IT IS VEHICLE SERVICES INC PHONE NUMBERS ARE 636-447-0158, 866-925-1783, 866-315-1555
 Apr 13th, 2009
This is a company called Vehicle Services

1052 S. Cloverleaf Dr. St. Peters, MO 63376. Tel: 636-447-0158. Sales: 866-925-1783. Customer Service: 866-315-1555

They have a legitimate looking website but its all crap cuz in the back they are making spoofed calls, which is illegal, also they hang up when you try and get any pertinent information.

PLEASE file a complaint with the FTC it only takes a few minutes. Also, if you have any spare time, give them a call and waste about 10 minutes of their time. Or just hang up, whatever makes you feel better.
 Apr 01st, 2009
Same Car Warranty scammers that have called every other day to my cell (which is new and unpublished)
using a previous called from phone # of (810) 742-6219.

Message always left on my cell voice mail (I don't pick up if I don't recognise a ph #).

The problem is...anyone that DOES pick up or replay their voicemail gets charged to listen to this scammmer's message.

I will check back on this site to see if there is any consensus or details on how we can proceed to register
complaints, report them to who should hear about this...AND...sue them ! Thanks all for getting together on this.

P.S. Should we all send something to the address or report their office ph# to FTC? Or send a rash of junk to their fax # ? or...?

A previous post indicated the scam business is:

Vehicle Services Inc.
1052 S Cloverleaf Dr.
St. Peters, MO 63376

1-866-925-1783 Sales
1-866-315-1555 Customer Service
636-441-1604 Fax
 Mar 12th, 2009
Calling my cellular and home phone. Trying to use an automated 'pre-screener' from another geographical location to hide. Not this time. This is the company who owns the phone the computer pre-screener switched to when I pressed "1" at the prompting of the automated call. I will get the number and address of the company or individual operating the pre-screener software as soon as I get enough hits on the switch to pull the logs all quiet like. I've had enough of this crap. There's no telling if you are getting called from this same dirt bag. They are trying to change the CID info.

Vehicle Services Inc.
1052 S Cloverleaf Dr.
St. Peters, MO 63376

Vehicle Services Inc.
1052 S Cloverleaf Dr.
St. Peters, MO 63376

1-866-925-1783 Sales
1-866-315-1555 Customer Service
636-441-1604 Fax
Tele Engineer
 Mar 10th, 2009

File a complaint against this company for calling using spoofed numbers. What they are doing is 100% illegal! I am on the do not call list and they called my Verizon cell phone:

Vehicle Services Inc.
1052 S Cloverleaf Dr.
St. Peters, MO 63376

866-925-1783 Sales
866-315-1555 Customer Service
636-441-1604 Fax

Possibly affiliated

Steven C Chapa

Chapa Realty
1052 S Cloverleaf Dr
Saint Peters, MO 63376-6445
Phone: 636-441-1395
Fax: 636-441-1604

Caller ID: 989-732-0514
Caller: Vehicle Services Inc.
 Feb 20th, 2009
I called 866-315-1555, Vehicle Services Inc, to complain about this number and 800-219-7425. Both numbers spam my cell with warranty calls. Vehicle Services Inc apologized and agreed to have my name put on their no call list. I thought I was already on the federal no call list. I guess the rules don't apply to every one.
 Jan 30th, 2009
Jacob was the "floor supervisor" for this call center. He would not give me his phone number or address but said he could give me a warranty for my car. He did say he was in Atlanta, GA. I gave him fake information to get to the warranty specialist.
That company is called "Vehicle Service Inc." out of St Peter, Missouri
their phone number is 866-925-1783 or 866-315-1555
Demand that they have your name removed from the call list or commit to call this company and annoy them the way their telemarketer continues to annoy us! "Butch Jones" is the supervisor there...
 Jan 27th, 2009
These people are rude and deceptive and high pressure. They do not allow me to think about it and call them back and hung up on me. 866-925-1783 is owned by Steven Chapa, a realtor out of St Peters MO. He is the President of the company according to the MO Better business Bureau.

You can give Steven Chapa a little taste of his own medicine, PLEASE DO THIS:

Simple sign up for free rate quotes from insurance companies or anything you can think of , in his name. His Realty Office numbers are
Office 636-441-1395

His work website is

Steven Chapa

His office:
Chapa Realty
1052 S Cloverleaf Dr
Saint Peters, MO 63376

Name: Vehicle Services Inc
Phone: 866-315-1555
Fax: 636-441-1604
Address: 1052 S Cloverleaf Dr

Saint Peters, MO 63376-6445
Original Business Start Date: November 2005
Principal: Steven Chapa, SR President
Entity: Corporation
Incorporated: November 2005, MO

Sign this turd up for everything you can think of, have them call, mail, email him at work. It is only fair! LMAO HAVE FUN
 Dec 06th, 2008
OK, I got info on these car-warranty-expired-scam people, after talking to one of their representatives. They are VSI, Vehicle Services Inc, and their website is

That website gives their real phone numbers as 636-447-0158, 866-925-1783 (sales) and 866-315-1555 (customer service) The 636 area code would place them in east central Missouri near (but not including) St. Louis, according to Wikipedia.

Their fax number is 636-441-1604.

They sell warranties for the following companies:
Consumer Direct Warranty Services:
MBP Network:
Consumer Care Direct:
Warranty America LLC:
 Oct 22nd, 2008
Contact info: Vehicle Services Inc. Customer Service: 1-866-315-1555
Telephone: 636-447-0158 Telephone: 636-922-3918
 Jun 06th, 2008