This is Definitely a SCAM! They are Phishing for your personal information!
DO NOT GIVE THEM any personal information. They sound real, they will get nasty, and try to convince you they are 5/3rd Bank. They are NOT!
 Jul 15th, 2018
Some guy who sounds like Tommy Wiseau called me today claiming that he was from 5/3 bank. He would not tell me the reason for the call until I gave my address. Then he told me I was behind on my credit card balance, and asked why I haven't made a payment. I told him it is set up to auto-draft the minimum payment so I do not have to make one. He then asked me again why I haven't made a payment, and I responded the same way, then he asked the same question again and I just hung up. Seems like a total scam to me, I have to imagine that if an american bank was going to call customers for money their caller ID wouldn't display as "Unknown" for starters, and they wouldn't have some heavy accent foreigner calling me, but who knows it is corporate america....
North Carolina
 May 16th, 2018
Whose number is this
 Mar 17th, 2018
They have called my cellphone but never left messages. I have tried calling the number, but I get some odd message that Verizon can't connect the call. I tried twice and then blocked them. Obviously, a scam. I am not overdue on my account so I can't think of why they would even try to call. But if you can't call them back, then something fishy is definitely going on.
 Jan 27th, 2018
yes this sounds like a scam. A good one, if it is running so many years. My story is just the same as everyone else's. I did NOT give out any info. And another funny thing to watch out for - when i googled this number, there was also a web page of supposedly some sketchy law firm, claiming that this is 5/3 and they can help you to get these calls to stop and also get compensation. Sounds like a load of crap! This is for sure a scam and I wrote a tip in the FBI webpage.
 Jan 13th, 2018
This IS Fifth Third Bank and is likely customer service/collections combination. My payment was misposted, causing a late pmt call. Collections callers vary GREATLY, I used to do this work for another credit card. The calls per hour and dollars collected required is so high that there is no reason for them to waste time leaving a message, so the collector hangs up to get to the next call that might result in a promise-to-pay (PTP) which gets recorded so if the money comes in, it gets credited to that collector. Some collectors get as many calls in as possible, some others were rude (but were let go when found out) and with today's fears (legitimate) of scams, it's even harder to collect legitimately. If you get this number, call your customer service number and ask what is happening with your account. They could also be calling to let you know about fraudulent charges (which they must pay, not you).
 Jan 12th, 2018
My question is WHY do so many of people on this page answer or call back a number they do not recognize???? If a call is legit they will leave a voicemail explaining and will not leave a blank message or just asking for a call back without a reason. NO legit company would do this period!!! Just block the number on your phone and ignore...PERIOD!!No wonder so many people get scammed JUST BE SMART!!
 Oct 23rd, 2017
I can confirm that this is a scam for people who have Fifth Third Bank.

I've been getting calls from them a couple of times a day. It's an automated message saying to call Fifth Third and they leave a number. I do have Fifth Third as a bank, but everything is paid up and there are no overdrafts or anything like that.

I called Fifth Third directly and the rep on there said that everything on my end is good to go and that there are no changes, late fees, or overdrafts on any of my accounts. It is safe to block this caller.

If you want, you can call Fifth Third directly, either using the app on your phone, or by using the phone number found on

Don't answer this number or give them any information. It's 100% a confirmed scam.
New York
 Sep 22nd, 2017
SCAM do not enter or answer any questions!!!
 Apr 15th, 2017
Aggressive- wanted my account number. Calls about 10 times a week
 Jul 04th, 2016
Had a message left on my office voicemail from this voicemail when I returned from Labor Day weekend. The number it told me to call (It was "very important" that I call.) It put me in a panic because I DO bank with 5/3. I went online to make sure I hadn't received any account notifications (I hadn't.) and that my account balance was as it should be (It was.). Luckily, I still had the original calling number on my phone history so I entered it in here and see now that it is almost certainly a scam by a party claiming to be 5/3. I'm hoping they call back with a real person so I can collect as much info from them as possible and report it here.
ALMOST scammed in Ohio
 Sep 08th, 2015
This is a very legitimate sounding scam operation. I have contacted the real Fifth Third Bank, and they are aware of this scam, and it is not really their bank calling you. The caller ID says it isFifth Third Bank, but it is not. If you call the number, you will hear a very sophisticated sounding automated system that answers and sounds nearly identical to the one used by the real Fifth Third Bank. If you do not enter an account number, social security number, or phone number,the system will route you to a "representative" (in my case, named Ivan), who will recite to you the exact same greeting monologue that Fifth Third Bank uses.
Do not give these people any information or even verify info for them! They either ask you to verify personal information, or tell you that you owe a payment on a credit card/mortgage/Cairo loan, or that you have an overdrawn account or account in danger of being closed due to inactivity. Very dangerous people! Hope they are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Feeling Disgusted
 Jul 27th, 2015
I received several calls from this number but they never left a message. When I answered they asked me to verify my name and last 4 digits of my SSN. I was nervous about providing that information so I went to my local branch to ask them if the number is legit. They called to verify the number. The number is fifth third bank and they were calling so many times because I was late making a payment. Still annoying to get the calls, but good to know it was fifth third and NOT a scam.
 Sep 02nd, 2014
Truely annoying. Called me 8 times in 1 day. Cell phone recorded a blank VM each time.
 Jan 04th, 2013
I should've completed this.


I recognize I was late on a credit card payment and now my card will not work. I've made the minimum payment earlier this morning and plan on paying it off when the check I'm expecting comes in. Never mind how, but I will be able to do it. At about 2:40 pm, a man named "Jess" or "Jesse", I believe, called me. He verified my address and name, but I did not give them the card number. I told him the truth. He also said my card should work. It doesn't.

I suspect a debt collector. If it is, I'm complaining because you don't screw with bipolars. That's just how it is. I'm going to the bank tomorrow and DEMANDING to know who the hell called.

Maybe threatening to take my business elsewhere will help.

All this for a measly few hundred dollars is absolutely asinine.
George C.
 Dec 17th, 2012
I recognize I was late on a credit card payment and now my card will not work. I've made the minimum payment earlier this morning and plan on paying it off. Never mind how, but I will be able to do it. At about 2:40 pm, a man named "Jess" or "Jesse", I believe, called me. He verified my address and name, but I did not give them the card number. I told him truthfully that .

I suspect a debt collector. If it is, I'm complaining because you don't screw with bipolars. That's just how it is.
George C.
 Dec 17th, 2012
Keep receiving calls from this number and they don't leave a message. I don't answer calls any more. If they don't leave a message I don't call them back.
 Nov 20th, 2012
This IS Fifth / Third Bank. No Message left. Just a hang-up.
 Oct 15th, 2012
Yes it is 5/3rd bank and yes they were incredibly rude and thoughtless on the call. Asking me every question under the subpn to verify who I was. Honestly they asked a few too many questions. I headed to the be prance directly and spoke epithet the local vice president and assistant vice. They both called in independently and condpfirmed the number was legit. Must just be terrible leadership and customer service standards over in this 5/3rd collections department.
 Aug 24th, 2012
Calls our company recorder and says abolutely nothing, someine called " The Fifth Third Bank " judging by other people's blogs ??????????????
 Dec 27th, 2011
can't the phone company do something about these calls that just annoy people
so far they always hang up..
 Aug 22nd, 2011
Someone called my place of work asking for a person with my first name. I take the call the woman askes to speak to "my first name" the last name Thatha. I asked her again who she was looking for because I didnt understand what she said. Than she asks me to give her my last name I say "I dont give out that information". The woman calling had an Asian voice.
 Jul 20th, 2011
I would try complaints with the FTC and attorneys general in your state and the home state of the caller. That would cover this whether it's really Fifth Third or a dirty collector posing as the creditor.
 Apr 13th, 2011
I get calls everyday, several times a day, even on weekends. I am disgusted. If I pick up , I just hear nothing -like an automatic computer calling me. I do not hang on the phone. but then get another call an hour later. Who should I report them to?
 Apr 12th, 2011
We get calls from this number everyday all day long. I've tried everything to stop the calls, including answering and laying the phone down,answering and hanging up immediately, and right now I'm looking for my foghorn. I can't believe that these calls can't be stopped. We pay huge amount of taxes every month on our phone bill. In today's technology I refuse to believe this. My number is unlisted so they must have gotten ours from 53 bank. I wouldn't be surprised if it weren't 53 whom is responsible for these harassing calls. Thank God our number won't exist much longer.
 Mar 10th, 2011
Don't owe them, but they call on Sunday. If they continue, they will be reported to the federal government.
Bob Chaney
 Dec 19th, 2010
For the record, THIS IS NOT 5/3 bank. I too have been receiving these bizarre hangups, and for kicks I called the number back, and was greeted by a woman claiming to be from 5/3 collections and was told I needed to provide her with my account number so she could verify the problem. I smelled a rat, and hung up. Following that I called my local 5/3 branch and was assured unequivocally that this is somebody attempting fraudulent activity.

DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION. Including your name. Report the matter to your local bank, and they will look into it.
 Nov 30th, 2010
I have stopped answering calls from this number; it used to show up on my caller ID as "Fifth Third Bank." Generally what happens when I answer, "Hello?" an automated voice tells me to "Please Hold". Eff no, you called me, I'm not holding. Of course, when I let go to the answering machine, it just leaves the dial-tone.
 Nov 02nd, 2010
These people are using the name of the 5th. Third Bank, but when I called the bank in our area (Michigan) They klnow nothing of these people! We are on the No Call List, so I will report the 9 calls we have received from these people just in the last 12 days.
They ask for way to much information. They asked my husband his social Security number! Of course he didn't give that to them!
 Aug 12th, 2010
I get a call from them at least 4 times a day, even on the weekends. They ask for my sister, which is completely ridiculous because they are calling MY cell phone number, and she lives in a completely different state from me. She has NEVER used my cell phone number. They are very rude on the phone, and when I strongly refuse to give them her contact information, they simply say "Thank you" and hang up. Then a few hours later, a new person calls and we go through it all over again. My sister does have an account with fifth thirds bank, but she says they have all her correct information! How do I stop this?
 Aug 11th, 2010
We have called the attorney general's offic to report this and our local TV station will be doing a story on air regarding this scam outfit.
Sandy Brown
 Jun 16th, 2010
If this is really Fifth Third Bank calling, why would they treat their customers in this manner. Several times we have had their reps. tell us that we owe them money and want our social security number. We told them twice that they had the wrong individual and that we do not have an account ending in the numbers that they repeated to us. Enough is enough. I talked with a supervisor (not sure even if that is true) and demanded to have our number taken off of their list. We will see.
 Apr 26th, 2010
Fifth Third Bank. Usually its some kind of scam and yes the big banks run scams.
 Feb 24th, 2010
They have called 10 times today, Every half hour on a Sunday. They refuse to stop calling
 Nov 29th, 2009
i am answering the phone for work (on call) and they hang up when I answer. I do not answer these phone calls when I am not on call, so am not sure who it is that is calling. They have been calling me for the past 4 days several times a day.
anna lea
 Oct 21st, 2009
I was told I was 30 days late on a $300 payment and owed $200 immediately and to please verify my address and other information. I don't owe this type of payment and told them I won't give anyone my personal information. I also added, "You must really think people are stupid to call many times a day and never leave a message then request personal information." It's now 8pm. I thanked them in my "mean" voice and told them I would call the bank tomorrow to find out if there is anything to be concerned about. I called Fifth Third's 800 lost or stolen card number from back of my ATM debit card and was told this type of call is not fraud and if my credit card was not lost of stolen, then to call the regular 800-972-3030 tomorrow or call "bank protection" at 800-927-0395. This person was not interested in reporting the number (not her problem - not fraud). She told me people get these types of phone calls all the time. I have never had this type of call before. I read on another web site that this number originates from a jail. Accent sounded more like another country.
 Aug 27th, 2009
Got a call from this number (866-450-0037) and female caller claimed to be from Fifth Third Bank. But I suspect they are a third party company acting on behalf of Fifth Third. They wanted me to verify personal info, which I did not do. They would not tell my why they were calling unless I verified my address. I told them I do not give out personal info to people who call me and that if she had busniess with me, to send me a letter via US Postal Service and they should have my address on file already if they truely are Fifth Third Bank. Then she hung up on me. The whole thing felt suspicious.
 Jun 11th, 2009
Computer Generated call, reported to "Do Not Call", they still call, I don't even have an account. Contacted them they basically told me I was mistaken.
 May 29th, 2009
Been receiving calls from this number claiming I owe 5/3rd bank money, I haven't had a 5/3rd account in 6 months... I went to my old branch and they say that I do not owe them anything (which I already knew), scam alert...
 Apr 13th, 2009
Called # back - it's Fifth Third Bank.
 Apr 08th, 2009
The hung up as soon as I answered
 Mar 12th, 2009
Who is this? I thought this site was supposed to tell you who called?
 Mar 04th, 2009