I received a call from this group (Pioneer 866-269-1891).. They want me to pay them for my student loans, however; as I explanied it to them, how can someone pay something with no income? They told me that I should talk to my family. They feel that my family "if nice enough and cares about me" then would pay my student loan for me... Hello, they are idiots, don't they realize that nobody has any money at this time. My husband has been unemployed for 8 months and now I just lost my job to a layoff. The audacity of people expecting you to pull money from no source confuses me. They are very harrassing, rude and need to be lucky that they (at this time) have employment that can support their families.
 Aug 10th, 2009
u ppl are stupid,
pay back ur student loans

the government was nice enough to give you money for ur schooling, why cant u be responsible and pay it back?

 Mar 27th, 2008
This company called me on a Sunday, 12/16/07. I'm reporting this to the Federal Trade Commission.
 Dec 17th, 2007
We have been recieving "important personal business calls" for some of our employees who work off site (construction). They want me to spend my time trying to track down this guy and have him call them back.
I will not do their dirty work for them and I will not have our employees harrassed while they are on company time!
 Oct 03rd, 2007
Okay, I am glad I found this page. I have also been receiving calls from this number over the past several days. I do have some loans out there, but I have never heard of a collection agency behave like these guys. They gave me a number to contact them, 866-269-1891. I googled this contact number and the only thing it came up with is a site called Dennis Wilbur Enterprises. I looked around the site, and it is jam-packed with pop-ups and scams. I do not think it would be wise to give these guys the time of day.
 Sep 08th, 2007