I just received a call from this number as well. They told me that we were 5 days late on making a payment on our Citi Bank Card. There was now a $35 late fee that we owe but if we make a payment with them now, or call this number 866-444-4986, then they would be able to wave the late fee. She said her name was Joanne and it sounded like she was on her handsfree device, driving in her car... I did not trust this call at all! So I called the 1-866-580-5802 on the back of my CARD, and gave this associate the info for the woman who had called. She checked the log and confirmed that it was indeed a legitamate call. So take this as you will, but I still am glad I checked before I gave her any of our personal information. Just a good practice to be in with anyone you don't know calling your home.
 Mar 29th, 2011
I had the same experience with calls from this number, both on my cell and at work. When I answered, the line went dead, and after a few times, I stopped answering. Finally, some machine actually left me a voicemail and told me to call 1-866-444-4986. When I called that number, it was a legitimate Citicard number and they were calling to tell me I was $21.06 over my limit on an account (but nevertheless current) and I already had paid down the account balance a couple days before. Obviously, they have a machine that is very persistent and not kept up to date. Calling 972-655-5210 isn't helpful because it is automated, but if you call 1-866-444-4986, you should get a live person who can explain what the calls are about.
 Mar 22nd, 2011
Left a message on my answering machine about a week ago. Whatever message it leaves, it starts early, because the guy didn't say hi or anything and seemed like he was mid-sentence. Called about my CitiCard and said to call back. You'd think that if CitiCard actually called me, they'd know my name and the last four digits of my card or something along those lines... but nope... nothing. Just basically said they wanted to "talk about my account," to call back, and have my CC/account number on-hand when I called.
 Nov 27th, 2010
I get this call today, and several times before, and it's a SCAM. They identified themselves as Citi Cards, and we do have an account with them. The woman on the phone demanded a payment of $100 for past-due amounts; we are not past due. The number that came up - 853-283-8071 - was listed as a Florence, KY. When I told her my husband, whom she asked for, was not home and could not receive phone calls at work she left a completely different number - 866-444-4986. They are NOT affiliated with Citi. DO NOT give them *any* personal information.
 Jul 08th, 2010
Caller said they were from Citibank (Cynthia) and asked my secretary to have me call back...On calling only got noises....Called Citibank and they had no record of this number and said no one from citbank was calling me...
 Sep 21st, 2009
ilovemycat, I think you got pwned.

Just got a call from this number - a well-spoken woman for my wife in regards to a citibank card . Asked when she would be available and left this number as a call back. Would not give me any more details about the reason for the call due to "laws in your state". I called my wife, she checked our account actvity online, and confirmed (by calling number on back of our card) that there were no outstanding issues, either wrt fraud or payments. Others online have similar experiences.

Appears to be a very smooth scam.
 Jul 09th, 2009
LMAO, Right like they won't be able to find your real one?!?! Public Records are so hard to get, lol!
fake numer
 May 16th, 2009
This is a legit call from They were calling to alert me of possible fraud activity on my card. When in doubt - call the customer service number on the back of your credit card or check your account online. Always be certain you know who you are talking with before providing any personal info!
 Jan 25th, 2009
Caller ID says Kentucky call, but is Citibank, last week same thing Kentucky phone call except ph# was 866-422-7941. Makes one want never to have a credit card. No reason for the phone calls.
 Dec 19th, 2008
Citicards. Calling incessantly even though my balance is paid in full!
 Apr 08th, 2008
CitiBank....calls non-stop and every number. I can see that on future applications, I will be giving a fake #
 Oct 18th, 2007