They keep calling but do not leave a message. I screen my calls like everybody else the least they can do is leave a message or have the decency to show their caller ID
 Sep 21st, 2011
caller id said Wal-Mart, 22 hang up calls on my cell with no message, now calling me at work. What can be done to stop them? I told them to put it in writting, mail to my billing address and I would respond in writting, but they keep bothering me and for two months I have asked for written info, nothing received. Any suggestions?
 Aug 02nd, 2011
Here too, caller ID said Wal-Mart, it was Allied. That's a little illegal I think.
 Jul 17th, 2010
OK Guys, listen up – Debt collectors or Collection Agencies – Allied Interstate - do not fall under the Do not call registry.

These jerks will & do call on weekends even though it is against Federal Laws. When they call, I like to click on talk, then immediately on end. I know it has to bug them. On weekends I will answer with ,” You are in violation of Federal Laws, and I will sue you for $1,000.00 for each call! Yes, it is legal to sue for $1,000.00 each violation. Please keep reading the rest of my post.

However, Federal Law says you don't have an obligation to Collection Agencies or Debt Collectors; you can send them a written letter and they cannot contact you after that. They also have to contact you within 5 days after the first phone call, letter etc., and give you validation/proof or judgment of the debt. You are not required to ask for it.

This law is known as the Fair Debt Collector Practices Act. You can get it at; as well as other Consumer Protection Laws.

Most collection agencies, purchase your delinquent debt for pennies on the dollar. Guess what? It is no longer your debt!!! You don't have any agreement/contract with the debt collector or collection agency. Your only agreement/contract was with the original creditor.

In the Law of Novation: if a debt is purchased by another, for that to be a legal owed obligation, a new contract / agreement has to be written and signed by all parties. Google Law of Novation and read up!!!

No I am not an attorney, just a well knowledged, educated consumer. I have spent the past year studying various Federal Consumer Protection Laws. I wasn't just satisfied knowing I could send a letter to a Collection Agency/Debt Collector and they had to go away. I read that in the Fair Debt Collector practices Act law; I needed to know why, what law tells me the reason why I can.

Everything I have typed, I have learned basically on my own through reading, studying, printing out and binding the laws and underlining them. Not to mention the knowledge I have gained on my own fighting two lawsuits without an Attorney.

I was sued by a Collection Agency, and waiting for a Court date. The Collection Agency Attorney, sent us a letter willing to dismiss with prejudice our lawsuit, if I dismiss our Cross/Counter Claim for Fair Debt Collector Practices Act violations. Oh, I forgot to mention, we do not have an Attorney representing us; and I have not had any legal experience, in the past whatsoever.

I have read / printed & bound, my State's Rules of Civil Procedure and Rules of Civil Procedure - Evidence. I catch Attorneys on violations of State Rules of Civil Procedure all the time. And our Judge's let them get away with it.

And Mr Collector dated July 31, 2008, it appears that you have never had your life turned upside down, because a good job, not high paying by any means, but a supposed secure job, got your hours cut by 3/4. And then a couple years later, as you are just recovering, you lose that job. And when you are in your 50's, a new job is not so easy to come by. And when that happens, then what? Or what about a major illness, guess you've never had that either - too bad. Maybe if you did, you'd understand why and how people end up getting in financial straights. Not because they chose to, or decided they were going to find loopholes to get out of paying obligations etc.

What if the money isn't there to pay these debts to begin with? We've been barely able to pay a mortgage, let alone credit cards etc. It's easy to tell someone else what to do. I hope someday, something throws your secure little world off its axis, and you find yourself in the very situation as some of us here. Maybe then you'd learn it isn't such a cut/dry situation.

Oh, we've struggled. And the job last hasn't exactly been replaced. We're still behind in our Mortgage and trying to catch up, as with our other legal obligations. I can't work because of various health conditions, or I would, including a part time job at least. My husband started his own company with the tools of the trade, and now contracts for copier, computer, IT technical jobs as he has a computer science degree, and has years of experience in the others, especially the wide format copier / printers / computers.

People, please read the Fair Debt Collector Practices Act; if a Debt Collector violates any one harrassment or other law in there; Federal Laws says you can sue them for $1,000.00 per violation. Do it, and then THEY can pay off YOUR obligations!!!

And to the Collector's who follow the rules. Remember these people probably don't actually owe, the money your company is trying to collect.
If your company bought the debt, from the original creditor - they don't legally owe you/your employer!!!

Again I am not an Attorney - but have learned these by my own experiences. Their are Attorneys you could talk to, and I would, if any violations of the laws have occured in your circumstance. I am posting this strictly to help others maybe have a piece of mind, if they are up all night worrying about financial problems, and sick to their stomach in worry as I have been, and still are in some ways. I am again just a well informed, knowledgable consumer, who has spent hours studying the laws, because I had no where else to turn for help. If anything I have written, causes you questions, please seek the advice of an Attorney.

Certain situations such as Mortgages and Car Payment loans usually do not apply here; so you may need to seek the advice of a Lawyer for your individual situation.
 Feb 23rd, 2010
This company called a Medical Center seeking to speak with an employee. When advised personal calls were not accepted they stated that it was most urgent. It is a debt collector!!
 Jun 28th, 2009
# comes back to
Allied Interstate, Inc.
435 Ford Rd. #800
Minneapolis, MN 55426-1066
Phone: 952-546-6600 1-800-806-3342 1-866-525-7795
Fax: 952-595-2311

Web Address:
Caller ID: 866-460-9145
Allied Interstate
Collection Agency
 Jan 05th, 2009
They called my house 37 times in one day! In one hour I had 15 voicemails of them hanging up. They all ar from a diffrent country and dont understand what we are saying!! They even wanted me to authorize to take money out of someones checking account!
 Jun 27th, 2007
Told me they were from Allied Interstate. Three calls, all had accents. Wanted my spouse, not home Asked if I was husband and hung up. Last call she gave me a story about who she represented. Number comes bact to Walmart.
 Apr 26th, 2007