Have been getting these calls since I ordered reusable coffee cups for coffee maker. Noticed someone else on here had same thing happen to them.
CALL 1-866-434-6600 talked to nice girl asked if they were affiliated with 866-379-2003 she said yes and I asked her to take my number off their list and she said she would ..........we will see.
Ticked in TN
 Oct 19th, 2012
Here is one of the persons that call you on 866-379-2003 and keep calling you when you have asked them not to. SO if YOU wqnt to call a Telemarker call JOSH at 1-866-434-6600. Let JOSH know how you feel about his company calling you.
 Aug 15th, 2012
This number did not call, but was on an outgoing message for 866-379-2003. That number claims to be offering a "wonderful money saving offer," if you press 1. Or you can call this other number to speak to someone. The 379 number has been calling me throughout every day for over a week.
 Jan 06th, 2012
I called the number someone else left on here 866-434-6600 after getting 4 calls within 2 hours. They immediately took my name off the list and said it will take 24 hours to go through. Never did find out exactly who was calling me as I wouldn't confirm it was me on the phone so they refused to tell me who they were!
 Feb 16th, 2011
go to you can go into contacts and have your number removed or else call them at 1-866-434-6600 and tell them to remove your number....I did it today hopefully it will work
 Jan 22nd, 2011
just called the number back and they give you the option to contact their customer service number 866-434-6600, to be removed from their call list. They are initially calling you to tell you about the fantastic offer that you shouldn't miss.

Good luck!
 Aug 24th, 2010
Quality Resources is a telemarketing company based in Florida. These annoyingly persistent phone calls are the product of an auto-dialer program. The reason they call so many times is because the numbers are thrown into an auto-dialer and if the person does not pick up, the number is thrown back into the system to be dialed again.

I called Quality Resources Customer Service 866-434-6600) and told the guy that answered my situation... I explained to the guy that answered that I was called multiple times today by his company and that was harassed by the telemarketer that I spoke with. I told them they rattled off information about gas vouchers, etc so fast that I don't even know what happened. I told him I was concerned that I was going to get charged for something that I adamantly told the lady in Sales I wasn't interest in.

He asked if I gave my birthdate or implied in any way that I wanted the package and I assured him that no, I had to actually cut the lady off to tell her that I wasn't interested and that she got an attitude and huffed "Fine well we just won't send you anything!" I was assured that because I hadn't given my birthdate and that I was verbally adamant about not signing up, I would not be charged. He also told me that each call is recorded and listened to by multiple departments. If you speak with someone in sales and you cuss them out and tell them you don't want anything from them and they STILL send your call through, someone in the quality department will listen to it and recognize it as a bad sale and throw it out.

I told him that I had to Google the number that called me and that there were tons of forums about the harassment of these calls and there's nothing but aggravation and reports to the Better Business Bureaus. I told him I didn't mean to shoot the messenger but that the telemarketers that work for his business are HORRIBLE and rude.

I was promised that someone would listen to my call tomorrow and make sure that I am not being charged and that I would be added to an internal Do Not Call list and that it would take 72 business hours for that to go into effect. Hopefully this is the end of this.
 Feb 27th, 2009
This company began calling me two days ago. They have called 16 times in 3 days, times ranging from 8am sharp to 8:45pm. I never answered, and they never left a voicemail.

i returned the call and got a recording stating:

"we've been trying to contact you by phone to introduce you to our wonderful money saving program"

press '1' to continue to receive these calls

press '2' to be removed from our call list

to speak to a customer service representative call 866-434-6600.

I recently changed cell phones and in the process acquired a new number. While my previous number WAS on the DO NOT CALL LIST, the new one was not, so there is not much i can do with these people but hope they quit calling. I pressed '2' at their prompt and will now keep track of my phone bill rather closely. I'll report back if I get charged for calling the number.

To check if your number is registered on the DO NOT CALL LIST go to:

I love how our government works... you have to sign up on a list stating you do not want to be harassed by telemarketers. I personally think this list already exists... it's called the phone book. It would make far too much sense if the handfull of confused individuals that DID want to receive harassing phone calls had to put their info on a list instead. Thank God all our laws aren't written in this same backwards format. The don't get shot list. Don't get raped list. Don't get robbed list... you get it. So why is there a don't get harassed over the phone list? Food for thought.
 Sep 17th, 2008