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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

221 calls reported from this number.
Who CalledCaller IDDate
Wood County TXEmergency Comm2010-02-22
who the heck knowsEMERGENCY COMM2013-02-22
Washoe Countyno name2012-12-28
Volusia CountyToll Free2008-06-17
UnknownCODERED ALERT2013-12-02
unknownEMERGENCY COMM2013-10-13
unknownOUT OF AREA2013-09-26
unknownCodered Alert2013-04-26
UnknownEmergency Comm2010-02-27
Unknowntollfree number2010-02-21
UnknownTOLL FREE CALL2010-01-16
unknownphone number2009-12-19
UnknownEmergency Commu2009-08-14
UnknownToll Free Call2009-08-07
TollFree NumberTollFree Number2010-01-03
they said it's a test2007-10-25
state policeunknown name2008-03-18
Son's school testing emergency system (?)Code Red2010-07-24
San Mateo County Public Health DepartmentCODE RED2010-03-03
prank callerWestfield PD2011-01-20
Plymouth MA PoliceEmergeny Comm2013-09-16
Perrysburg Police ( ohio - wood county )800 service2009-06-06
Palm Beach, FL PDNot Provided2009-03-22
out of areaout of area2007-10-13
Orange County NC Emergency AlertTollFree Number2008-03-26
NRH Emergency WeatherUnknown2009-03-31
Not knownCode red alert2013-01-16
not givenunknown2008-08-06
new castle county policeEmergency comm2012-01-21
NCCo PoliceEmergency comm2012-01-21
Local Police DepartmentToll Free Call2008-04-17
Legit Rev. 911!!!!!Emergency Comm2011-07-30
Just another telepestUnavailable2011-06-07
Haverford Township Public WorksEMERGENCY COMM2014-05-31
GarbaledCoded Alert2013-04-26
Emergency Management2006-10-01
Emergency CommunicationEMERGENCY COMM2014-05-31
emergency commnone2013-10-17
Emergency commEmergency comm2013-04-26
Emergency Callback System2011-08-30
Emergency AlertCODERED ALERT2012-12-27
Don't know2015-12-01
Don't know2015-09-15
County Sherriff's Deptunknown name2007-11-12
CODEWEBCToll Free2009-10-25
codewebctoll free2009-08-05
Code Red SysytemsUnknown2010-07-16
Code Red Message SystemUnknown Name2009-09-24
Code Red Call Back Message866-419-50002014-02-12
code red alert8664195002013-08-11
Code RedEmerrgency Comm2011-07-14
Code Redtoll free call2011-04-25
Code Red[No Name]2010-11-08
Code Red2010-04-19
Code RedToll Free Call2010-04-09
code red2010-02-03
Code RedTollFree Number2010-02-01
code redcode red2009-12-16
code red339502009-12-06
Code RedNot Provided2009-02-28
AnonymousCODERED ALERT2015-06-19
????????EMERGENCY COMMU2015-05-28
????CODE RED ALERT2013-04-26
???Emergency Comm2010-09-29
??emergency comm2013-04-26
?code red2010-03-26
2010-02-24800 Service2010-02-26
,Name Unavailabl2010-11-22
,Name Unavailabl2010-11-08
,Name Unavailabl2010-11-05
,Name Unavailabl2010-09-14
,Name Unavailabl2010-09-10
emergency comm2015-06-02
emergency comm2014-03-05
Emergency Comm2014-03-02
Emergency Comm2014-02-10
code red alert2014-01-24
Emergency Comm2013-09-16
CodeRed Alert2013-05-19
CodeRed Alert2013-05-09
Codered Alert2013-04-27
Code alert2013-04-26
code red alert2013-04-26
Codered alert2013-04-26
Emergency commu2013-04-26
code red alert2013-04-26
Code red2013-04-26
Codered alert2013-04-26
Emergency comm2013-04-26
Code Red Alert2013-04-26
codered alert2013-03-13
Emergency com2013-02-06
Emergency comm2013-02-06
CodeRed Alert2013-02-06
Ordered Alert2013-02-06
codered alert2013-01-17
Emergency Commu2012-10-25
Amber Alert2012-10-16
emergency comm2012-09-21
emergency com2012-09-01
codered alert2012-08-25
toll free2012-08-08
Emergency Comm2012-06-12
TOLL FREE CALL2012-05-30
Emergency Commu2012-05-24
Toll Free Call2012-05-08
emergency commu2012-04-30
Emergency Comm2012-04-25
tollfree call2011-09-24
Emergency Comm2011-08-21
Emergency Comm2011-08-03
Emergency Comm2011-07-30
toll free call2011-05-23
Emergency Comm2011-05-11
Emergency Comm2010-11-29
Emergency Comm2010-11-09
emergency comm2010-11-01
emergency comm2010-10-13
emergency commu2010-10-08
out of area2010-09-22
emergency comm2010-09-17
CODE RED2010-08-31
code red2010-08-20
Name Unavailabl2010-08-19
Name Unavailabl2010-08-18
Code Red2010-07-14
Emergency Comm2010-07-06
Emergency Comm2010-07-07
TOLL FREE CALL2010-07-06
toll free2010-06-26
toll free call2010-06-24
code red2010-06-16
Emergency Comm2010-06-16
emergency comm2010-06-09
code red2010-06-07
Code Red2010-04-06
Code Red2010-03-31
code red2010-03-26
code red2010-03-26
Emergency Comm2010-03-22
emergency comm2010-03-10
toll free svc2010-03-03
toll free call2010-03-03
emergency comm2010-02-14
Red Code2010-02-12
emergency commu2010-02-07
Code red2010-02-05
toll free s2010-02-03
emergency comm2010-01-14
Tollfree Number2010-01-04
code red2009-11-09
code red2009-11-02
Code Red2009-10-17
TOLL FREE CALL2009-08-27
toll free SVC2009-08-10
TOLL FREE CALL2009-06-28
Toll free call2009-03-25
name unknown2009-03-17
codeweb c2009-01-08
unknown name2008-12-06
TOLL FREE2008-11-08
800 service2008-08-08
unknown name2007-10-28
npt provided2007-10-25

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January 14th, 2016   TX

Called at 10:30 at night. Didn't pick up

June 19th, 2015 Tom MO

Caller ID said CODERED ALERT. No message. We didn't ask for this and don't want it. Does anybody know how to opt out?

April 24th, 2015   FL

I don't answer any call I don't know who the person is, or expecting the call. Plus all they hear is a greeting that loops for 2 mins saying: "Thank you for calling our information call center, someone will get back to you within 24hrs. Please leave your name, phone #, and email address". (pause 1 sec b4 repeats) "Thank you for calling our information call center, someone will get back to you within 24hrs. Please leave your name, phone #, and email address". (pause 1 sec b4 repeats)"Thank you for calling our information call center, someone will get back to you within 24hrs. Please leave your name, phone #, and email address". (pause 1 sec b4 repeats)
"Thank you for calling our information call center, someone will get back to you within 24hrs. Please leave your name, phone #, and email address". (pause 1 sec b4 repeats)

this message repeats, like I said repeats for 2 minutes!!!
So many hang up after the 1st starts to repeats!!! LOL

December 4th, 2014   MN

this "alert" was activated before I even answered the phone. They wanted me to go online and register all my specifics, and to notify everyone I know who didn't receive this message to do the same?? This sounds awfully suspicious to me. I have not signed up for any alerts...I am on the "do not call" list, AND I have my phone company plan to not get calls from telemarketers. What is this, really??????????

February 12th, 2014 Tippi Johnson SC

Thank you for the alert! How do I change from receiving phones calls to receiving text messages???

October 13th, 2013 joe PA

I usually don't answer incoming 866 calls but I did pick it up once. It was a message from our local fire co. (Springfield, Delaware County, PA) announcing an open house and equipment demonstration. Yeah...a real emergency. A robocall play toy for wasting our donation money. I'll add this to the block list.

October 4th, 2013 acd FL

These idiots called me 6 times today and 9 times yesterday. I am still not interested.

October 3rd, 2013 acd FL

These idiots have called 9 times so far today. I had to shut off the ringer to get some peace.
Their website has no opt-out. Apparently they get paid by the number of victims they harass and do not want to lose any of them. Their email contact form requires far too much private information for my taste. What would they do with all my info? The gov't is shut down but these clowns are still in business.

August 11th, 2013 Alsaud AZ

This is nuts. An auto message from local police.... the good folks in Phoenix Az will not take much more of this... Over 98 % of us support the Sheriff and trust them...

July 27th, 2013 iolaLewis FL

This CODERED ALERT call came in at 1:53 AM on a Sunday! This presumed robocall rang the phone for FIVE ENTIRE MINUTES, from 1:53 AM until 1:58 AM. I turned the ringer off after the fourth ring. With numbers being spoofed left and right these days, I'm not about to answer what could be an obscene phone call with a spoofed number in the wee hours.

No Emergency Broadcast Alert had interrupted the movie I had on cable and the local radar channel showed no threatening weather alerts. The phone ringer remained turned off when I headed off to bed. CODERED ALERT called AGAIN shortly after 8 AM, but I slept blissfully on thanks to a turned-off ringer.

I opted out of this emergency communications nonsense when my Florida county established it a couple of years ago. I assumed correctly that it would be used for matters that don't concern me in the least. The only call I would want at 1:53 AM would be the from the Nobel Prize committee.

June 16th, 2013 Walton WV WV

How can a person opt-out of getting these sorts of nonsense emergency-calls that some self-important tyrant thinks you should be informed about at tax-payer expense?! That would be misuse of the phone I pay for via Government by and for the stupid trading away all our Liberty and privacy and dragging the rest of us along - screaming STOP!

June 7th, 2013 Corey Engelen CO

This is an Emergency Communication from your local authorities to notify you of an event that may require your attention. It includes Amber Alert notifications and other alerts for your area.

May 19th, 2013 iola Lewis FL

This CODERED ALERT call came in at 1:53 AM on a Sunday! This presumed robocall rang the phone for FIVE ENTIRE MINUTES, from 1:53 AM until 1:58 AM. I turned the ringer off after the fourth ring. With numbers being spoofed left and right these days, I'm not about to answer what could be an obscene phone call with a spoofed number in the wee hours.

No Emergency Broadcast Alert had interrupted the movie I had on cable and the local radar channel showed no threatening weather alerts. The phone ringer remained turned off when I headed off to bed. CODERED ALERT called AGAIN shortly after 8 AM, but I slept blissfully on thanks to a turned-off ringer.

I opted out of this emergency communications nonsense when my Florida county established it a couple of years ago. I assumed correctly that it would be used for matters that don't concern me in the least. The only call I would want at 1:53 AM would be the from the Nobel Prize committee.

May 17th, 2013 Edd CO

Amber Alert for a missing child.

May 9th, 2013 Terry FL

Called 8 times back to back. No idea who they are and they left no message presume it's not an emergency!

May 2nd, 2013 DENIS KALCHEV TX

Denislav Kaltchev is currently listed in the USA Swimming registration database with a note saying that the National Headquarters clearance is needed for him to re-register with USA Swimming. In other words, he will not be allowed to re-register anywhere in the USA, without going through the Colorado Springs office of USA Swimming. It appears that USA Swimming is aware of these (or other) allegations, and has flagged his membership, if and when he tries to rejoin USA Swimming.

FFENDER: DENIS KALTCHEV (FORMER OLYMPIC BUL SWIMMER) CASE # 12A003894 OFFENSE: FRAUD – THEFT Denislav Kaltchev is currently listed in the USA Swimming registration database with a note saying that the National Headquarters clearance is needed for him to re-register with USA Swimming. In other words, he will not be allowed to re-register anywhere in the USA, without going through the Colorado Springs office of USA Swimming. It appears that USA Swimming is aware of these (or other) allegations, and has flagged his membership, if and when he tries to rejoin USA Swimming.

April 27th, 2013 Jenny FL

I was awoken at 2:03 am in a dead sleep, only a week or so into a new job, trying to do my best, and after this weird call I could not fall back asleep. I though maybe someone I love was hurt or injured. Needless to say, it was not a welcome surprise. What the heck?

April 26th, 2013 R Burlingham FL

press any key to repeat this alert. I did and there was no response. I called the number in the morning and an automated message said there had been no calls to this number in the last 30 days.

April 26th, 2013 LP

I called back at 9:20 am on 4/26/13 to hear what was so important at 1:10 am this moring . It told me my number hadn't recived a call in the last 30 days WTH. Also I was talking to some neighbors and they got the same call last night.

April 26th, 2013 Debbie FL

Very annoying!!! Not one call but 3 in a 45 min. period. Between 1:15 am and 2:30 am..when you have an 84 year old mother... the phone ringing at that time is SCARY and not what you want to hear... I have now put a call block on that number!!
To boot.. there was no message and what message there was..was garbled

April 26th, 2013 kd FL

message had a garbled noise and then press any button to repeat which was nothing.. why do people mess with you like this>??

April 26th, 2013 Kathy FL

This call came in at 12:45 am!!! Why should anyone pick up this time??? I was sooooooo sleepy, but picked up, and do u think what happened? The "System voice" said something, I didn't want to listen, I wanted to sleep, and I couldn't then for 3 hours later.

April 26th, 2013 Jawaiian65 TX

This call came in at 2:00 am ET, with unidentifiable voice message.

April 26th, 2013 OTown FL

what is this phone call sorcery? wakes me up in the middle of the night, I answer the phone and all I hear is a loud beep. WTH!

April 26th, 2013 Mimi

A few garbled words.

April 26th, 2013 orlando

Received call at 1:10am, couldn't understand the message so we called sheriffs office. They said they did not put out the call and they were trying to figure it out as many residents received the call

April 26th, 2013 orl fl FL

received call at 1:31am. Caller ID Codered Alert. When I answered, I got a loud noise and then nothing. No message even. When I tried to redial 5 times, a recording said "All circuits are busy, try your call again later".

April 26th, 2013 Lisa

Got the call at 1:45. When I called back all circuits were busy. Thanks for taking away my sleep. Not cool.

April 26th, 2013 Orlando FL. FL

call just came in around 1:40am callerID said it was CODE RED ALERT. I didn't answer the call and they didnt leave me a message either. It made me think for a little, I thought it was a sign from God to get my ass to bed

April 26th, 2013 Sherry FL

Call came in on 04/26/13 @1:20 am. Why would I be receiving this call???

April 26th, 2013 FL FL

Call came in at 1:20 a.m., ID'd as Code Red Alert. When I answered, I got a loud noise and then nothing. No message even. When I tried to call the number back, a recording said "All circuits are busy, try your call again later". I don't know if this was a prank or an incomplete "reverse 911" alert.

April 26th, 2013 AEC in FL

Got this call at 1:20am for it just to say "test slash a". SERIOUSLY!?! WTF!! I got no problem with this kind of system, but DON'T run a phone test in the middle of the night!!

April 26th, 2013 LAA FL

Got this call at midnight. The message said "TEST" ?

April 25th, 2013 Chrnan6710 OH

Got called twice in 2 hours.

February 14th, 2013 LBJ FL

Jerks called me 6 times in 4 minutes. Not interested.

February 6th, 2013 jj CO

Message said to go on website and register with your info for emergency calls. Sounded like phishing scam.

February 6th, 2013 JB CO

Caller ID said CodedRed. When I checked message it told me to go to website and make sure contact info was up to date. The news channel this morning did state that county we live in was doing reverse calls to alert people, due to huge fire last year.

January 18th, 2013 Mary IL

If I'd realized it was Code Red, I'd have picked it up. Wish they had put caller ID information on it. I am signed up for that and I had received an automatic text just minutes before. This is a legitimate service kind of like an Amber Alert, but through your phone. If it saves even one child, it's worth it. They did leave a detailed voice mail on my phone explaining the story behind the missing girl and although the number is out of Texas, it was a local situation. Please don't disregard these notices!

January 14th, 2013 Charla MN

I just called back the number and a recording said that my county had selected the Code Red warning system. I was given the legit county website so I could sign up for weather or other warnings. It is legit.

December 28th, 2012 v.Slaughter NV

spam call

November 20th, 2012 BDunn

When they called me, it was just to enform me that they were picking up the trash on Wed. instead of Thurs. (because it was Thanksgiving.)

November 5th, 2012 PC OH

This number continues to call my cell work phone in Kentucky! Please, how do I get them to stop as it is from Texas, Simspon County!!??!!

August 17th, 2012 Alice TX

This number called me yesterday around 3:30 pm to warn me about the Aerial Spraying for West Nile Virus in my city, Garland, TX. It was a female recording reminding me that the aerial spraying will take place at 10 pm - midnight, and that I should keep my dogs inside. Legitimate Emergency service called CodeRed. I signed up for it a while ago. It also calls to alert about missing children, elderly people, storm warnings, and other emergencies.

May 30th, 2012 RR FL

These fools called me 5 times in 5 minutes.

April 17th, 2012 Doug PA

If there is a true emergency WHY DON"T THEY TELL US RIGHT AWAY WHAT IT IS????

January 21st, 2012 Lynn DE

New Castle County police reporting that a sex offender is living in my neighborhood.

January 11th, 2012 PJ TX

Female caller said she was reporting missing child. She gave child's name, age, weight, height, clothes description and last seen at 3000 Ben Mar. Caller said to call Houston Police department @ 713-731-5223. Caller also mentioned I do not know how caller got my cell phone number. Call came in at 9:45 PM. Message was left in my voice mail. I have not registered nor signed up for any notifications from HPD or A child is

December 5th, 2011 Venesa TN

I didn't answer b/c I wasn't sure who it was. The caller ID said "Emergency Comm." I got a message telling me about a child who is missing in my area. It was a detailed description of what he looks like and was wearing. I didn't know about this emergency call system and I'm happy that it's available and I'll answer next time I see the number on my caller ID.

September 27th, 2011 sue GA

it was a test of our counties emergency broadcast system.

September 26th, 2011 cavinabinesmith 36 India

nice number for watch.

August 30th, 2011 PrincetonBrat TX

This was a message from our local Water Supplier telling us that there was a shut-off, and giving instruction on how to bleed the air from our lines safely.

August 24th, 2011 nathienconeir 28 India

this is very good side for information.

August 8th, 2011 juliynabiunesmith 07 India

who called me at night when i am sleeping on my badroom.

August 3rd, 2011 Resident47 RI

BiSh: One little problem with the Emergency Alert System (EAS) ..... that by the way is what it's been called the past several years .... is that EAS assumes you have a working radio or TV and might happen to be near one. If you haven't noticed, we have a much different and more fractured media landscape than fifteen years ago, shying away from a broadcast model. Not to mention, you can't easily run the now-typical three-foot-and-up HDTV display on batteries.

The phone is a far more ubiquitous device, and landlines carry independent power. It is frequently the case during natural disasters that the phone is still alive when main power is dead. FEMA and similar groups are right to try to cover their bases after the tar-and-feathering it took in the "Brownie" era.

Possibly CodeRED could be administered with more wisdom. In Spring 2010 when my area was severely flooding, the service called me four times within fifteen minutes and failed to record any message. Two days of heavy rain, a swamped backyard, and the hourly wail of rescue vehicles on a nearby bypass were enough to tell me the reason for calling. I don't begrudge the service's purpose, only its method as being in need of refinement.

August 3rd, 2011 Vince MA

Amber Alerts are radio alerts, not telephone, and are broadcast by the State Police Departments with very detailed information, rare, and the Police will not play phone tag. The caller left NO INFORMATION on my answering machine, as I was out when the call came in. You may "opt in" in some areas to be on a list for such disaster calls like some woman telling you to reduce your electricity use from an air conditioned office, but I can do without such critical advice and I consider that person pretty scary. She gets paid by taxpayer dollars for that? She should sell Avon at the same time...

August 3rd, 2011 BiSh MA

These jerks ever hear of the EMERGENCY BROADCAST SERVICE? Funny that there is never an EMERGENCY BROADCAST, but plenty of radio interruptions to "TEST" the "SYSTEM"? Isn't there a thing called TV that could be used for such "dire" emergencies? But calling unlisted/unpublished numbers is much more effective? Added them to the call blocker.....

July 16th, 2011 kvinjeciensmith 28 India

any one calls me at night when i go for sleep .

July 14th, 2011 Alice TX

It's and Emergency service that notifies you of any critical emergencies in your area. I was called two times while I was at home, and I didnt answer. I called back and it was a woman saying that we should reduce our electricity usage for something that said of a peak in electricity and to avoid a rolling outage. It's legit, and don't you think it's kind of scary if it was actually an Amber Alert in your area? It could be something worse, I don't know, maybe I'm very pessimistic.

July 12th, 2011 kamonalexi 28 India

who calls me when i am busy with my wife .

July 6th, 2011 Veronica IL

If these were such valuable emergency alerts, they would and should be better publicized and
he caller ID should identify it better.

June 5th, 2011 Tomo

It was an elert for a missing elderly gentleman in out area from the county sherrif.
I suppose this number is used country wide to alert of emergency situations.

May 11th, 2011 sandysmith 07 India
May 11th, 2011 Ricky H GA

It was apparently a missing child alert. My only complaint is that it was after midnight, my wife was asleep, and I couldn't get the phone (because I'm disabled). At that time of night, if you're at home, you're not likely to see a missing child -- and if you're not at home, the call is pointless.

April 28th, 2011 Wind Rider GA

Some of you need to take your left hand and put it on your right ear, then take your right hand and put it on your left ear and pull your head out of your #@$.

These call are to alert you of emergency info that could save your life of the life of someone else.

Put the phone number in your caller ID and name it "EMERGENCY CALL". In that way you will know what the call is all about.

Sure worked great for me last night. Warned me of a Tornado that was wandering around my neighborhood.

April 23rd, 2011 Linda MI

Your county (or whatever) may also want to have the local news media provide some publicity for this service periodically during the storm season.

April 23rd, 2011 Linda MI

Contact them (your county or whoever handles emergency services) and tell them of your complaint.

Maybe they're unaware of the problem and can reprogram their PBX to send a more helpful message.

April 23rd, 2011 Mary PA

This was a message about a tornado warning in our county. Since our town did actually get hit by a tornado later on, I'd say it's legit. However, with no name on the message, it's likely to get ignored by most people and therefore not serve its purpose.

February 25th, 2011 YouDont MI

If it's an Amber Alert, you don't.

She may be missing in your area.

February 25th, 2011 Rick FL

Left message about a missing girl.

Don't know how I got signed up for this.

February 5th, 2011 Bob

5 calls within 10 minutes

November 18th, 2010 Kaye

It's CodeRED; a system, at least nationwide, that allows local and national agencies to alert people in case of an emergency. You sign up for the service to get called. (I signed up for it through my local county's website.)
My call today was about 7000 people being without phone service if dialed through a modem, or something like that, leaving them without 911 service. (Hmmm.. how did they get the message if their phone was out? I didn't quite understand but then, I don't use Cox for my telephone service.) I was also alerted via Weather Bug's pop-up alert tab.
The message left gave some information, but if you call the 866 number back it gives you more detail. I also went to but couldn't find out any information on their sight about why I was called.

November 15th, 2010 R. Vice KY

The message said: This is a monthly test for Code Red. Do not call Dispatch. It was a female voice with a very country southern accent.

November 4th, 2010 sunny CA

called three times within 2 minutes, very annoying

October 19th, 2010 Kate MA

It notifies neighbors of a missing child. It gives the school, the name, age and what the child is wearing. We received this in Melrose MA

October 8th, 2010 bob WV

i called the number back and got a recorded message from the city notifing me of a change in the garbage pick-up schedule for my area. seems legit.

September 16th, 2010 Joan AL

Turns out this is my County asking to register so I can be notified of emergency information. This is a legitimate request.

August 20th, 2010 drtyd CT

they called me to say thier was a guy out in red shorts and a greyish white shirt to lock yourself in your house! lol

July 29th, 2010 J NC

received 6 calls. 4:15, 4:14, 4:13, 4:11, 4:09, 4:08. no message left. Id said toll free number.

July 17th, 2010 Dave

Once entered, you will receive geographically relevant communications. Examples include: evacuation notices, bio-terrorism alerts, boil water notices, and missing child reports.

You may be able to opt-in for your mobile via your local community (city, county govt.) web site.

July 16th, 2010 Harriet FL

I work in a doctor's office and this number constantly calls the office and I am informed not to pick it up, but I decided to see for the number to see what would come up and it was letting our office know about a town hall meeting stating that it was called Code Red Systems.

July 16th, 2010 Rich IL

Call was from our police department notifying of a lost child in the vicinity of my home address. Caller gave child's name, age, clothing description, and number where to call if child is cited.

July 2nd, 2010 Dave

was an emergency message telling me there was a boil water order issues for our area. Good information to know before I drink or cook with contaminated water. Thanks for the heads up!

June 25th, 2010 washington

I got this call and called to see what it was. It's from the city of Greenville.

June 5th, 2010 Eagle85 MA

I had the same experience as stated below by Debbie.
It was indeed a reverse 911 call from my local police urgently searching for a missing 92 year old woman about a mile from my home.


May 24th, 2010 lulu FL

I think it was the county calling with an automated message to go to their emergency website and register who lives in my house and ages, etc. AS IF!!!!!!!!! I will not be giving any government agency my info! I just told the census how many people live in my home, no name, no other info!

May 14th, 2010 Usigned upforit CT

If you received a call, or numerous calls from this number, you signed up for it. I live less than 5 miles from a prison and signed up for emergency calls whenever there is a prison break or any other emergency that may affect the general public in my town.

April 19th, 2010 PointSpecial IL

Portage County, WI, just advising of the program because it is Tornado week. 'Course, I don't even live in WI anymore... hmm...

March 26th, 2010 W MA

No answer when I picked up the phone, alarmed to see "code red" on the caller ID? I had expected my husband at that hour. When I hung up and dialed *69 because I could not remember the number to jot down to try and report and investigate, it could not be redialed, so I went into the other room where another phone stilled displayed the last incoming number, and I spent some additional time investigating online about this 866-419-5000 code red stuff. Haven't heard of any local emergencies yet tonight and hope I don't! But have noticed an annoying increase in municipal "newsworthy" calls to my home phone from the school system and local government over the past six months, and really don't appreciate it. Used to be you'd tune into the radio or television and choose want you want to know, now it seems certain people decide to ring you to make your time theirs at their convenience. Emergencies are one thing, information dispensation, quite another.

March 9th, 2010 Dan CA

Faulty message system on return call

March 4th, 2010 Christopher CA

My county health department left a message at 3:13 in the afternoon, announcing a free H1N1 clinic this weekend.

The phone number is a toll-free number. I called it back and it played the same message.

February 22nd, 2010 Anonymous

It was a test call for my county's Emergency Code Red System. Rang every 5 minutes until I finally picked up! Informed me that my county has implemented this system to inform residents of emergencies and to go to their website to register contact information.

February 1st, 2010 Smokesignal

Very interesting call. The county in which I live has instituted a call-back process by which the county can notify citizens of an emergency. I have read about this. It requires that your number be included in a database from which emergency calls are generated. The call this morning was a robo-call telling us to go to the county website to sign up.

January 31st, 2010 Erick FL

I live at Naples,Fl. and got 3 phone calls in a row from this number. The first and second time didn't answered, then the third time I hesitated to pick up the phone. I finally did it, otherwise they would have continously called, and nobody said a single word on the other side. What a prick these morons are, leave people alone, do no call me ever again.

January 27th, 2010 Pb NC

I got a call alerting me to the very important information that if I make below a certain amount of money a year, I might be eligible to have my taxes done for free. Ok, apparently my local government is staffed by morons who think this is an appropriate use of an emergency service that calls tens of thousands of people.

January 3rd, 2010 grt

Those idiots called me 7 times in 18 minutes. I do not answer any calls from "TollFree Number".

December 22nd, 2009 md NE

Cordata, shame on you. When anyone is missing and their life in in danger, a little less sleep will not kill you, however, it may be life threatening for the person missing.

December 22nd, 2009 dm NE

I agree they should use caller id. Someone could try and cause problems by sending bogus messages.

December 22nd, 2009 dm NE

rec'd a message from this number stating to keep all cars off the streets due to severe weather report indicating we will be getting a lot of snow. They want to be able to clear the streets without cars being parked in their way. I don't see it being a problem. They are giving advance warning. If software was already purchased by the government then they may as well use it. It isn't going to cost much to utilize it. It would depend on the cost of the software and if there is an on going service contract which MOST DO to see if it is worth it. If it is used in a Code Red situation ie, a crime suspect that may run into your office or home and potentially hurt someone or a child is missing and it saves a few lives then it will be worth the alert. They will have to track if it is successful or not. Probably good intention.

October 19th, 2009 Molly IA

Code Red System... in this instance the call was regarding a person the police were looking for. Told a description of the person, where they were last seen, and to have me check my yard and call the local PD if I saw someone matching description. Des Moines, IA

September 24th, 2009 Kristy

Code Red System.. used to notify of emergency situations. You can call it back and they will auto play the time of the original call and the recorded message that was intended for you. In my town it was used to inform that the local Health Dept is out of the seasonal flu vaccine and they will notify when another shipment arrives. This seems like a good system but I wish they could use a caller ID instead of looking like every other "Unknown" spam call..

September 23rd, 2009 Andrew GA

Got a call from this number and googled it, then called back after reading this page. It was the local County Gov't calling to alert me of local flooding (2 day old news) and emergency shelter locations. I though there was an EAS system for this sort of thing. Waste of money if it comes from taxes, I hope this 'Service' gets shit-canned with a quickness. If I was flooded out of my home, I probably wouldn't even have a stable phone line or even be there, waist deep in water, to answer the call. Surprise, My local Government is run by complete idiots.

June 29th, 2009 MED WA

Apparently this is an alert system in Ohio, but I'm in Seattle! Never signed up for any alert service.

June 6th, 2009 J. A. duPont -

that was from the PERRYSBURG CITY, Wood County, state of Ohio POLICE DEPARTMENT

June 6th, 2009 J. A. duPont -

signed up for a local police department to notify of emergencies

got a TEST call from them on 4/25/09 @ 10:07 am EST

they stated that the test call would happen around then- and it did

have not got another call from them- must not be any emergencies that i need to know about

May 11th, 2009 RLM

This is an amber alert call

April 3rd, 2009 Kelly FL

I received two calls in a row and they hung up right as the machine picked up. I called back the number and found out it was the Code Red Call Back Message System. They found a 3 year old wandering around a busy street by himself and were looking for his parents.

March 25th, 2009 hijole

Called twice in about 10 minutes, but I didn't answer. After reading the other entries, I wonder if it had anything to do with an off-time test of our area's emergency warning sirens.

March 22nd, 2009 Las Vegas NV NV

Recording from Palm Beach, Florida PD about a missing elderly female.

March 1st, 2009 Neko Ed VA

Company: Emergency Communications Network, Inc (third-party to local law enforcement/emergency services)
DNC Status: Exempt
Call Purpose: LEGITIMATE; Notification of emergencies/important situations pertinent to the called area (could also be a test)
Recommended Action: Answer the call, listen to the message. If you miss the call, call back via the number left on the CID. This is a legitimate call and could carry very important information.

February 28th, 2009 Drew

It's Code Red, they're trying to help you, not spam you.

February 13th, 2009 j CO

This is the call back number for the CodeRED Emergency Notification System. This system is used by cities, counties, and local government for getting information out to their community; they have complete control over the messages and when they are sent out. If you are receiving calls and it is inconvenient for you, you can simply contact your local officials and request to be put on their no call list. The other issues express in previous postings have more to do with your phone company than CodeRED (there is not enough room or time here to address them).

CodeRED is also used by “A Child is Missing”; a national non-profit organization that issues missing persons alerts free for local law enforcement for missing children and at risk adults. A Child is Missing issuing CodeRED alerts have lead to over 400 safe recoveries.

CodeRED is also used by some colleges, universities, and K-12 schools to send emergency information to students/parents, staff, and faculty.

January 20th, 2009 Teresa

This is a number that cities use to back call people to report problems to local residents. Our called to state water pipe was being fix to limit water usage between midnight and morning.

November 2nd, 2008 joe

phone rang at 2:30am......message was was my towns police department.... a child had been reported missing at 12:30 am.....its an amber alert....must be a national network...and call center is out of florida.

October 12th, 2008 Tamara Burks

They called to inform me of an amber alert.

October 11th, 2008 brat

rec'd call from this number stating missing person and gave description of person; told to call local police dept if person is seen..... just does not seem koshor to us

August 6th, 2008 Condo Dweller MD

Someone called my 88 year old mother at 9:30 PM alerting her to a missing toddler and giving her a number to call if she should see this child. Very disturbing call to make to a trusting person. Luckily I have her call me immediately. I wonder how we could stop calls from these people?

June 17th, 2008 Tim

I got a call and it was from my local emergency management agency advising us to evacuate because of a fast moving brush fire. Wow - that was scary! The call gave us a few extra minutes to collect our valuables and pets before being forced to leave by the fire department. The number is real and in this case it was really valuable! I would like to thank the fire team for all their hard work.

June 13th, 2008 John IL

As debbie mentioned below, this number is used to send out Reverse 911 calls. In my case it was from the Des Moines, IA PD encouraging me to evacuate due to severe flooding. It allows Emergency Mgmt to target certain areas with a recorded message. If the system does not reach a person or answering machine it will continue to try back a set number of times. Not a perfect system, as I do live very close to the rising river, but on top of a large hill and am in no danger of flooding.

May 11th, 2008 Wilda

Got 3 calls BEFORE 8 a.m. ON MOTHER'S DAY!!!!! It's Sunday and Mother's Day and too danged early for ANYONE to call. We didn't answer because our caller ID said "TOLL FREE SVC"

April 29th, 2008 SWPirate DE

Call was from City of Wilmington, DE Police regarding an elderly who was presumed missing. So, I believe references to may be accurate. Repeatedly calls until a connected call is made. A good concept, but can be annoying. Two lines at my home, all calls came to the 'in the book' number. None on the unlisted.

April 17th, 2008 Cordata

Their "service" called my house at 10.45pm and woke *EVERYONE* up. Apparently someone felt that waking entire neighborhoods up over a senior citizen wandering off was a good idea. I'm all for trying to help the old person, but not when it wakes up an entire household.

We'll see how good of an idea they think it is when I file complaints with the phone company and Michigan Attorney General against this company for placing this late night call. If this was an opt-in service, I might be a little more understanding...

April 9th, 2008 dd FL

I work with government agencies that use this important emergency program. From what I know if you get a call from this phone number you have been notified of an emergency or critical bullentin from public safety officials in your area. You can call this number back and it will identify the last emergency message sent to your phone. The only way you can get a call from this number is if local public safety personnel select your area to be notified of an important incident.

If you claimed to be called by this number all you have to do is call it back - if you were in the system it will identify you and if you are not in the system it will not identify upi and therefore it could not have called you. You can't call someone you don't have a phone number for...

March 19th, 2008 Jeanie

This # called my house at 11:10 PM, I called it back and got a message that the police were searching for a missing person. which explained the search helicopter the woke me up.

February 17th, 2008 Kim AZ

They called last night twice. It was an alert about a missing elderly woman in my town. Gave her description and a phone number to call if we saw her. I am sure all the tests above were just getting the system going. What better way to let people know about missing people? I for once was glad to get a phone call from an 866 number.

December 3rd, 2007 do not call CA

It is a company called Emergency Communications Network, Inc
They contract to send spam recorded phone calls.
They also use 866-419-5001 and 866-672-5620.

December 3rd, 2007 do not call CA

Hollywood,FL Police department with recorded message. Called 5 times in a row and finally left a message.

November 18th, 2007 Meg CO

They called 3 times on one hour. Said it was a Code Red for 2 missing children in my area. It is actually legit (although does not come across that way since no message is left) but when you call back, detailed info is given regarding the emergency. It is a useful service but the system should be changed to leave messages.

November 12th, 2007 A MD

Just got 2 calls from that number with no messages. Hubby called them back from work, it stated that an alert message could only be retrieved from the number they called. Turned out to be a report of a missing teenager last seen a few blocks away from my house. The cal-back number is a legit #.

November 8th, 2007 Steve

Called my house 8 times last night at around 9:30pm. These kind of people need to be dealt with appropriately, give everyone they call 10 minutes with them to beat their ass. Usless pieces of shit.

November 8th, 2007 debbie

It was what is referred to as a reverse 911 call. Recorded call from our local police searching for an "endangered" adult seen earlier in our area. Used when a large amount of people need to be contacted immediately, as in the fires in S. CA a couple weeks back.

October 25th, 2007 Jack OK

I received a call from 8664195000. It was my school calling. They have set up an emergency message system that calls all the students if something happens. My message was a TEST. I go to Oklahoma State Univ.

October 20th, 2007 John WA

They left some sort of recording on my answering machine as though they were the cops!!!

Called back to the number. It doesn't exist.


October 13th, 2007 steven MD

fucking called at 11 oclock at night, fucking kikes