Jan 10th, 2011
Furthermore, the people who call you have the shittiest job in the world, so don't fucking be rude to them.
 Dec 12th, 2010
The people who you are talking to on the phone don't know how to answer your questions, because they do not work for the company they are calling on behalf of (CPS), they work for a telemarketing company and CPS is one of their clients. They read off a script, so they wouldn't know how they got your number or name. It is automatically dialed by a computer. The personal information they ask for (Age group, marital status, etc) is so they can select magazines based on your needs/interest and try to sell them for you. They don't ask for your credit card information, and as far as I know, the sweepstakes is legit, you're entered in whether or not you accept the magazines.
 Dec 12th, 2010
774-955-9463 woman said she was from utah. same story. i hung up. called back, said the number or code i had dialed is incorrect. how did this person get my name and number?
 Dec 07th, 2010
Got one from 402-902-1014.
 Nov 09th, 2010
The FTC works to prevent fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices in the marketplace and to provide information to help consumers spot, stop and avoid them. To file a complaint or get free information on consumer issues, visit ftc.gov or call toll-free, 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357); TTY: 1-866-653-4261. Watch a new video, How to File a Complaint, at ftc.gov/video to learn more. The FTC enters consumer complaints into the Consumer Sentinel Network, a secure online database and investigative tool used by hundreds of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad.
report here ima.. and the numbers are listed
 Oct 28th, 2010
I know all of you are receiving calls.. instead of being rude report them, or you could tell them by law they have to remove you.. as for me if i get someone and they are busy i put you on the do not call list.. but you can also request a do not call letter.. the problem is any other response that the employee puts in even if under 18.. you will receive a call back... also there direct number is 490-9860 but the number you need to call is 497-4915.. also both are 757.. the website lets you report scams.. but also you have the know the company and its IMA.. they claim to represent NRS.
 Oct 28th, 2010
I also received these calls within the last 2-3 days. Here's the #'s: 706-495-2622(claimed to be Kara and said she was from Utah), 239-601-1997(I called this # back & a recording came on & stated "Incorrect Code"), 810-836-6806(same as 239#)I was asked the same info as everyone on this comment list. Just today another # 516-750-1460(I haven't had a chance to call this # back).
 Oct 07th, 2010
tonight i recieved a phone call from a dream come true sweepstakes stating that i had been entered in their contest. i was like ok? then they asked if i carried a credit card or had a checking or savings i told them no. but my phone has no caller id so i have no idea what their number was
nichole conley
 Oct 07th, 2010
 Aug 26th, 2010
I recieved a call from these people today. I told them they had the wrong number and to take my name off their list. The lady said "Are you asking me or telling me?" I said I was telling her...her response "I won't do it!" According to the bottom of this page, this is illegal. Of course the number comes up "unavailable" so there's no way to report them. Jerks!
 Aug 24th, 2010
I received the exact same call except that it was from an unavailable number. I hung up...and gave her a wrong address..hahaha..SCAM!!!!
 Aug 19th, 2010
205-283-8958 called my cell phone for my mother, how in the world they got my number for my mom, i have no clue, then he proceeded to tell me that my mom was entered in "dreams come true" thing, and iasked him what it was, and he told me HE HAD NO CLUE, AND HAD NEVER HEARD OF IT BEFORE CALLING ME! so not only is he just calling random strangers, but he has no clue what for, so i told him maybe to call back another time for my mom, knowing that i wouldn't answer the next time that number comes up, or any of the numbers here. SO WEIRD!!
 Jul 21st, 2010
I got a call from a 773-405-2309 and i was a sweepstakes finalists for 25,000 and a new mustang but for some reason i needed to tell them all about my life and when my visa expires and the numbers on the card itself. i called back this morning after they called at 730pm lastnight and its a verizon recording saying they have been shut off or disconnected. hmm...sounds like a scam to me Oh and the sweepstakes drawing is in july 2011. since when do they do it a year in advance?
 Jun 23rd, 2010
Unknown phone number saying I was entered into a dreams come true sweepstakes if I own a mastercard, discover card of VISA and I said yes I own one of them. She then said that she had a short survey to ask before I could be entered. First question was whether I was married, single, or divorced. I asked her what that had to do with the sweepstakes. She said it was just part of a survey they ask. Huh. Good answer chica. Then I told her that before I gave her anymore information I would like to know her name and contact information. She said, "excuse me?" I told her I wanted this info in case this was not legit. She said she's from the dreams come true sweeptstakes but the number is virtually impossible to call back. So I asked her for her name. She said her name was Hallie. Then I told her I didn't want to give out any personal information. She said, "I won't be asking for any personal info." Uh, what part of "are you married, single, or divorced" is not personal? I told her again no thank you and that was that.
 Jun 10th, 2010
another # they call from. They also hung up on me. Does the "employee" at the bottom of the page know what they are about?
 May 19th, 2010
worked there 3 days - here is their direct number 757-490-3749 and 757-497-4915
 Jan 29th, 2010
I have received several calls from803-549-6515 and 410-419-0117 stating that I have been entered into a Dreams Come True drawing for having a Visa or Mastercard. I did not give them any information and hung up the phone. I did a reverse phone look up and these numbers are cellphones in MD and SC.

 Sep 22nd, 2009
I have gotten calls from several #'s claiming to be entries into the dreams come true sweepstakes, including 1 800-436-7927
 Aug 21st, 2009
i got a call from Georgia today at 9:36am, on Tuesday August 18th, saying that my name was picked for a drawing for 1000$ and that i can still be a participant as long as I'm a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card carrier. I said I had a debit card and she said that works. I have no idea what for. I know its a scam now, but when the phone started to ring while I was asleep, I foolishly answered it and actually talked to this lady while I was still half asleep!. Ugh! IGNORE this number if it shows up on your phone. My caller ID said it was from Georgia 912-384-2061
 Aug 18th, 2009
i was called from 727-639-4828 and the man said it was the dreams come true sweepstakes in utah. he asked if i had a card and i told him no i don't and he said apparently they had wrong information and he was sorry for the inconvenience. how did he get my name?? this makes me angry.
 Jul 25th, 2009
i was called from a different number though 906-251-1191
angry victim 2
 Jun 01st, 2009
i've been ignoring this number but i finally decide to answer and this woman starts congratulating me on being entered into the "Dreams Come True" sweepstakes. I ask her what this is from and she says its because I have a Visa, Master Card..... I said, "Yes, I do." and she hangs up!!! You can't even call the number back!
angry victim 2
 Jun 01st, 2009
Some telemarketer calls me up and tells me I've been entered into a Dream Come True sweepstakes because I owned either a Visa, Master Card, or Discover. He gives me a survey then goes into some long explanation of e how he's subscribing me to a bunch of magazines under a "free trial." Right when I'm about to tell him to I want to cancel those subscriptions and remove my number from the calling list, HE HANGS UP. This is definitely some sort of scam. I'll be really mad if I start getting charged for these magazines. How did he even know my name in the first place?
Angry victim
 Nov 21st, 2008
I got no response when i answered no message left
 May 21st, 2008
Tried calling back since they have called me 3 days in a row and twice a day. Only got a busy signal!! Never leaves message.
 May 14th, 2008
I picked up the call after they called 2 times without leaving a message. They claim to be Dream Come True sweepstakes by Visa, Mastercard and Discover.
 May 14th, 2008
please do not call this # again 678-592-8515 take me off your list thank you
 May 07th, 2008
Calls everyday. I answer, no one is there. They don't leave messages. If you call them back, you get a busy signal.
 May 07th, 2008
I want to find contact info for this company. Nobody asked me if it was alright to wake me up after working 3rd shift.
 May 07th, 2008
not sure who it is. keeps calling through out the day. never leaves messages.
 May 01st, 2008