This is NOT AT&T! Anyone posting otherwise is either extremely gullible or part of the scheme and trying to deceive. It is a phishing expedition to confim your identity and verify your phone number. These are the tactics of skip tracers working for debt collectors. This particular scammer also spoofs CIDs to include the name ATT (not AT&T). They even spoof AT&Ts actual number 800-288-2020) along with the CID name ATT, but they'll always leave out the '&' symbol which is how you know. They also use ATT 850-547-6128. If you have recently received the notorious 'Unavailable 1' calls this is more evidence it's a debt collector. I believe these spoofed numbers and the related ATT scam is associated with Portfolio Recovery debt collectors. If you're receiving these calls and your vm includes your name you should change it to avoid confirming any personal information. Don't ever answer and block the calls.
 Jul 29th, 2015
no CID name; would not identify employer, asserted was a sales agent of ATT
had access to full ATT account number; selling UVerse services
as 'diana' would not disclose employer, I terminated the call
 Jan 14th, 2015
repeated sales calls from a slammer asserting a relationship with ATT
would not identify his employer
 Jan 02nd, 2015
These sacks of pig dookie called me twice this morning. Woke me up both times. JESUS PEOPLE!!! I have the day off and just wanted to catch an hour or so of extra sleep. Thanks to the calls that were spaced about 15 minutes or so apart- that won't happen now. Be it known, if that call was being placed by a charity looking for donations, I don't care how legit you are- you would not have gotten a red cent from me.
Fred Feuerstein
 Dec 26th, 2014