866-614-6535 888-432-3151 410-986-0085 866-534-0248 866-372-8498 704-523-8444 866-816-1066 877-394-8289 888-804-3484 215-441-3000 888-438-6896 888-804-3488 800-735-6588 877-803-8009 800-842-0640 866-425-8131 800-979-6560 866-767-5640 800-321-7267 866-437-7403 888-841-7074 866-849-2443 800-807-7809 877-888-2043 877-793-8271 877-232-1835 888-816-1066 800-688-3370 888-675-5788 866-856-1299 888-316-3306 866-849-2439 866-776-8221 866-570-4110 800-220-2274 866-287-2543 410-846-2502 866-372-8497 800-709-8625 877-847-0092 866-401-2140 800-765-2733 800-477-1827 866-853-4965 866-429-3592 866-695-3017 888-871-6484 800-432-3988 330-782-6318 888-217-9861 800-915-3992 888-899-4778 866-889-6745 800-275-5196 404-320-0964 620-000-0000 602-000-0000 602-263-1141 866-376-1967 877-860-8153 800-816-5572 866-378-2735 416-932-4500 800-860-4200 800-233-1486 800-816-5576 866-473-9021 800-759-2224 800-213-9882 800-445-4918 866-278-1213 866-576-1447 866-220-7580 866-628-7095 800-810-0590 888-394-0494 800-786-9330 866-358-1762 800-688-7929 800-275-8105 877-273-3495 888-831-6994 888-379-4884 877-847-1486 877-899-0192 888-899-8039 215-244-4200 215-442-8300 800-621-7195 866-381-9807 800-218-1175 866-256-9096 800-477-3826 866-473-6445 866-932-6731 614-827-7500 866-506-2667 800-897-0308 800-303-1995 425-648-9467 267-519-4400 866-671-7222 866-922-1984 800-273-8616 888-858-5979 800-785-1426 800-260-5570 800-616-1171 866-711-4718 866-701-1275 800-511-8670 800-709-8623 800-974-9728 800-273-6816 877-843-7429 866-266-6318 866-319-8981 800-728-3346 866-442-0536 877-231-1251 877-349-7517 800-733-8782 888-788-7033 877-363-0954 810-588-7103 800-727-8444 650-230-1968 800-688-3390 800-480-1534 877-212-7434 866-227-9324
NCO phone
 Jul 17th, 2011
Ms. James: These forums are strictly for call recipients to share their findings. They are NOT direct open channels to the phone bank boiler rooms we comment upon.

Rich: You did very well for someone not quoting the FDCPA. Oh yes, how magnanimous of them to offer a whole %30 discount for an account they bought for less than ten. You are correct -- Assuming a once valid debt, if the last date of activity was 16 years ago it should be past SoL in every state. You might pull your credit report to see if any bogus tradeline has appeared.

The long history of complaints in this thread are damning, and speak of sadly common tactics used by the collection industry. If you are receiving misdirected or abusive calls from a third party debt collector, you may find relief in the provisions of the aforementioned FDCPA, which regulates bad collector behavior and provides a private right of action. It grants you control of how you are contacted, and collectors can be sued for their crimes. You may however soon find that your verbal demands to limit or cease communication, as allowed by the FDCPA, are often ignored. You will have to place the discussion on a paper trail to enforce regulatory compliance. Learn your rights and first response tactics at FTC-dot-gov.
 Oct 10th, 2010
 Oct 08th, 2010
This company sent me a statement saying I owe from 1994. They want $6000. I explained to them that I have didn't owe anyone from 1994, and that I am disputing the claim. The guy tells me that after looking at my credit report that I should have plenty of credit to pay off the debt (that I don't owe). I explained to him that another company called about 3 months ago and told me I owed 3000, from 1994. I disputed that one and haven't heard from them. They said that if I dispute the claim that if they can validate it, then they will expect full payment with in 48hours. However, They are willing to settle for 70% right now. Screw them. First of all, I never borrowed 6000 in 1994. Second of all, if I did and didn't pay for it how can I have bought a house since then, and several vehicles, and still obtain credit. And last if I did owe the money from 1994 then why would I pay now. If I am not mistaken, we are beyond the statue of limitation to seek legal action on a debt. After searching the Internet I am seeing this company is a scam. They are trying to use scare tactics to get money out of people. My advice is that if they call you and insist you owe (and you are sure you don't owe) dispute it, and if they try to send some crap back to you, hire an attorney.
 Aug 04th, 2010
voice mail totally unable to understand what the hell they're talking about, like they got marbles in their mouths. called the toll free number to be told my number is not in their database and they rudely hung up!
WTF over?
who are these people?
 Jul 27th, 2010
Uses up answering device then keeps calling all day long every day, they just change phones at their office I guess because the number changes only one diget.
 May 28th, 2010
Called me twice on my cell with auto dialer, apparently this is illegal.
 Apr 02nd, 2010
"hello goodbye"
 Mar 23rd, 2010
Asset Care Financial Services - calling me 2-3 times per day for over a month now, attempting to collect a debt that is not even associated with me at all.

Have filed two complaints against them in the last 48 hours.

This is what happens when a collection agency uses computers & auto-dialers to bug the hell out of people rather than making an actual effort to speak to the proper individual about their own debts.
 Mar 05th, 2010
I returned this call, they sent me to another operator who put me on hold, then sent me to another operator who sent me back to the original operator. Well, then, you won't believe this, the voice mail message said they were closed, it's Thursday, no National or State Holiday, at 1:21 pm, good grief, I am laughing my butt off. The voice mail message was a British Accent............ugh, you think they forwarded my call to London........... What a joke.
 Mar 04th, 2010
My husband recived a letter today from Assetcare inc. looking for $30 for what?? He has no outstanding balances and checks his credit regularly. They would let him settle it at 60% off why bother!!!We Dont know who he owes the money to and why!!!I'm so glad I found this site he will not be calling them Thanks all for the info. I really belive it is a scam..
 Feb 13th, 2010
i have received Numerous telephone calls from the above number 888-379-4884 instructing me to call me "RON JACKSON" at another number...then i am read some creditors rights informing me i owe Capital One ...WHICH BY THE WAY IS FRAUDULENT!!!!!!!!!!! to date by the caller id i have receive 17 calls in 4 days!! I informed them each and every time to cease and desist calling i am getting ready to file a formal complaint each offense towards me is at least $1,000 or greater ... please these people need to leave innocent people me i will get paid by this outfit!!!
sharon godrick
 Feb 09th, 2010
They have been calling me lately, except they identify themselves as MedCare. Left a number to call and a reference number. I have no overdue bills. When I called the number back the first time they never asked for the reference number. Asked for my phone number which I gave them (they obviously have it anyway). They then asked my name, which they had correct but not my full name (which I did not give them). They asked if the address was correct, it was not and I did not give them my real one. They asked if the birthday was correct, and it was not even close. The phone jockey then tersely proclaimed that they must have the wrong person and they would take my number off the list and hung up. I of course provided no information to them.

They called again, left a number and reference number (a different number this time). I called back to find out why they are still calling. Asked for my phone number (tho stil not the reference number), then my name (correct but not full name again). Asked my birthday again, same wrong date as last time. Asked them why they are still calling when they said the previous time that they would remove my number. I was told that there was no record of my having requested them to remove my number. I asked a couple of different ways what information they had that led them to believe that my phone number was the correct one. They would not respond to those questions, merely stating that my number has been removed and goodbye. If they call again I am calling the state AG.
Not Me
 Oct 08th, 2009
This number has me an speed dial, calls every day of the week at 830 each morning, Idont need a alarm clock because of them and Im retired and getting tired.
 Oct 05th, 2009
I am really sick of the calls from assetcare,they ring the phone off the hook they call five to ten times a aday.we have answer the phone but they hang up on you.this is harrassment.
 Sep 17th, 2009
Everyone call their State Attorney General.Tell them, you are sick of this harrassment. Embarq, Sprint, AT&T, etc/ does nothing!
 Jul 14th, 2009
 Jun 14th, 2009
 Jun 14th, 2009
They called my sister-in-law who called me as I work for a collection agency. She gave them permission to talk to me. Neither of us could get anywhere. Whenever we asked for info about the "supposed" acct, they got snotty and hung up. Talked to Cheryl and her supervisor, Michelle. Am glad to find this on line as I will advise her not to pay a penny to these uncooperative, rude people!!
 Jun 11th, 2009
This company has been calling me 5-10 times a day for someone who had my phone number over two years ago. I keep calling them back and telling them that the person they want no longer has this number and they say they will take it off their files but the next day, I get the same. I work nights and try to sleep during the day but this company calls endlessly. I have an elderly mother and kids at school so I cannot turn off my phone. The phone company tells me it will cost me money to change my number and I will be out of service for up to a week. It should be illegal for these collectors to be able to use these automated systems to call. That was you could tell them the first time each day they have the wrong number and possibly get some sleep.
Susan Dean
 Mar 24th, 2009
another call from this number at 10:35 am. Did not answer it,let it go to fax
 Mar 24th, 2009
They call me for my sister-in-law!!! Have a ref. # and phone number. I never answer
 Mar 19th, 2009
In Illinois only one person has to be advised if a call is recorded so I really don't have to tell them that I am recording their call for legal action.
 Mar 17th, 2009
I bet if Barack got a call on his Blackberry from them, they'd disappear really quickly. Anyone got his number so I can forward the calls to him?
 Mar 17th, 2009
The number on the caller ID is 425-572-0277 and the number they leave is for AssetCare Inc. I guess Netarsha doesn't remember that people do have caller ID.
 Feb 12th, 2009
The recording gives the number 866-429-3592 which is AssetCare Inc. how dumb do they think we are. I don't have any delinquent bills.
 Feb 12th, 2009
These idiots who work for debt collectors are pitiful. They make the statement that "by continuing to listen to this message you are admitting you are the person whom we are trying to reach". What a dumb donkey statement. I listened simply to determine what the heck they were talking about and to see if in fact I was the person applicable to their concern.

They've even harassed the heck out of my elderly sick Mother. As of just about 15 minutes ago I filed a complaint with the and will not put up with this insanity. They call me at work, at home, after hours, make threats, insult me, make derogatory comments, and on. Pathetic to do business in that manner.
Ck this
 Jan 15th, 2009
That number is one of NCO ( Collections ) Do not answer. Here are some of their other used numbers: 800-709-8625 or 888-804-3488 or 877-803-8009 or 800-541-2742 or 888-688-7929 or 800-445-4918 or 866-569-8956 or 800-218-1175 or 800-448-9576 or 800-684-8429 or 866-429-3592 or 800-976-8307 or 877-871-6484 or 800-735-6588 or 800-220-1942 or 877-778-1799 or 800-227-4000 or 800-807-7809 or 866-626-9112 or 866-425-8131 or 800-967-4100 or 877-252-4534 or 877-202-9074 or 888-691-8955 or 888-259-3021 or 800-437-7403 or
800-383-4761 or 866-360-9791
 Jan 09th, 2009
this shit bag of a company fucking doesnt understand or gave a fuck about the reason why i couldnt make the payment on time which happened to be back in june of 2004 i left for iraq for a year. Well in July this company opened a account for the $100 Keep in mind i didnt have phone access or internet but did get mail fowarded to me so finally when it got to me in SEPTEMBER 3 months later i sent a check and that was it. Fucking progressive insurance fucking sucks anyways i set up for them to automatically deduct the money from my account they just overall canceled my policy while i shipped out fuckbag's whatever though its not the point. I paid that shit asap and htey wont remove it from my credit report 4 fucking years later fuck them
U.S. Soldier
 Jan 04th, 2009
This company is poorly managed. They keep on callng me.. asking for this random person. They areso stupid.
 Nov 12th, 2008
i have receive yourt letter what is that letter for
marisol aviles
 Oct 13th, 2008
Like most comments I have read here-in, this was a recording left on my answering machine. Said it is an attempt to collect a debt & left a Reference ID of KI6314. I called the number and almost immediately got a female person who mumbled something I could not understand very well. I told her I got a message to call this number about a debt. I told her I am not in debt and asked what this is about. She hung up on me. I called back, someone picked up the phone (I could hear noises in the background) but never said anything. I hung up and blocked the call. With my phones, a blocked number will not ring at my house and will give the caller a busy signal every time.
 Oct 09th, 2008
 Oct 08th, 2008
I called back this # and got an address for this place. I pretended I was going to make a payment but did not give my name. The address is P.O. Box 15380, Wilmington DE 19850. According to the FTC, you have to notify these people in "Writing" stating that you want them to stop calling. It does not matter if you owe money or not. Just make sure if you send a letter cc: the Attorney General's Office in the state you live in.

Also, here is the link to the FTC site with the info:

Can you stop a debt collector from contacting you?
You can stop a debt collector from contacting you by writing a letter to the collector telling them to stop. Once the collector receives your letter, they may not contact you again except to say there will be no further contact or to notify you that the debt collector or the creditor intends to take some specific action. Please note, however, that sending such a letter to a collector does not make the debt go away if you actually owe it. You could still be sued by the debt collector or your original creditor.
 Sep 30th, 2008
They call every month or so. They say it's a collection call and give an ID number to give when I call back. When I call a comptuer says to hold and then it disconnects me. I've no debts, so this is harrassment!
 Sep 28th, 2008
I have try to call this company to see what they want. I get calls from them, it reads unavailable at the most inconvenient hours, at one time I did reach them, they were very rude to me. I am calling on behalf of my mom, she has been put in a NH, and we have no idea what they want or the name of the company they represent, if this continues, I will reach someone from the F.C.C stop the abuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Sep 20th, 2008
Automated female voice, telling me that gov. regulations require her to say that this is a debt collecting agency but giving no real ID, asking me to call the number she called from; she gave a reference number which I didn't have time to take down
 Sep 11th, 2008
Left VM from automatic system telling me to call 1-866-429-3592, giving a reference number and the name of a person (Mr Need?)
 Aug 11th, 2008
This is a collections agency that purchases very old debt and then lies about the fact that it is past the statute of limitations. They can still attach your assets if you have any, but they cannot report you to a credit bureau.
 Aug 01st, 2008
Got a call today from this company. Computer generated voice identified it as Asset Care. Did not give me a name to call back. There is no way they could have obtained my number legally, seeing as how I recently changed it and have not given it to anyone other than family and friends. I had checked my credit recently and I have no outstanding debt that would warrant this call.
 Aug 01st, 2008
They call everyday twice a day, mumble a message and accesscode and mail me letters collecting a debt I do not owe. I filed a complaint, will call the 888-382-1222 number as well. Legal action needs to stop these crooks
 Jul 29th, 2008
Unsolicited calls.
 Jul 28th, 2008
Have received automated calls from this number for at least 3 years. At first they asked for someone with my same last name. I did not know the person and did not call back. If it had been a real person calling, they would have been told that I did not know the person, but it was always an automated call with an ID number for me to call back. I am not going to waste my time on such foolishness. Any damn fool should know by now that I am not the person that tey are calling. Now, they are telling me that they are a debt collection agency and want me to call back. I have no debts that are in collection so they can GO TO HELL! The government should put an end to such calls as this - harrassing people for no reason whatsoever. They never identify themselves or have a real person calling. I call on our congress members to put a stop to such calls
. Denton
 Jul 18th, 2008
Called but left no message. After reading the other messages, I am certain it is a scam, as we do not have any outstanding bills and have a very high credit score. If they continue to call, I will report them to the proper agencies.
 Jul 03rd, 2008
Apparently a computerized call, only a portion of their message came through on answering machine, so it started talking way before the beep. Have no idea who it is and will not return any call from anyone who does not properly identify themselves. We also log all calls into a database for reporting to authorities.
 Jun 12th, 2008
I receive 2-3 calls a week from this company asset care. They ask for a person with a name of a person by the same first name but different last name. No relation to me what-so-ever. Each time I call back they answer the phone without saying a company name. Each time I ask and they say asset care. They tell me they will take me off the list. Today I called and advised them that I reported them to the Better Business Bureau for harrassment. The lady responded, "Thank you." and hung up. I have saved the messages on my answering machine. They also mail statements and I have kept these also. I plan on taking this further!
 May 28th, 2008
These people call continously even after I told them I moved >10 yrs ago from that area and that is past the statue of limitations. They call all day on SUNDAYS! The amount was less than 150$
 May 19th, 2008
Yes, its a collections agency that tries to collect an old debt that you may have had. Don't give into them and don't be afraid to answer the phone! If in fact it is for you or your spouse and you owe an old debt, tell them you want them to send you a letter for exactly what the debt is for. Don't agree to oweing anything. By law within 5 days they must send you a letter stating what you owe. When you get the letter you have 30 days to dispute their claim. During this time they cannot call you. Write back and ask for a debt validation (search the internet for debt validation letter) and they must prove what they claim you owe. Credit card debts (older than 4 years old in CA, check for SOL Statue of Limits for other states) legally cannot be collected on. Basically this company buys old debts and tries to harass people into paying it when they "legally" don't have to anymore. Also when you dispute their claim add the cease and desist which is basically telling them not to call you anymore, the only contact they could have with you is through the mail. If they don't respond after that you should be in the clear but if they continue to harass, file a complaint through the Fair Credit Reporting Act and he Fair Debt Collection Practices Act through the Federal Trade Commission. I recommend you do your homework and find out why they are calling and get all the information you can to fight back. Hope it helps!
 May 14th, 2008
Hey Assetcare fck tards, I watching. Screw up with me and it will cost you!
 May 07th, 2008
I say hello, computerized female voice says goodbye.
 Apr 23rd, 2008
I was an Identiy Theft Victim (twice)and now this company has started writing me. Because I was so sick of the whole credit mess, I did not use a card or finance anything for 9 years.
The first thing I found when I checked my credit was Assetcare. I made the stupid mistake of calling them hoping they would be reasonable people who would tell me what was going on. All I got was rudeness to the hilt and hung up on! I plan to write them that this is not a VAdid Debt to me. This is necessary. After that, I am going to ignore them. They gave me the name of a company that I had never heard of and have never shopped with. One thing really scares me. These people who do the jobs they offer are generally "not the most reliable people" and they have my Social Security number. The ID thieves used my real SS#. Once they used my Credit Union Debit Card to rent a car which they drove for 45 days. They used my insurance. They seemed to know eveything about me. Caution is advised. You just might say something in anger that gives them enough info to hang you.
 Apr 20th, 2008
We have been getting these phone calls from these 2 # 866-429-3592 & 866-429-3591 I have never answered these calls and when they do call from these numbers, the phone will ring for almost 5 min. I have read other comments on here and if this is supposenly to be a "collection agency" why don't they send a bill every month? Maybe we all should call our State Attorney General Offices and file complaints against these people so maybe they will investigate who they are and if they are a legit co. As to my knowledge, we do not owe anything. And especailly do not owe any medical bills. This is harassment. It should be stopped.
 Apr 18th, 2008
My husband called this number back 4-10-08, and turns out it is a medical debt-collecting company: AssetCare, Inc. He told them we do not owe any medical bills and if they continue to call (which they did numerous times) we would contact our lawyer. Today (4-14-08) we received a "bill" in the mail, and a threatening letter to pay them $3888.00 for past medical bills. (On the back of the letter are 12 listed emergency medical visits). I called and someone picked up; I told them we received a "bill," etc. and we do not owe them. She didn't let me finish and put me on hold. No one ever picked up so I hung up and tried calling back and got a busy signal each time (about 5) calling. Tried using my cell phone and received a recording. Hope this helps someone understand what is going on. They want to collect money at any price.
 Apr 14th, 2008
i recieved a bill notice from assestcare for $195.10 from EMP of Harrison County. number one i have never lived in harrison county and i have never needed their EMP sevices. so tell me how i can get a bill for sevices i never asked for.
 Apr 14th, 2008
They are calling me.Sorry I can't talk,I am a FAX Machine
 Apr 12th, 2008
Beware of this people triying to steal money,Do not answer your phone.
 Apr 12th, 2008
I received a computer generated call twice from this number. I called back the second time since it claimed to be a debt collecton agency. I was curious since my credit is good. They asked my phone number and I wouldn't give it but she knew it anyway. I pressed to find out what was going on and she told me my number wasn't showing up as having debt. She told me it was a random system that called numbers - not something a legit debt collection agency would do. They also told me they were calling from Mobile Alabama.
 Apr 09th, 2008
Calls almost everyday and NEVER(!) leaves a message.
 Apr 09th, 2008
My answering machine picks up call...but they do not say anything! Caller I.D. say's William Schultz from Scottville,Michigan! This is the 4th time this week!Has to be a telemarketer!
 Mar 03rd, 2008
These folks keep callling, the message says hello and goodbye. I am tired of getting harassed by these bottom feeders. I called the number on caller id and got to a live person who immediately put me on hold for 5 minutes. I hung up and redialed same thing again. Third time I told the person not to hang up or I would contact the localo police and report them for harassing phone calls. I still didn't get anywhere as soon as I said that they hung up again. What can be done these guys need a lesson.
C Hiller
 Mar 03rd, 2008
They have been calling for over a year now, they call me twice a day usually- they will ring and ring, then they will call me back again and ring and ring (20+ times). I have answered in the past and it was a recordered Mr. Mead call me back message, when I call back it rings a few times then it always hangs up on me. I looked into reporting them to the BBB website, but I couldn't find where they handle these type of situations. It's quite annoying when your a home business and have to stop what your doing because the phone won't stop ringing.
 Feb 29th, 2008
I've been receiving calls from this collection agency now for weeks. I was finally able to speak with a few of their very-rude agents today. The first one hung up on me when I tried to ascertain if they were looking for my twin brother or my son who share the same name...the agent said "I ain't got time fo no games" and then hung up. After I composed myself, I called again and tactfully asked for a supervisor...the agent begrudgingly agreed to patch me through. I then spoke to a rude and ignorant supervisor who continued the barrage of attitude. I think I'll be reporting them to their respective Attorney General's office...what a joke!
 Feb 29th, 2008

go to this Better Buisness Bureau website and file a complaint. I did. It works!
 Feb 28th, 2008
Have been getting numerous phone calls from Asset Care Inc. saying they are a debt collection agency. Called them up when we received the first call and talked to a lady and she said that I owed a bill from Global Universal Mastercard and that Citibank took them over and is trying to collect this debt that I owed since 1994. I supposedly had applied for this credit card in 1994 and paid on it for one year and then stopped paying on it. The thing is that I never have had a Mastercard then, before, or after. I don't know how they got my name and they are using a name that is no longer used on any of my legal forms or under my SS number. How do I get them from harrassing me?
 Feb 24th, 2008
Assetcare, Inc Calls several times a week. this has been going on for a little more than a year now. for the past month or so they call my home phone and my cell phone at the exact same time just like today. i have told them in the past that they are calling the wrong number but they do not care. i have reported them every time but that has done no good.
 Feb 21st, 2008
They have called several times today and no messages left, I don't answer these 800, 866 or other numbers. Sometimes it is on my ID every day.
 Feb 05th, 2008
They call in the morning I am at work. They leave a very garbled message telling me it has to do with debt collection. They also call after 8:30pm.
 Jan 31st, 2008
This is supposed to be a dept collecter for our local light company. This is supposed to be a debt from 1995, @ an address where I didn't even live, NOR have I ever lived there. Thay had my ss# and everything. I asked y this never showed up on any of my credit history, and she told me that they are a non-reporting agency. Then, she wanted me to give her my banking info and we could settle this for $30. less then the charge. So I told her to send me a bill and I would do that. She told me that we would have to do it now, they wouldn't send me a bill, and she INSITED , THAT I give her my banking info. When I called out local electric company, (PP & L), they have no record of ever turning me into collections, and that I should dispute this. I called Asset Care back to tell them that they needed to call PP&L, because I was disputing this chg, and they refused to do that. Told me an investigator would be in contact w/ me. Then, I called Asset Care back for an address, and its in Delaware.
Andrea Mang
 Jan 30th, 2008
I have a telezapper. I picked up the phone, heard the beep, said "hello" and an angry sounding voice said "good bye" and disconnected. I have never heard such venom in those two little words before. I'm glad I didn't have to have a conversation with this person.
 Jan 25th, 2008
These guys scam people into paying for things that aren't theirs or don't even exist. They call with this number and with 866-429-3591.
You are better off to ignore them and do not call them back!
 Jan 10th, 2008
The name of the co. is asset care, they are a collection co. however they never have they person that lives at this residence. They are rude and sound as if they are teenagers with food in their mouth so that you can't understand them. Maybe they are a new age type of hacker trying to get into your computer through the cable modem? Or Maybe not?

The following info was provided by Renee futher down the comment list and is very helpful

Here is the weblink for filing a complaint with the Do Not Call PUC list.

Please....everyone needs to file an official complaint.

After speaking with the PUC, they say NEVER to call the company back, as they will capture your phone number and claim you are a legitimate customer of there's by proof You Called THEM.

Also, Keep record of date and time to report to both the national DNC and the state DNC registries.

The state of Texas fines the companies $5,000 for each call. The national DNC agency fines the companies $11,000 per call. Keep a list and call the agencies once a week to give them each call time.

To file a Texas complaint: 888-782-8477)
To file a National complaint: 888-382-1222) You may also file on-line at the web address previously noted.

Unfortunately, she said they sometimes still won't stop calling, even after a fine. Satellite TV just was fined $6.8 million, and continues to call she said. ;
 Jan 08th, 2008
They don't realize that we are not anwsering our motherluving fun.
 Jan 08th, 2008
I ain't paying shit
Dr Phill
 Jan 01st, 2008
I just blocked 866-429-3591 and 866 429 3592 from AssetCareInc,Wilmington Delaware
 Jan 01st, 2008
This is a fake company,trying to steal money .Dumb Ass
Amy Rose
 Jan 01st, 2008
Get calls from this number a few times a week. "The law requires that we notify you that this is a debt collection agency" or something like that, with a reference number. First time, called back, put on hold for 10 minutes so hung up. Next called from cell phone three times and each time I was disconnected. Not sure if this is even my supposed debt. I used to get calls about once a week with an important message for "Mark Tompkins" have no idea who that is, do not believe it is the person who lived here before, but perhaps the person who had my phone number before.
 Dec 29th, 2007
They keep calling, I keep ignoring. If I was able to pay you, you wouldn't have to call me....!
 Dec 19th, 2007
"this is the irs we'll call back in 45mins..." or "this regarding a personal employee matter..." they're dum.
 Dec 15th, 2007
AssHoles from AssetCareInc.(Wilmington,Del) trying to collect WHAT?
 Dec 13th, 2007
if any of you have comcast phone service, just pick up the phone, when you hear a dial tone, hit *60 and it will walk you thru the process of how to block phone #'s so they can no longer call you. I just called my phone company (Comcast) and they said this was the best way to stop unwanted calls. Hope this helps!
 Dec 11th, 2007
AssetCare has contacted my husband about an old debt that was paid off more than 7 years ago. They claim that NCO is their client which is a different collection agency that provided them w/this info. After several inquiries of trying to verify this company, who is NCO and add'l info pertaining to this so-called debt...they were not able to provide me w/any reputable information. They say over and over again that they are a collection agency and they are trying to collect a debt. Beware not give out any personal information to this company. Report them to the BBB in your state. Also, they are very abusive especially when you are trying to get info about this company. They say the name of the company so fast when the call is answered.
 Dec 04th, 2007
This company (Asset Care) has been calling our business line for over two years seeking a person who has never worked here and nobody here knows. Repeatedly asking them to discontinue has done no good.
L. Wainwright
 Dec 03rd, 2007
Like everyone else, I've been contacted by this "company." I did call back and had them mail me documentation. The "Documentation" contained and account number for "Haven Emergency Physician" and some treatment codes, nothing more. They could not tell me the hospital or doctor's name. The Haven Emergency Physician according to Assetcare is Haven Physicians Group, a country wide organization of emergency room doctors. I asked a friend of mine who is a ER Doctor locally and he has never heard of this group (shocker). Googling "Haven Physician" returns nothing useful either. I filled out the complaint form on the State Attorney's website for my state. I suggest everyone do so.
 Nov 28th, 2007
Have been getting calls for over 11 months now, I have not called them as I did collection for over 10 years I know this is not the correct way or law to collect any debt. Plus I don't owe anything that I know of and nothing has been mailed to me asking for a bill to be paid - smells like a scam to me. I called the state police who referred me to the FBI after being transferred many time I spoke with the dept that was suppose to investigate fraud when there is money exchanged as I have not loused any money at this point - they pretty much could to nothing! This company is either after your SS# or anything else they can get from you. My MOTTO: "If a company does not identify themselves or what they want - I certainly to not owe them the courtesy of a return Phone call!" This was their auto contact for months after that my daughter said did you Google the number well I have many times now and I still smell a skunk! But still they call weekly sometimes daily!
 Nov 27th, 2007
I had the same experience as many have reported here. I also checked with an attorney and he advised a couple of things that might help other people. 1-- check on the statute of limitations for a judgement on this debt(in va. it is 3 yrs.)/ this blows them out of the water since they are trying to "fraudulantly" collect on a debt from 1998. 2-- tell them to "cease and desist" from contacting you by mail or phone / this puts them in direct violation with the states atty general and the FTC. 3-- DO NOT give them your social or confirm any part of your social security number. The bottom line is they are violating the FTC Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
john webber
 Nov 24th, 2007
Unknown Name on caller ID, did not leave a voicemail
 Nov 20th, 2007
they have been callinf for several months now, a few times they have left message for two different people and they are not me nor are they at this number. i have reported them every time but it seems they can do what they want because they are a collections company. it does not matter they are not collecting from me. For everyone else they are calling,if they are calling for you. you can send them a registered “Cease & Desist Letter” and fire them…yes fire them and they can no longer contact you.
 Nov 16th, 2007
These people keep calling asking for Janice Garsis (spelling?) and it's computerized---BUT----I called them back and asked them to take my number off their list because they are calling a number that I have had for almost 2 years now....they keep calling. Yesterday they caught me on a bad day and I reminded the lady that my number was supposed to be removed and she got nasty with me so I fired back and threatened to call the phone company and she hung up on me. Their company name (they say) is Asset Care.
 Nov 08th, 2007
ESTUPIDOS from Asset Care Inc. in Wilmington Delaware triying to collect a medical Bill ? You got a be kidding me.I dont even have a Fucking papers so How I'm going to go the Fuckin Hospital ASSHOLES?
 Nov 08th, 2007
Got a call today from this number and after I answered, a computerized voice said, "Hello," and disconnected. About 1/2 hour later I got ANOTHER call and a computerized voice using my previous married name said to call them back and use a reference number. Nope. I've added our number to the do not call list and, knowing that any call from me to them could jeopardize any leverage I may have against them, I will NOT be calling these scammers back.
 Nov 07th, 2007
Called today...left no message, as usual. They hang up as soon as my answering machine kicks on. Seems as though it is an automated dialer.
 Nov 06th, 2007
i never been in a ,so they say, billing me $244.00 ,but i can sand one time payment of $122.00 one thing ,i live in a small town , there is (no) E R ROOM ... don't send money don't call them,they got I.D.caller,don't call (read Renee 2006-08-21) P.S.if you don't own it don't PAY it
ed r TX
 Oct 26th, 2007
I was the one who posted the post before this one. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY MONEY!!! They knew of a bill that I really do owe and said that they were the ones who are in charge of it now. I called what I thought was the old company in charge of it and they said they (the old company) was still in charge of it and they didn't know who these Asset Care people were. I have been scammed. They have gotten $244 from me. I have called Asset Care back twice and have been cussed out for a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes by two people. They are rude... they wouldn't even send me a bill in the mail he said I was too mean and I didn't deserve another bill. And they aren't registered with the BBB. I asked. Please people stay away from these people.
 Oct 17th, 2007
I didn't answer. I looked on this site first then called back. They were a legit credit collector. They even let me pay the bill off for 1/2 the amount. I saved $300 :)
 Oct 17th, 2007
I got a letter from AssetCare and callled. They asked for the account # on the bill and I gave it to them. But they wanted me to ask me questions to verify my information. I said no, I cannot do this until they (AssetCare) told me who they are where they got my information. The person hung up on me. I tried to call back but can't reach anyone. I call the company that I am supposedly to owe money to and my account has a zero balance.

The funny thing is that no matter what phone I use to call they are not taking the call any more. I am trying to figure out who is this company.
 Oct 13th, 2007
People stop ASSET CARE INC calling your house,look at this beautyful caller ID,go to
 Oct 10th, 2007
They called me again.Do not waste your time trying to collect money ASSHOLES,
I am RICH,I don't owe any money to collection agencies.
 Oct 10th, 2007
Stupidos from Asset Care Inc. in Wilmington,Del
called my # today,for what ASSHOLES,I don't owe any money for medical bills.I'm reach (Minnesota Lottery WINNER) Do not call me any more and I am going to disconect my phone anyway.
 Oct 01st, 2007
my wife got a letter for a 15 year old utility company from Assetcare inc. watch out for 866-429-3591 also, no phone calls yet that we know of
 Sep 30th, 2007
They called and I answered the recording saying to call back a Mr. Meade at the above number. After being on hold for 30 minutes I talked to James, who stated they were trying to read Georgia Taylor. Since that is not anyone who lives at this house I told him it was a wrong number and to quit calling us. He stated he would mark it as a wrong number. These people are annoying.
 Sep 24th, 2007