"This is Nicholas calling on a recorded line" but will not leave his information or state the reason for his call. He will call up to 3 times a day!
 Feb 12th, 2018
Credit collection service, relentless and I don't owe anything, but they want me to prove it?!? I never had an account with the company they are trying to collect for, so how am I supposed to prove that?
 Feb 07th, 2018
Same people calling from different numbers daily. 843-145-9565
Every time sounds like same caller stating in Indian (or Pakistan) accent they are credit services, demanding to know everyone who uses this number, won’t identify who they are trying to contact (probably because they cold-called me and don’t yet know my name except the fake one I gave them) and “transfers” me from department to department to get more information when I tell them “you called ME”. I know they are hiding their real number. Gotta give em props... they sure do want to scam somebody. Sorry dudes... I’ve paid off my credit cards and don’t owe anything. I don’t think you can give me better credit rates. Move on. MORONS
South Carolina
 Jan 26th, 2018