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 Feb 19th, 2014
If I read your question correctly, there should not be anything apart from a particular state's law preventing someone from visiting your door for card debt or a student loan or some other intangible asset. Other than this one costumed character I've not heard of dunning in person and the labor involved is I think too costly.

Absolutely, posing as law enforcement or falsely claiming to be a lawyer, even threatening arrest or a lawsuit, are serious FDCPA offenses, on top of whatever criminal statutes could apply.
 Jan 29th, 2011
The last time I checked, impersonating a police officer was a crime.

I know that the boiler room guys for car loans made by one of the auto companues at least used to be the same guys who did the repos (I don't know whether they still do it that way or not).

Is it really legal for these jerks to make "house calls" when there is nothing to reposess?
 Jan 29th, 2011
See this from the agency boiler room. Your boss is roasting you because the targets on the office whiteboard are unmet and you need to score a commission before dinner if you hope to make your house rent. Will you be discouraged by a few dozen unresponsive calls? No, you might just begin targeting family, neighbors, employers, anyone with a name vaguely similar, anyone with a pulse within five miles of the targets, until the marks are flushed out and ready with a checkbook.

I disagree with any advice to ignore collections calls outright. The key difference between collectors and the usual phone irritants is they can have their bad will enforced by a judge. Your court calendar and mine are full of summary judgments and wage garnishment hearings, not counting all the quick default judgments, permitted by people who ignored the growing cancer until it was primed to kill.

I'm not saying you need to answer them all, and indeed arguments with these reps can lead to your confusion and entrapment. But do document everything, as you might later need evidence of a repeated call pattern or an illegal assertion or flat-out abuse.

I agree Nine, that "debt collector" does not equal "criminal" 100 percent. The industry lobby loves to sing that the rogues are a "minority". While waiting for hard statistics, I have speculated that the bad actors may be outnumbered, but they also happen to acquire the majority of debt accounts, being hired year upon year by the largest banks who look the other way. Little else would explain why debt accounts are packaged by the thousand and so often pursued on flimsy proof.

Phone clog: Gotta love it more when reps give themselves unlawfully scary titles like "Officer" and "Inspector". I once read of one weasel who worked as a trainer for an agency, found going around in a pretty close mockup of a badged police uniform. The badge had the initials of the collection agency, which I guess sent this creepo to make threatening house calls.

Uh-huh .... RTN, if I had fifty bucks for every "get a life" I'm tossed ... I just happened to be there to see a parade of repeated posts on the home page, hard to miss.
 Jan 29th, 2011
The CS who called me left the phony name Graham Mitchell as manager. I was so impressed I almost soiled myself. His manly tone and the fact that he referred to himself as Mr. Graham Mitchell implies he doesnt want you to mistake him for his wife or daughter. The insignificant wasterells think it scares people when they referr to themselves as Mister
phone clog
 Jan 28th, 2011
Resident 47 sounds far impressed with his/her self and far to emotionally unemployeed since he/she monitors the entire Who called us to keep track of who posted what when.

Get a life Resident 47
Pea Tarty not
 Jan 28th, 2011
Not all debt collectors are criminals but the other 11000th of a % are probably considering procuring, petty theft, or porn to add to their income. These people are slime they have no authority whatsoever you don't have to answer their calls. read the caller ID and don't answer it if it says 800 service. Set your answering machine to say This phone is designated for outbound calls only no message accepted. If you kn ow us you know how to reach us.
No 9
 Jan 28th, 2011
Most self respecting people wouldn't take a debt collector job. I am considering setting my answering machine so that it will not take a message. After waiting for it to ring many times sit through the message and then cut off should be frustrating to parrot brained slime.
Area 54
 Jan 28th, 2011
R51: For me to sound partial to the debt industry I would need to put on a brutish 'Buffalo Bully' act of insulting prior respondents as shiftless and whiny deadbeats, and utterly mangle my spelling, capitalization, and sentence structure while doing so. Please don't confuse tough love with the collectors' deception and abuse.

What you don't know about "SOB buster" is that on the same day he copied the same paragraph to seven different collector and lender threads under three alias names within 23 minutes. Most had no comments, or a few very outdated ones, before he showed up, so it's not like he was contributing to discussion. I was responding to his eighth go-round appearing 35 minutes later, after which his wind died out. I think he was out to hear himself write more than actually provide good advice, which it isn't.

The worst collection agencies, and in particular the ones concentrated in western New York like this GCC, tend to rely on employees who can describe the interior of a jail cell from memory. Show them you don't know the laws, or worse yet try to apply the wrong ones, and you might as well spill blood in the water. Hence my continual urging for people to do their homework and stay yards ahead of these goons.
 Jan 28th, 2011
Some Slime Eel leaves a message twice a day for the past two months giving 8-24 hours before he resolves some problem alluded to if he is not called. It is laughable, each time he says "I entered my office this morning to find that you have not returned my call i am going to give you one more chance you have until close of business today. The second chances have turned into thousands, i have no idea what this jerk wants and returned his call once to inform him I wouldn't pour a thimble down his throat if his guts were on fire!
GLOBAL International Inc.
1490 Denison St.,
Markham, Ontario
L3R 9T7

Tel.: 905-479-2222
Toll Free: 1-800-563-4929


GLOBAL International is a leading provider of customer managment solution specializing in customer contact, first-party receivable management and third party collections.

Global was established in 1999, servicing clients in the Financial Services and Telecommunications sectors for their accounts receivable management needs.

Resident47 sounds like he is a debt collector or is partial to them.
Resident 51
 Jan 28th, 2011
"Buster", the only things your scolding phone greeting will generate are irritation from legitimate callers and eye rolls from the many callers EXEMPT from scrubbing the DNC registry. If you'd actually read what the FTC says when you registered your numbers, you would realize DNC is only for sales calls. Debt collectors therefore DO NOT NEED to honor it, a fact I tire of repeating on every third collector thread.

Collectors are experts at making idle threats, so they surely won't be moved by yours. Also, since so many collection agencies rely on autodialers and canned messages, your saber rattles will never be heard anyway. And just what is an "above captioned recording"?! Reckless statements only suggest you have no idea what you're talking about and are ripe for a garnishment order.

If you want real answers and real defense, you can't take the lazy way out. You need to study the laws and document calls and take action that works. Here is how to start:

If you are receiving repeated, misdirected, and/or abusive calls from a third party debt collector, you may find relief in the provisions of the FDCPA, the Federal law which regulates collector behavior. Learn your rights at FTC-dot-gov. See also your state laws for additional support.
 Dec 31st, 2010
Set your Ans. Machine for max rings to waste their time. Recorde the following message.
This phone is on the National Do Not Call Registry. The time, date, your number, ID, and message will be recorded. If you are a friend, colleague, family member, medical, dental, veterinary provider, local, state, or federal, agency please leave a message after the tone. Otherwise consider this your official Do not Call Again Request. Further calls will be in violation of Federal Law and will be turned over along with the above captioned recordings to The Federal Trade Commission for prosecution.
SOB buster
 Dec 31st, 2010
This bottom feeder keeps calling leaving a message that he is giving one more chance to call within 24 hrs. What a dumb ass.
slime buster
 Dec 31st, 2010
This is a phone phishing scam. They only want to get your name and match it to a phone number to sell to those companies who offer the phone/name search. They are paid for each name they can identify with an actual phone number. Do not give them any of your personal information under any circumstances or else you will be flooded with other calls............ Hope this helps....
Joe Cop
 Aug 21st, 2010
Received a call from a person threatening us with a 48 hour contact - whatever that is..... They have called three times over the past two days and left messages. The male voice leaves a different number to call - 866.915.5209. Obviously this is some sort of scam and they are trying to scare people into giving up personal details.... Do not give them any information about you whatsoever..... Dont you find it funny they do not even use names to address you? If it was an official call, they would ask to speak to a specific person and the male voice would not be a recording.........
Private Citizen
 Aug 21st, 2010
My phone number is brand new, just activated yesterday. Received 4 calls from this number in one day each time I went through the automated recording and got a person and explained they had the wrong number I was given the name of a person they were trying to contact (different each time). The last time I asked to have the number removed the woman told me "you do not need to call here with an attitude, I will not remove your number because of attitude." That is the point she heard what an attitude really sounds like! I have filed a complaint with the FTC and reccommend that anyone else who gets harrassing calls from these people do the same.
 Aug 11th, 2010
Received this call today. A recording of a stern male voice telling you to "PRESS 1 NOW, PRESS 1 NOW" repeatedly when I answered.
 May 15th, 2010
If you get a call form 866-350-4275, 800-563-4929
or any of these numbers. You need to file a complaint with, and, and to contact you State attorney General.

the company is Global Credit & Collections
Business Address: 300 International Parkway
Suite 100
Williamsville, NY 14221.

They are known for abusive tactics that are know to be illegal. they know this and will continue to do so , if nobody files a complaint. Please read the FDCRA from the website to know your rights. Companies like these need to know they can not abuse people just to fatten their wallets.
 May 05th, 2010
they are another stupid debt collector they call me this morning and i insulted them do not be afraid of these low life POS and they have also 866-577-5827 number associated with them just ignor them they are nothing but scum bags and if you ever pick up the phone insult them, they dont expect that , there is nothing that they can do to you , they mask them selfs under the name Broadvox Distribution
 Apr 24th, 2010
I am a lawyer. They called me at work, and asked for me by name. Left a message with my assistant, claiming to be "Global". When I returned the call (Mustafa @ extension 6378), "Mustafa" was mysteriously unable to open my file. He would not tell me why he was calling. I informed him that if he was selling something, we were not interested. He assured me they were not, but would not tell me the nature of the business. I hung up.

I then researched them and found a rather dodgy-looking outfit supposedly in the business of collections, but with all kinds of very questionable practices, in Canada, in the US and other countries. I have no outstanding debt, so am puzzled as to why they were calling, unless they perhaps were looking for legal assistance. They definitely won't be getting it from me!
 Mar 16th, 2010
Marsha from Global Operations called me 3x to ask for a relative who doesn't live here. 610, 650 then 722. At that point I asked to speak to a manager and was told by Mrs Welchers all the managers were in a meeting. Theyalso have no email and mailing address. or managers voicemail.
 Jan 05th, 2010
Caller claimed to be phoning us from the court clerk's office asking for someone who doesn't even live here and whom we've never heard of before. Wanted us to send copies of ID's of those who lived at address to "prove" we were not the ones owing money. Very shady operation.
 Jun 08th, 2009
Received a telephone message rom someone leaving this number asking for people who do not live at this address and telephone number. Voice with an accent, claiming to be a Mr. Sheppard, leaves a threatening sounding message requesting a call back indicating that it would be in our best interst. No identifiable information was captured on the caller ID. Call was report to the telephone company as a harrassing telephone call.
 Jun 05th, 2009
If everyone would make two calls a day, Global would be inundated with humans having to field those calls which equates to time loss which equates to loss of monies. 866-350-4275. Play nice but play stupid. It drives them nuts...........
 Jan 30th, 2009
Called regarding a "document" that they could help with.
 Nov 25th, 2008
 Nov 18th, 2008
Got another message that was a looped recording of a man's voice: "I have a new issue in my office in regards to your non-compliance to a contact agreement...It is absolutely essential you comply with this 48 hour contact policy." I returned the call, it was answered by a man who seemed half-asleep. I said I was returning a call, my name is Eric. He said he would pull up my file. He said, so you're calling from NY, then? I said, "No," but did not offer where I am calling from. I asked him who this is, and he answered, "A company called Global." I asked "What do you do?" He ignored my question...I waited several seconds then asked again, what do you do. He ignored me again, so I said please identify yourself, if you don't I will hang up. He said "Go ahead, hang up then." So I did.

This is obviously a scam to get your personal information. Ignore these calls and do not give them any information.
 Oct 26th, 2008
I will not answer calls from #'s I am not familiar with -- this # calls my home phone EVERY DAY! This man states "you have a 48 hour deadline regarding a very urgent financial matter. Noncompliance to a contact agreement -- you must comply with this 48 hour policy. Call me at 866-577-5827. He doesn't state a company # or even his own name! I will not call the 866# -- how do you get these type of calls to stop?!?!?!?!
 Sep 11th, 2008
I called the number back and he said he was Sam Williams. He kept asking me for my number and I asked that he tell me what his business was first. He hung up on me 3 times. All I know is it was Sam Williams from Global. Global what? Why is he calling? Who is he calling for? He wouldn't tell me any of this.
 Aug 13th, 2008
I got a call on my home phone about 3 months ago saying to call back about important credit matter, so I checked on-line and found out who they were then called. They were looking for someone else and I told them they had the wrong number. The last three days I have been getting calls on my cell phone from the same company, looking for the same lady. The numbers are 866-577-5827 and (905) 413-8586. What upsets me is that they linked my cell phone to my home and decided to call all the time to get to someone who is not at this number. I told them yesterday that she is still not on these numbers, but the Canada number called one more time after that.
 Jun 15th, 2008
These calls are from a call center in India for Macys Collections.

I have no account with Macys and the number I'm getting the calls at is a new one from a Cable Company

Great company, they buy all their crap from the third world and now hire third world folks to harass the innocent.

Lets return the favor-

Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm EST/PST and Sunday 11am-8pm EST/PST.
U.S. and Canadian customers call:
1 866-593-2543

Naturally when you call the above number you get a machine.

 Apr 15th, 2008
Can you say phone phishing!!! Indifference always works for me! Just ignore the calls and the messages, eventually it'll stop if they don't achieve their goal, right?
 Apr 10th, 2008
Message to MARK - aka Global - there are illegal credit collection practices, and your company is evidently engaging in them. I think I will report your company to the appropriate agencies.

Not everyone who has responded on this page owes your company anything. Some are being harrassed by your company to find a person who is not in any way connected with the number being called.
 Feb 26th, 2008
Kept receiving calls from 905.413.8586. Answered the calls three times, but was disconnected when a "real" person answered on the other end. Finally, 2/26/08, received an actual complete voicemail message telling me who they are trying to find, and it's not someone at our number. The message said to call the 866.577.5827 number.

Why is this company initially calling the USA from an Ontario number? My guess is they are trying to avoid USA fair credit regulations.
 Feb 26th, 2008
its the way they try to collect, they call work 5 times a day, they put peoples job on the line, how do they find out where you work, yes we owe the money, but these guys are scum bags, they abuse people, rued, they are scum
 Feb 16th, 2008
My wife said this was some telemarketing number that kept calling now I find this page and call them and guess what, my wife hasn't paid the credit card bill in 7 months and this is a collection agency it's been turned over to. You people are amazing. You don't pay your bills and then complain when people try to get their money. This isn't a scam, you are trying to scam them by not paying your bills. If you don't owe them money then someone you know does and they put you down as a reference. They even settled our debt for 50% of what we originally owed. Yeah, some scam.
 Jan 16th, 2008 Well, Dave, I tried the link. It's of course down and conveniently not working. They must have not liked your idea of calling them at home. All the sudden I keep receiving these calls on my cell. I get 905-413-8586, 781-008-7415,416-007-8140,and 612-009-8712 all in the last 24 hrs, multiple times. Did get the 905 number to leave a message saying 'we believe the person we are looking for can be located at this phone number, call us right away at: 1-866-577-5827. I didn't bother calling it as I don't owe anyone and I figure if I did, they would call my home number since I don't put my cell number on any credit apps so this is probably some scam or wrong # but it's already getting old, I mean late Sat night and early Sun morn......crap!
 Dec 30th, 2007
The man said he was Sam Williams and asked if I was....(a relative who has never lived with me nor visited the state in which I live). When I said, no, but I would take a message, he slammed down the phone. This man has already called here at least 3 times.
 Dec 12th, 2007
Global Collection
300 International Drive Ste 100
Williamsville, NY 14221
1800 Broadway, Bldg4A
Buffalo, NY 14212
905-413-8586 to name a few.
They are also using Internet-based telephony to disguise their numbers with such crap as 570-012-58744 and 442-088-2332. Dirt bags.
 Nov 27th, 2007
I returned a call to this number. They were looking for my es-husband who has not lived here for over 5 years. I asked them to take me off of their call list. The woman stated, "Well until you give us his phone number we WILL keep calling you." I stated that he doesn't live here & it's harrassment if she keeps calling. She stated, "Have a nice day & enjoy the calls, because we WILL keep calling you."
 Nov 17th, 2007
Global Credit & Collection, Inc. #866-577-5827.
They collect on delinquent credit accounts that have been charged off by original creditors.
Although the original creditor charges the account off, the debt is stil owed, and the collection agency will continue to call to collect on behalf of the original creditor. If the debt is not yours send a Cease & Desist Letter or if you want proof the debt is yours or you question the amount of the debt send a Debt Validation Letter to:
GLOBAL Credit & Collection Inc.
8133 Warden Ave.,
Suite 400
Markham, Ontario
L6G 1B3
Tel. 905-479-2222
Toll Free. 1-800-563-4929
 Nov 14th, 2007
Rcvd call from them today, on call back they would not say who they were, may be same people trying to contact me earlier saying I owed on a credit card that was closed in 2006. I have asked each time for them to send me a accounting of how I can owe anything on a closed account. Been happening since August, no resolution yet. I wonder if it is a scam trying to get money.
 Nov 06th, 2007
Have received numerous calls and vague automated messages about "unresolved matter." I take it from every one else's messages that it's a scam and won't be calling back.
 Oct 29th, 2007
Got a phone called with a recording to call 1-866-577-5827. Called the number and spoke to a Sam Williams. Looking for my roommate about bank information. Gave me a bank id number - bogus!- to have my roommate call back 866-350-4275. Seems very fishy when I asked what bank he was with, "it is a banking matter that I need to speak with her about" is the reply I got. So BEWARE EVERYONE!
 Oct 29th, 2007
The company is Global Collections who call on behalf of Capital One. They called me looking for by ex-brother-in-law who never lived at my address.
Global's website is It lists the names of several of the officers if you want to harrass them back. Have fun.
 Oct 11th, 2007
These guys have been calling daily..I called the number back...they are telemarketers. called "Global" at least today...
 Oct 09th, 2007
i screen my calls, and got a message "We believe the person we are trying to reach can be found at this number, call us back at 8665775827"
 Oct 03rd, 2007
They left a rude automated message on my machine "You need to take care of this matter" kind of crap. I called the number and the first guy hung up on me when I asked "who is this". Second time around, the person answering said they were a collection agency.
 Sep 26th, 2007
This is a shady collection agency. They got our number after a friend of ours stayed at our house and got some mail here. In the past 30 days I was hospitalized with cancer treatment. When I checked my voice mail (which is easy to do and is logged with Vonage), there were over 100 calls from this number AND an 866-577-5827 number. I told the guy this was harassment and he hung up. When I called back he warned me "first of all you don't threaten me" because I told him I was reporting him to the BBB. I told him where to shove it because it isn't my account and I have a record of ALL the calls they made, clearly a violation of federal law. Beware, when I called the 866 number, the same guy answered. He probably does this out of his house.
 Sep 11th, 2007
Automated message said this is not a solicitation call, please press a number. I did and after a pause, I get a handup. Perhpas it is only verifying the number is good for spamming. We are getting 2-3 calls every day, I think form this number. Similar message.
 Sep 08th, 2007
Recording said "press any key on your touchtone phone to be connected to a qualified agent" - after 45-60 seconds of hold music, disconnects. They call 2-3 times a day, random hours.
 Sep 05th, 2007
Received 8 calls in the last week from these jerks. Be careful, I waited to hear from someone & they said my recording was done. I didn't know they were recording my voice
 Aug 07th, 2007
They call, then hang up, leave no message
 Jul 12th, 2007
 Jun 27th, 2007
Id then block and punish these anonymous callers. Why can't the phone company stop this? Debt collectors can't call or write more than once a month and not at all to me or anyone who tells them in writing that they are banned from all contact. Then if they contact tell the ftc and fcc of the US govt to sue them on your behalf and they will. The more people fight the less people are victimized.
 Mar 26th, 2007
Some garbled messages that are not a live person says that it is 866-577-5827 but the call was identified as coming from (probably a person cell phone)818-054-1289 Please trace and punish and block these callers.
Fed Up
 Mar 20th, 2007
Received numorous calles looking for someone with a different first name (computer dialer and voice) finally pressed 9 and spoke to a live person. Two time over the past 2 weeks spoke to the supervisior and I was asurred my # was deleted, well low and behold another call tonight. Caller I.D. showed "Name Unavialibl" # 780-041-1296.
Supervisor said they were "Global Credit" #866-577-5827. I was assured that my # was removed and block from the system, but seeing that this is the 3rd time I've been assured of this the next time it will be a call to the BB
 Mar 12th, 2007
this number and 905-413-8750 have been calling our cell phone several times a day and not leaving a message... they have gone so far as calling every 5 minutes for an hour! We will NOT be answering their calls!
 Jan 27th, 2007
This number keeps calling my cell phone and they haven't left a message until today, half of it sounded like a real person the other half was a recording. The man said I had unfinished business with his office? I have no clue what that could possibly mean..
 Jan 23rd, 2007
I called the number and it's a credit collections company division for Capital One. If you owe anything it's possibly capital one calling you to let you know.
 Jan 16th, 2007
received a call 1/2/07 on my cell phone. the automated voice gave 866-577-5827, but the caller ID said 905-413-8750.
 Jan 02nd, 2007