Just repeat calling.
West Virginia
 Jul 03rd, 2019
Called a out some error or something and I hung up. Sorry, this guy had an accent just like the IRS scammers. No, I'm not sorry.
 Mar 20th, 2019
Do not call!
 Mar 14th, 2019
Received call at work from this number. I called back was Dish network. CSR stated did not know why I received call but asked if there was anything they can assist me with. I told them defiantly, my account is current, I am on Do Not Call registry so please refrain from soliciting me during work hours, especially on my State Work line!!!
 Mar 06th, 2019
I missed a call from this number last night. No message. Got a call back just now. She said "Dish" and that my DVR sent an error report. I told her it was all good, no errors on our end. I was then given a blah, blah, blah number to call if I notice issues.
 Jan 31st, 2019
I just received a call from this number wanting billing information for Dish, I gave no information and blocked the number.
 Jan 03rd, 2019
I have received at least three calls from this number yesterday and today Sept 28, 2018. Voice mail says it is "Dish" (not Dish Network) calling and that a technician will be arriving at a certain time according to an appointment I asked for. This is clearly a scam, perhaps fishing for a time period when I will not be at home. I am also asked to call 800-333-3474 if I cannot keep the appointment. I have not responded.
 Sep 28th, 2018
It was dish. Automated service line advising me again of the window of time my tech is arriving tomorrow to repair my satellite.
 Sep 14th, 2018
As soon as I answered the phone they hung up
 Aug 08th, 2018
I got a call from this number on my cellphone. The caller ID showed "Dish Net." They left a message stating that my Dish receiver signaled them that it was having some problems and to call Dish Network for a free service diagnostic at 800-333-3474, which is the Dish Network's customer service number. We were not having issues with our receiver. Dish Network does not have my cellphone number on file. When I called Dish Network customer service, they have no records of issues with our receiver nor calling me.
 Feb 14th, 2018
THIS IS A SCAM. Not dish network! I. Allied Dish and they said THEY NEVER CALL THEIR CUSTOMERS! These people should be prosecuted!!
 Aug 17th, 2017
it was DISH, and they called because they noticed I was having a problem on my service (which I am, "signal loss" on one tuner). They are sending out a technician free of charge to fix the problem. Sounds good to me.
 Feb 24th, 2017
Got another call from these Anal Sphincters. Caller ID said Toll Free Caller. They left a message that started during our outgoing message. It wants us to pay a Dish Network bill now to avoid a $7 late fee. We don't have and never have had Dish Network.
 Oct 26th, 2015
We have gotten two calls from these creeps in 24 hours. Caller ID is Toll Free Caller.
 Sep 06th, 2015
To 4 letter word: "A full-bodied and timely delivery of a whistle into the ear of a caller I hear tell works wonders!' So does the sound of a fax machine. You'd be surprised at the drop in all t-marketing calls I get. Used to be 10-12 a day, now maybe four, if that many. Average "hang-up time" now is about 3 seconds. :D
 Jan 30th, 2015
I have Dish Network, but don't answer any call when the ID says "unavailable."
 Jan 14th, 2015
We don't have and never have had Dish Network. But we got the same recorded call every one else reports. Forget the ineffective no call lists and buy a call blocker. At least they work after the first bogus call. Do not call lists only work on legitimate businesses anyway and frequently not even with them.
 Sep 26th, 2014
My Caller ID says Dish Network calling me on a 9.21.2014 @ 10:52am I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST do not call me again you are hereby BLOCKED and who wants Dish Network when you have Directv.
Betty M., NC
 Sep 21st, 2014
This is Dish Network. It's either a sales call, or it is because your service has been disconnected, or you owe for their services, or a combination of the last two. Corporate address is: 9601 S. Meridian Blvd., Englewood, CO. 80112. Contact person is David Laslo, Supervisor, Complaint Department
Greg L.
 Mar 25th, 2014
people just dont answer the friggin phone . they eventually will quit calling . I NEVER answer the phone if I dont know who is on the other end.. but some of you are so curious you cant stand it.. well your problem not fact I have had three calls today I didnt answer. so it is not just dish calling.. when I see a number I google it.. always...there is so much shit going on today that it is dangerous to answer the phone and those of you calling numbers back. havent you heard of that scam.. never call a number back.. another ring... you call that back you are charged $19.00... one thing I couldn never figure is they can put a man on the friggin moon but cannot stop trash and bullshit from calling our phones.. doesnt do to have an unlisted number. no such thing anymore.. .............
 Feb 28th, 2014
I am 19 years old I just started college I live with my parents obviously I dont have an account with dish and my parents have direct so they need to stop calling random people nobody wants there spam crap
Randi Bruckner
 Feb 12th, 2014
It's Dish Network confirming a tech appointment, or a call back for a survey.
 Dec 01st, 2013
It's Dish Network sales, I am already a customer and they are sales calling me! Removed my number by following prompts for "do not
call list".
 Nov 05th, 2013
 Oct 18th, 2013
this number has called me 15 times in the last month - enuf already
 Sep 10th, 2013
I got two calls from here today, one at 2:22 and at 5:30. I also got three of them on july 26.. why doesn't someone do something about this spammer?
 Aug 29th, 2013
I received call this morning. I was automated and claimed to be DISH. Basically, it was a pay up call. The only problem is that I don't have an account. Time to call the attorney general?
 Aug 29th, 2013
oh yeah keep it up. You will being paying for all those dial and hang up calls you people are pulling on customers. Dish can be replaced. You are not the only game in town. You think you are too big to care that the government might favor your dirty dealing ways of telephone electronic harassment? Back Off.
 Jul 19th, 2013
It is Dish. If you call it back and follow prompts you can remove your number from sales calls. If you haven't paid your bills, then quit trying to have Dish if you can't afford it.
 Apr 23rd, 2013
Calling several days in a row, several times a day. Leave no message AND do not talk when I answer.
AND my bill is current! Harrassing! Call during work.
 Apr 10th, 2013
This is Dish Satellite for my TV. My payment is 2 days late. They left a message saying to pay immediately to avoid a $7.00 late fee. Whatever.
 Mar 27th, 2013
unknown no message
 Mar 24th, 2013
Two days in a row getting a call from this number. They hang up after I have been charged by my pay as you go phone for the call. Luckily I figured out how to put them on the reject call list. *Grins*
 Mar 12th, 2013
It was a call back from their automated system for the survey I agreed to.
 Mar 02nd, 2013
These mother-f**kers call at least 5x per day ON MY CELL. Have tried suggestions on this site for getting off this list w/o any luck.

Mad Miguel
 Dec 26th, 2012
Follow up from this morning's dish network install.
 Dec 05th, 2012
Me no have Dish. Me no electric power.
 Nov 17th, 2012
Harassing phone calls from DISH NETWORK?? They are just hanging up. No caller ID to identify themselves and will not leave any message identifying themselves. The actions of a crank call.

>> To stop these calls call CHARLIE ERGEN at 1-303-723-1010 or 1-303-723-1005.
>> KATE is his latest personal assistant as of Oct.31.2012, but compassion is not her best trait.

from poster "Buster":
EchoStar which is the Parent Company of Dish Network, at 9601 South Meridian Blvd, Englewood, CO 80112 - 303-723-1000. The Man In Charge there is named Charlie Ergen... President, CEO, Chairman of the Board and Mr. Invisible... almost. You can reach the person reported to be his Personal Assistant who goes by Marcie [KATE] at 303-723-1005... Oh and Mr. Ergen himself... Try 303-723-1010.
 Oct 31st, 2012
Probably follow-up from yesterday's Dish Install - ignored. No message left. Now blocking on Google Voice.
 Sep 29th, 2012
Got first call and it got my machine beeping. I answered second call to see who it was . A survey from the Dish network about a recent service call. I don't have the dish network, but since they called I decided to answer their survey, Had to give them ones....not pleased with service, Then they give you 90 seconds to talk!!!!! Joy. I was able to inform them of the fact I am not a customer and they have tmessed up my machine I also told them I was happy to tie up their line and now they have to pat someone to listen to my nonsense. Waste their time and money!
 Aug 13th, 2012
It's Dish Network wanting to know why they didn't process my payment.
 Jul 17th, 2012
Dishnetwork, they start calling 2 or 3 days before your bill is due.
Stan Coots
 Jun 14th, 2012
It's dish networks Vaal back survey
 Feb 29th, 2012
Had Dish Network service yesterday (01/15/2012) and Dish was calling.
 Jan 16th, 2012
Automated call came from 866-668-8047 stating a late payment problem with my Dish Network bill. Message gives 866-263-1911 as a call back number. I called. Its Direct TV trying to get me to swith from Dish. AT&T says they have no knowledge of the practice.
 Dec 12th, 2011
multiple calla
 Nov 29th, 2011
28 june 2011 -- 9:30 am -- dish network... left message. we are discontinuing our dish service. get several calls a day from them from several different numbers.
 Jun 28th, 2011
If you are late with DISH they don't tell you but they send your bill to a collection agency and they will not removeit, very bad for your credit rating?
 Jun 01st, 2011
1 June 2011 -- 2:32 pm -- Robo message left from Dish network.
 Jun 01st, 2011
02 May 2011 -- 2:09 pm -- Dish Network. Left a robo-call message.
 May 02nd, 2011
The entire message was in Spanish - which I don't speak. DUH!
 Apr 01st, 2011
Two days in a row received calls from 866-668-8047 saying I owe money to Dish Network. I DON'T EVEN HAVE DISH AND NEVER HAVE!!!! I called the number back, press -0- and talk to the stupidest rep ever. He said he cannot do anything about it. It is a third party???? I responded that HE must be the third party since he answered the phone. Told him to stop calling. He says it takes 24-48 hours to remove the number. Oh, he says maybe a prior customer had my number and that is why they are calling. Bull! How do we stop these calls?
 Mar 28th, 2011
3 Mar 2011 -- message left from dish network.
 Mar 03rd, 2011
3rd day in a row - same call, same number, so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Mar 02nd, 2011
just signed with dish network--stuck for 2 years--after that --do not know
but they do not need to call me again
 Jan 08th, 2011
I just got a call from them too. Called back and it was the sales and marketing team. Just needed to press #2 to be removed from their list.
I'm a Dish customer.
 Dec 29th, 2010
This just started today on my cell phone. Yep, was dish and I am NOT a customer. I followed the prompts to be put on the do not call. Now I just need to wait and see if it works.
I am not a pre-paid cell user, but would be pissed if every call takes away pre-paid time.
Dirty Harry
 Dec 07th, 2010
I am a known customer to them but this is annoying to receive 18 phone calls from them in 4 days. This must stop!!!
 Nov 19th, 2010
I live in New England. And DISH calls me every day. I've opted to be placed on their no call list. This was ov er 2 months ago and they still call. They said they will still call if you're late with a payment. Another thing is that, in New England, DISH and COMCAST are fighting for customers. COMCAST hs been by my house four times within the last several months. They said they're visiting former COMCAST customers trying to get customers back because they are losing customers fast. COMCAST has just simply become too expensive. I've told them that if they can't give me the exact same package I have now for $20 less a month than what I'm paying now then there's no incentive for me to switch back to COMCAST. It's the middle of November now and there hasn't been any COMCAST reps by my house since. I guess they finally understand.
DISH cust. too
 Nov 16th, 2010
If you call the number there's an automated recording. You will be given menu options. After you choose which language you want, you will be given other options. Press "2" to be placed on their no-call list. However, it can take up to 30 days to take effect.
Dish Customer
 Nov 16th, 2010
Dish Network indeed.

Sometimes their due dates don't line up with my paycheck intervals. So sue me.

They are wasting time/money/energy calling with stupid reminders. They pop up a window on my receiver when I'm a week or so from shutoff, that's all the reminder I need.
 Nov 05th, 2010
It is from Dish Network and I see so many negative comments...but I am a current customer and choose to have my bills delivered online. I am sometimes bad about not checking email and forget 'due dates" . So I for one know that when I get this call its a friendly reminder and will route me to a person who is just letting me know that i am currently due for payment to them and have approx 7-10 days to make the payment. It does not offend me that they call and yes sometimes its bad timing, but when a customer's satellite gets cut off then we all would be fussing we didnt know the bill was due. I for one say if you are a current customer you should apprecicate the phone call. For those of you that are not, block their number.
 Nov 03rd, 2010
stop calling!
 Oct 05th, 2010
It's Dish TV. I've called them and asked them to remove my number. Even though they say that they will and that it takes 30 days to do so, they won't. Now they call and leave messages in Spanish. It's been going on for over a year now. I've never had Dish TV, and with this experience, I never will.
 Sep 15th, 2010
Have had several calls in the last couple of days. Was from Dish Network advising me of the "special deals" they were currently offering. I am a current customer, so guess they have the right to call.
 Sep 13th, 2010
Got a message from this number saying we hadn't paid our bill. This was on the 9th. I had mailed my payment in on the 1st! Called them back and they said it takes a few days for a check to post. So why call me then? Stupid stupid...
 Sep 10th, 2010
Calls and hangs up. I am a customer, but if it continues I'm switching to Direct TV!
James N.
 Aug 27th, 2010
Dishnetwork Cable Called
 Aug 25th, 2010
Dish Network again.
I added their number to my "forward to voice mail" list.
 Aug 13th, 2010
This is the reason I leave the fax machine turned on......
 Aug 02nd, 2010
This is someone from dish network who has the wrong number and trying to collect someones bill they owe. I have never had a satellite tv and do not know how thwy got my number,i called and they said it would take 30 days to stop calling.
I also emailed them and told them to cease and desist or i was going to fcc.
gary peacock
 Aug 02nd, 2010
I will not pick up any phone call from unknown or no caller id, if it is not a recognizable phone number.
 Jul 19th, 2010
Called and said from dish would cut off if did not pay. I have never had any satelite service before in my life.
Sounds like scam!!!!!!!
 Jul 19th, 2010
We just signed up w/Dish today for a family member. Worked with a great rep in NJ, after speaking with several who gave bad info & were in the Philippines. 1 of them was supposed to call us today at 4pm, but didn't. Now we get calls at 1040pm????? Probably from 1 of the NOT good reps who lost the sale from bad info. Guess they didn't bother checking time here in the US..... And they called both my home phone AND cell, but didn't bother leaving a message.
karen in tx
 Jul 16th, 2010
This is simply a computer recording reminding us that we have a service installing appointment set and it reminds of the date and time of appointment.
 Jun 15th, 2010
I have never had dish network service in my life so I have no idea how they got my number, but if you call the number back (for me it was 866-668-8047) there is an automated system (you don't have to wait to speak to anyone) to put your number on the do not call list. we'll see if this actually works...
 Jun 11th, 2010
When I answered this call, all that was there was air. I hung up.
 Jun 02nd, 2010
The company "Dish Network" has louaed up my account from the start. They transferred the account to Century Link and they suck even worse than Comcast, so it seems. How come these dumbass TV and communication related companies can not get their act together? After all, it is bad enough I am practically forced to pay in order to see TV, and after paying I get to watch a bunch of fucking commmercials. THis is another example of shitty quality coming out of the USA! When will the crappy quality products and services and low life companies with their faked fucking professionalism ever end?
Pete Duquemin
 May 28th, 2010
My payment is passed due to dish network so they are calling me and telling me I need to pay.
 Apr 25th, 2010
I don't have Dish Network. Besides, I've had my new cell phone number for a month and I know I didn't give it out to Dish Network.
 Apr 03rd, 2010
No message I have no clue who this is.
 Mar 29th, 2010
left no message
 Mar 17th, 2010
yes thay just colled me 3.9.10
 Mar 09th, 2010
Yep its Dish at least when I called the number back it gave me an option to be removed from the call list (which I did) however, even though I am registered on the "DO NOT CALL LIST" and have selected the option to be removed the recording tells me it will take them up to 30 days to remove me. That's BS. I agree that another $6 million dollar class suit may have to be filed to "FIX" their broken phone system.
 Mar 08th, 2010
some one called me from 866-668-8047 and didnot bother leaving a message.
 Feb 11th, 2010
soen one called me from 866-668-8047 and didnot bother leaving a message.
 Feb 11th, 2010
They called to say they are going to fix the dish which has never worked right since installed. They could at least have a person with a pulse to call, for what they charge for a PART TIME TV SAT. CO.
 Jan 30th, 2010
I just received two call from Dish today on my cell phone. I have Dish Network but never gave them my cell number when signing up? ....I feel another $6 million dollar class action suit in the making. I am willing to share in the wealth from their stupidty, how about the rest of you?
 Jan 17th, 2010
still active
 Jan 08th, 2010
Who's going to answer someone that may be one of "those" telemarketers. I tried for 4 hours to be one. I got a new respect for them and once attempted to just say that they were wasting their time, hoping they would go on to the next number. However, some do not want to take no as an answer.
 Jan 07th, 2010
i called the number yesterday and hit #2, was told I'd be removed from their list. However, I just got another call from the evil DISHbot 8666688047.
 Nov 30th, 2009
these folks call about every 2 hrs, even on sunday. they call after 8pm. they never leave a message. I screen all calls. They are driving me mad!
 Nov 30th, 2009
Dish network marketing call -- they didn't answer in time on the ACD for me to hit 2. =)
 Nov 14th, 2009
Another pain I'll report to FTC
 Oct 29th, 2009
its dish network
 Oct 07th, 2009
Dish Network - you can press two to get them to stop calling you back. It's a marketing call.
 Oct 05th, 2009
 Oct 02nd, 2009
It's Dish Network
 Sep 24th, 2009
It is Dish. If you call they will take you off the list. Yo need to call the 866 number
 Sep 17th, 2009
..the message was nothing more than a 53-second long high-pitched tone. I called back; it is DISH Network. They were trying to reach us as we are new customers and they wanted to welcome us and to see if there were any issues with our service to date. We were customers of DirecTV for ten years before switching recently. We never had anything close to this type of customer service with DirecTV and are glad we made the switch.
DISH Customer
 Sep 09th, 2009