next time they show up so will Florissant, Missouri Police, that's a promise.
 Dec 31st, 2013
A friend of mine is receiving calls from this number too. They even visited her home in the night and taped a business card on her car. They are Lasko & Associates 210 N Tucker St. Louis, MO She has tried persistently to call them back and no one answers.
 Jan 24th, 2013