These guys are thieves. They called me to collect on an old department store credit card I had years ago. The balance was only $300.00 back in 2004. They tell me the balance is niw at over $2,200.00 and the attorney was looking at this to have it filed with th courts. I work for the courts and I can't have this showing up. So needless to say I agreed to pay them the reduced amount to settle out of court for $1,300.00 they charged my bank twice and now I have checks that have gone bad, I've missed my car payment. This is much more of a mess than anticipated . Many calls to these guys and I keep getting the run around. My bank won't issue my money back because I authorized the pyment, they chose to charge me twice. Avoid these scam artists. National Recovery Solutions in Downey ca is all the info I have.
 Apr 14th, 2013