Called to verify employment but they didn't give me an id code # and couldn't find our company name listed.
 Sep 13th, 2017
Received a call/voicemail from 866-736-8730, Claiming to be from a Credit Union in Ohio asking for employment verification for one of my employees.. But, there is a big problem.. I have no employees! Looking up the phone number for Ohio CU they claimed to be, I called. The representative from the Ohio CU said, the lady who left the phone message is not their employee, nor is the phone number she called from. This is a SCAMMER!
 Feb 08th, 2017
Request for employment verification of an employee. However, the employee claims to have no pending loan applications. N
 Apr 22nd, 2015
They call to do employment verifications. I had one for an employee of mine that was taking out a loan with this bank and they just needed to verify that my employee worked where they said they worked. After i answered their questions, I did not receive another call.
 Oct 21st, 2013