It's comcast Some d*** head named Rick He wanted to charge my son $10 more a month to move his cable box from one dorm room to another on a college campus My son has a month to month contract not a one or two year contract All students pay the same rate from year to year When the college had a spokes person my son moved and took the box No problems This year when the spokesperson quit I call and they claim my son has some special deal and it is no longer available. He is also according to them relocating, although it is on the same campus. 1900 W Olney Ave. with the same address. Rick told me if my house was an apartment and I moved the box from the top floor to the bottom it would be relocating and become a new account with different rates. Of course this phone call came two weeks after a first one and it was at 5:20 at night when his boss was gone I'm sure. He was very defensive which I did not understand countered my customer complaints with justification for bad service which they seem to believe they are entitled to deliver. Quote " Your son is getting an $89.99 deal for $39.99 (of course since the college provides the hook up in each room and services it why does Comcast need to charge $89.99 ? No wires, no poles, no entrance to the buildings needed ) You cannot expect the price to remain at that forever. ???" No you are entitled to gouge me for as much as you can get. Basically what Rick said is we want all we can get from you.
Nice message to send out to future customers By the way Rick these future customers are LaSalle University students and one day will earn enough money to tell you and Comcast to evaporate like analog
signals in the sky.
 Feb 09th, 2013