Jan 11th, 2013
Another 800 Service call. They just don't stop.
 Sep 06th, 2012
recording for a debt collection
 Apr 12th, 2012
Erin: Vague phrases such as ''important business matter'' and ''urgent personal business'' are common industry code for debt collection, meant to create a mild panic without actually triggering a privacy violation. You are not the alleged debtor, therefore Allied reps can tell you very little.

They may be trying to rattle your Mom by pestering all the relatives first, a very common tactic deployed under the false pretense of skip tracing. This is deceptive practice if they already know perfectly well how to reach the correct person.

The person who needs to do that ''something about this'' is your mother. She needs to respond to the dunning letter AI will soon owe her with a written dispute and a demand to restrict or avoid all future phone calls. She needs to understand the FDCPA and her state collection laws and how to use them, which have been promoted repeatedly in this thread.

You and other ''not me'' call recipients are free to send AI a cease-comm letter. All written notices should go out USPS Certified with return card so they can't wriggle away from your demands, and your potential lawsuits for their misconduct will be much better supported.

The homework starts here:
 Nov 10th, 2011
In one day I received 2 calls from this number. But they didn't ask for me, they asked for my mom. When I asked what this was in regards to, they said "It is a personal matter." OK, well if it's a personal matter why are you calling my phone? Something needs to be done about this.
 Nov 10th, 2011
They claim to be a collection agency.
 Aug 04th, 2011
They just called my house and the phone rang 4 times and they hung up. Here we go again.
 Jun 24th, 2011
Got two messages on my machine that said to call the 1-866-578-4773 number, but when called, it rings twice before disconnecting with a busy signal.
 Feb 05th, 2011
Sasha: Unintelligibly rushed speech is classic collector technique. Somehow all the "action" words are spoken clearly while such niceties as a business name get munged. This is to create anxiety and prompt a return call, in which a rep can more properly browbeat you for either payment or a means of contacting the alleged debtor.

Fields: So long as AI is identified and there is no detailed discussion of debt, those canned calls are legal, if annoying.
 Jan 20th, 2011
Received a recorded message about a debt, with a call-back number, from "Allied Interstate." No further information provided. This call occurs about once a week.
T Fields
 Jan 20th, 2011
Called at 10:55 a.m. Caller was rude. Said something about "employee" and 48 hours." Spoke very fast.
 Dec 15th, 2010
"called precisely at 8:59 PM" ... Just shy of the legal limit, natch. Speaking only of U.S. Federal laws here, you don't have to wait for a lawsuit, Craig. If you're not the collector's correct target, send a cease-comm as the FTC and many consumer groups describe.

An "Advocacy Group" run by the collector? Really now, Buckeye, that's like making a jackal an ombudsman for fellow jackals. Secretly the collection managers will be pretty darned happy they got people so rattled and worked up.

The phrase "not a sales call" means: Don't grouse at me about Federal Do-Not-Call because it doesn't apply. I won't dare mention the FDCPA, FCRA, and state regulations may apply. Here's where to start your homework: FTC-dot-gov

Allied Interstate has been quite busy hustling and shaking down alleged debtors recently, to judge from the rise in consumer complaints. In October 2010 the FTC hung AI on the hook for $1.75 million, the second largest fine the debt industry has seen, for chronic violation of the FDCPA. I guess Allied execs figure they should pay their bill with your money instead of theirs.
 Dec 02nd, 2010
These idiots have been calling all phones at all hours....tonight they called precisely at 8:59 PM and thought I would answer?? Hello....I am never answering the phone...I have caller ID. You will NEVER talk to me so give it up and sue me!!!
 Dec 02nd, 2010
You should contact their Consumer Advocacy Group at 800-811-4214 or email If you are in Canada you can contact 888-804-8198 or email They should be able to help! :)
buckeye girl
 Nov 22nd, 2010
keep calling my cell phone never leave a message
 Nov 10th, 2010
computer voice "this is not a sales call, please stay on the line for an important message"
 Nov 03rd, 2010
"iQor", indeed ... What a perfectly obscuring rebrand for a firm with a rotten reputation. If Kapoor is anything like the typical rogue collector chief, he's _encouraged_ the bad behavior so often reported about Allied Interstate, such as chasing of illegitimate debt, pestering the wrong people with similar names, rude and demented staff, and so forth. He's also been busy outsourcing to India and the Philippines. So nice to know our personal data are being freely trafficked internationally while he sips a cool drink in Manhattan's unofficial CT suburbs.
 Sep 26th, 2010
Allied now goes by iQor, Inc. The president and CEO is Vikas Kapoor. Like all of today's CEOs, almost eveything is in his wife's/family's name. A plush appartment in Manhattan (Google the address) and a winery in CT.

Here's the info:

Vikas & Jaishri Kapoor
135 Central Park W Apt 7S
Manhattan, NY 10023

They also own a house/farm/winery in Connecticut:

713 Milton Rd.
Litchfield, Ct 06759

I'm sure as CEO he would want to hear about any of his employees that step out of line.
 Sep 26th, 2010
This caller calls all times of day and night. When I answer the phone, no one is on the line. I have called the number back, as instructed, but no one answers.
 Sep 24th, 2010
I have been receiving this phone 3 to 5 times a day for a debt collection. I think it's for my step daughters student loans. Her mother used the funds from a federal grant instead of paying back the loan. They are calling for her grandmother. I am guessing they have quite the little scam going on seems they have three people "in school" but none of them go and or have dropped out. Makes me sick every time that phone rings. They will get in trouble in the end. Try and buy a house, get a car loan, or get an income tax refund. Thieves
and cheats.
 Jun 26th, 2010
Lately we have been receiving a calls to our fax line from this 866-578-4773 several times a day. Calls are normally in the mornings, late afternoon and at 8:58 PM. But now some calls from this number have been as late as 11:18 PM. The fax is on silent ring, but we see the Call light and I.D number flashing. We have no past due bills of anykind and for the last 15 years we always pay our monthly debts if any in full. So I have no idea whatsoever how they got our fax number since its been registered to us for the last 12 years. I also know better than to try to clarify our number with them as these types will never stop calling. So they can have fun ringing the fax all they want. Knock yourself out!
Or Just Don't say a DAM THING! That is called HARRASMENT!
 May 25th, 2010
Allied Internet (collection servce) call CS is no native english speakers hard to understand. Calling for someone that does not live here. Made several request to stop calling no joy.

corp addy 3000 corperate exchange dr columbus oh 43231-7689 866-578-4773 (may be a markeing number)

Never able to speak with anyone with abilty to address abuse finally filed complaint with the FTC (
 May 10th, 2010
These guys keep calling and calling every single day leaving nasty messages.
THey are collecting on student loans for Dept. of Ed.... When i finally spoke to them they kept telling me to pay something I couldnt afford. They wanted me to open a bank account and do all sorts of stuff that I WASNT WILLING TO DO.... I kept saying NO but they kept callling my work and calling my bosses.... Kept telling me that I was gonna get garnished...
I finally got fed up...

I found some book called "The student loan blue print" written by a collector
I usually hate collectors but the book explained what i needed to do...
It boiled down to the fact that these collection agencies are just OUT TO GET MY MONEY....
I have 2 kids and my work cut my hours.... I was on the verge of getting laidoff.... and these guys were not listening....
Anyways... Just do your research... I did my research and it saved my family... I sleep better at night....Seriously..
read about your options
 Apr 29th, 2010
Since 3/02 they call every day and leave a message. I do not owe so they shouldn't be calling me.
 Apr 07th, 2010
Lately we have been receiving a calls to our fax line from this 866-578-4773 several times a day. Calls are normally in the mornings, late afternoon and at 8:58 PM. But now some calls from this number have been as late as 11:18 PM. The fax is on silent ring, but we see the Call light and I.D number flashing. We have no past due bills of anykind and for the last 15 years we always pay our monthly debts if any in full. So I have no idea whatsoever how they got our fax number since its been registered to us for the last 12 years. I also know better than to try to clarify our number with them as these types will never stop calling. So they can have fun ringing the fax all they want. Knock yourself out!
 Mar 06th, 2010
 Feb 23rd, 2010
It's Allied Interstate Collection Agency that is calling. They will call several times a day. The person who had this number before me I guess owes an obligation to them. No matter how I try to tell them that it's not me. They get nasty and say "Pay your debt". I hang up. I have now downloaded on my Computer a thing called Phone Tray and its free. You can then just block all the numbers that are telemarketers, etc. I use Broadband but keep a phone line plugged into my PC and just let the PC automatically Zap the call. Well worth it in the long run.
Search for Phone Tray and you will find it.

Good Luck.
Tired of Calls
 Feb 20th, 2010
no idea who these people are
 Feb 13th, 2010
We keep getting automated calls from these people wanting us to call back another number about a "debt" - of which we have none. No way am I going to call these people. If it were for real I'm sure they'd have a real human contact us. I plan to file a complaint about them.
 Feb 12th, 2010
called late when i was putting kids to bed. i saw this report and guessed they were looking for a relative. i never give out info. so they are out of luck.
 Feb 09th, 2010
Got an automated call from this number and the message stated it was allied interstate in attempt to collect a debt. I called back because i have no debt and this is the 2nd time i have told them. 1st time they were looking for my father who has never lived with me and lives in another state and today was my mom. I advised them it was against the FDCPA to leave a collection message for a 3rd party, The guy james goes not for contacts. I go i am not a contact nor was my number ever given. They tried to call my brother as well and he ripped them a new one. I told the guy he was full of crap and they are trying to circumvent the law bu stating "contact" number. I filed a complaint with the FTC, AZ AG office today.
 Jan 28th, 2010
Ijust got an automated call from them and when I called back I spoke with representative who told me that they were trying to locate people. The names they gave are my wife's brother and my sister. The odd thing is that they don't know each other, have never met. and both say they have never put my number on any application. They both have called my number and I'm thinking that they are looking at our phone records. This is just way too weird.
 Jan 23rd, 2010
This is a debt collector called Allied Interstate. They leave recorded message to call 866-578-4773 (Allied Interstate)
 Jan 20th, 2010
We keep getting these calls, and when I answer either no one replies or I just get a recording that doesn't tell who they are trying to reach. I tried calling back once to get them to stop calling, but after dialing the number they provided I was put on hold for 10 min. and then the phone disconected. We just ignore them now since we're up to date on our bills, and we've been getting calls since April of 2009 for the people who had our phone number before us. I've gotten rid of all the local calls for the people who had the number before, this is the only number that still keeps calling. I think they just keep calling the last number they had for someone who does owe on a dept.
 Jan 19th, 2010
Same here: I received a call, 1900 hours, Monday evening, said they were calling from Allied about a debt, and please return their call. I hang up and started to research the number on line and ended up here, these folks are really annoying, I wish they would stop calling, we pay our bills on time and have not ever been delinquent.
 Jan 19th, 2010
i told them i was glad to talk to them and please record me telling them that they have the wrong number. i also told them (and did) that i was recording them also. they promptly hang up and calls end for a while.
 Jan 19th, 2010
They called 8:58 pm. I don't owe anyone money. Left message. Call on caller id was unavailable. Please return call to 1-866-578-4773 and a representative will be able to assisted you. Call 1-866-578-4773. So. why is this so important if they at unavailable.
 Dec 31st, 2009
the phone calls are getting terrible,got to be a way to stop them from calling.Also call from different #s all day.
 Dec 23rd, 2009
They called at 8:35 this morning and left an automated message about a debt. Talk about annoying. I've had my landline for over 20 years, so they must have been calling random numbers. I don't owe them (or anyone else for that matter) any money. I don't have a car loan or mortgage and I pay my credit card bills in full each and every month.
 Aug 19th, 2009
Also annoyed, have called a couple times including 9am on Sunday.
 Mar 08th, 2009
Normally I ignore the calls, but it was only 8 AM so I answered and received no response to my "hello".

I don't owe anyone anything (or I'm not behind in any payments, I should say) so if this is some collection agency (which I read elsewhere it was)it's a bogus call; just some other annoying telemarketer.
 Dec 16th, 2008
The recorded message claims this is about an "urgent business matter." Right. So why are they anonymous?
 Jan 10th, 2008