call several times a day and does not leave a message just hangs up
 Feb 11th, 2010
Got a call from this number today, and I am on the national
do not call list. Very intrusive. We resent geting these kinds
of calls. It is an invasion of privacy.
 Feb 04th, 2010
why why do they keep calling man!
 Feb 03rd, 2010
Annoyance call to be sure to fill out Laura Davis survey we received in the mail...which we threw away.
 Feb 01st, 2010
I might have answered if I knew it was Shopper's Voice, because I do surveys. Why don't they just have "Shopper's Voice" come up on caller ID?
 Jan 29th, 2010
These folks are in serious competition with the non-stop calling from the Census Bureau's 'American Community Survey', loan scam artists and Fraternal Order of Police. The citizens need some relief from these idiots and their entrapping computer robo-dialers. Why can't or won't the Federal Government do away with these shysters? It's pure harassment at the consumer level.
F. D.
 Jan 25th, 2010
Harassing phone calls that leave a voice mail from "Laura David at Village Voice" to announce there is a survey in the mail. No kidding? Well........about 2 seconds after I see it in the mail, it will be ground up and in the shredder. How's that fit your game plan Laura David?
J. Q. Public
 Jan 25th, 2010
Shopper's Voice automated call. They're calling to remind those who have previously filled out a survey that the new one is in the mail. Not sure why they're doing that this time around, but I always do the survey. I get good coupons. It's not a scam.
 Jan 21st, 2010
I don't do surveys written or otherwise! There has to be some kind of law they are breaking. Very annoying! They just keep calling and calling all day long!
 Jan 20th, 2010
Shopper's Voice. Reminder to send back the survey that was sent in the mail. I threw it away the day it arrived. Not worth the time.
 Sep 25th, 2009
this place has called my home now 6 times in the past couple of days. good grief! enough already.....your stupid coupons aren't worth it! and i'll throw my survey in the mail the minute i take it out of the mailbox.
 Sep 24th, 2009
A message was left claiming to be from Laura David at Shoppers Voice saying that a new survey is in the mail.
 Sep 21st, 2009
I'm on the NO DOT FRIGGIN CALL registry!!

DO NOT WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Sep 15th, 2009
I'm listed on the do-not-calll registry.
Constance Good
 Feb 04th, 2009
These are only a few of the unknown caller numbers: 1-866-626-4351,1-866-674-3338, 1-866-856-6712,1-281-520-3775,1-917-210-4615,1-303-974-1805, 1-323-330-1435, 1-443-390-1500,1-734-647-0000, 1-269-768-2492,
1-727-344-6293, 1-410-744-8401,1-202-747-7385, 1-201-257-4829.
There is a buzzing sound left on the recorder every day,even though I Block-Out many of the calls. Sometimes,the Operator ask them to try their call again. They just leave a buzzing sound,no message.
I got the Reven Media name on the web, No Name is ever shown.
This kind of calling needs to Stop. The telephone company knows about the calls,the police need to call them.
 Jan 30th, 2009
they keep calling and calling - my number is on the do not call list. why can they still call?
 Jan 29th, 2009
Laura David of Shopper's Voice Survey.

Shopper’s Voice Privacy Statement:
If you are a member who has not provided Shopper's Voice with an email address and you wish to change your address for future postal mailings and offers, please contact us directly either via email at or via postal mail at the address indicated below under Contact Us. Please remember to include your name, old address and new address including city, state and zip code, to ensure accuracy. Please remember to include your name and address (city, state and zip code) for verification purposes. Our partner companies are updated on a regular basis about members who no longer wish to participate in this program. l

By mail:
Shopper's Voice,
1200 William Street
Box 1382
Buffalo, NY

Consumer Privacy Rights
The Information Marketplace: Merging and Exchanging Consumer Data
Consumer Product Survey of America." Near the end of the survey is an opt-out box that the respondent can check. The Federal Trade Commission has recommended a subset of the FIPs to guide online data collection practices - notice, choice, access, security, and enforcement. For a history of the Fair Information Practices, see "A Review of the Fair Information Principles: The Foundation of Privacy Public Policy," on the PRC's website ( ).
 Jan 27th, 2009
did not answer
 Oct 18th, 2008
I never answer and they never leave a message
 Sep 13th, 2008
These people called 3 times this morning and I did not recognize the #, so I didn't answer. After the 3rd call I called them back and a lady answered without identifying the company and just said, "This is Cindy". I asked what company this was and she stated that it was Shopper's Voice, an independent research/survey firm. I asked her to remove me from their calling list. This is after 3 separate calls today that I did not answer. Finally I decided to call them back to find out what was so urgent. Anyway, she very politely said that she would remove me from their calling list and apologized. I thought nothing of it until 4 hours later when they called back yet again. I sent them straight to my fax machine and they called right back. I answered and it was a recording stating that they were sending a survey in the mail and they appreciated my continued support. What support?! This is harrassment. 5 calls a day is complete harrassment. I don't want their coupons that bad!
 Apr 01st, 2008
Take me off this site. i can't reach you.....
 Jan 25th, 2008
left a voice mail telling me a new survey has been put in the mail
 Jan 21st, 2008
Just a clever way to subvert the Do Not Call Registry (DNCR). They send you a survey in the mail and call you pretending to be a surveyor which is not a violation of the DNCR. If you fill out the survey and mail it in, you have made contact with them. Now the people they represent can legally call you day and night trying to sell you stuff. Since you contacted them by sending in the survey it isn't a violation of the DNCR.
 Jan 18th, 2008
calls day or night
vicki Bartelt
 Jan 18th, 2008
They left a voice mail telling me a new consumer product survey has been put in the mail. I think this is a legit call bc I do surveys for some company (cannot remember the name) and when you return the survey they send you coupons and sometimes samples.
 Jan 17th, 2008
blank 30 second message on voicemail
 Jan 16th, 2008
no message
 Jan 16th, 2008