These people are assholes and uneducated idiots!
 Mar 11th, 2008
Solicitation. Agent was very rude and would not add my name to do not call list.
 Mar 07th, 2008
I wonder if this is the SAME place that shoves Voicemail recordings without calling, into another Cellphone. I never use (nor pick up) the voicemail on that cellphone BECAUSE of all the crap-calls.
Trakfone User
 Feb 03rd, 2008
Third!!!!!!! Dish Network illegal (pre-recorded) call TODAY. The first 2 were on my unlisted cellphone! See and (which was accidentally the wrong number entered into for legal references, and URLs to information on the web. This time, I was quick to hit "1" when offered. I was congenial with the guy who answered, but insistant that I wanted to know if it was Dish Networks or a hired service FOR Dish Networks that he was working for. He insisted that it was actually Dish Networks, and then was immediately replaced with a recorded announcement that the number had been removed from their calling list. (I never got the chance to ask to be removed).
Also see and 702-520-1152 (also DigitCom, but Lost Vegas)

See also
See 310-861-6100 .. at
AKA Wildgate Wireless AKA digitcom
(PDF: )
Trakfone User
 Feb 03rd, 2008