call them back and ask who are you what do you want. or block the number.
 Apr 22nd, 2010
call them back and ask who are you what do you want. or block the calls.
joe mcjoe
 Apr 22nd, 2010
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 Oct 30th, 2008
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 Oct 20th, 2008
 Sep 17th, 2008
i get call from this number 3 times a day and its starting to piss me off
 Aug 19th, 2008
This is the company info: Call or e-mail and give them s**t.
CheckFree Corporation
4411 E Jones Bridge Rd
Norcross, GA

Phone: +1 678-375-3000
Fax: +1 678-375-3304
registrar [at]
Dean Jones
 Aug 14th, 2008
recieve different callers always asking for Rose, between once a month to once a day. Probing the caller as to where they got the number always results in, what i would refer to as dubious and hesitant responses.. On calling the no back, A voice mail from N.C.O. customer support......
The PRICKS cost me money any time I've answered that call.... I think rogers wireless gave them my no....
 Jul 12th, 2008
who do you think you are get a job
 Jun 15th, 2008
I too, get calls from this mysterious number, we always assumed it was the government or something doing a survey or some other thing we care nothing about lol. From Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, I really wish they would stop calling.
 May 21st, 2008
I screen my long distance calls, so I've never picked up yet, but they've called two to five times a day for the past week, and NEVER leave a message. I hate them and want them to stop existing!
 May 14th, 2008
This caller is a persistent SOB. Called our office 6 times. Even passes through our call block for unknown numbers...

Calls all hours of the day.

If memory serves me correct, i believe our secretary answered once last month, and since then we have been hounded by this obstinent obsessive dialer.
 May 13th, 2008
When are these people going to learn that if you call someone to ask them to buy a product, they will obviously say no. If anyone needs something they go to the store, or go on a website and order it. It's real old because this and many other numbers listed as 'LONG DISTANCE' only, have been calling my house constantly for months and months. I just turn my phone on and off real quick now and don't even wait for it to stop ringing.
 May 07th, 2008
this number just called me and all I got was dead air. I usually get a call like this almost everyday. and usually telemarketers. I wish they would stop calling. they are annoying.
 Apr 15th, 2008
From Capitol One credit cards you been approved for up to $5,000 I just need to answer a few questions to complete the application.
 Apr 15th, 2008
They kept on calling me. So I called back. Said they were NCO...blah blah blah. press 1 to be put on the do not call list. then i entered my number and it told me it would take 30 days for it to take into affect.
 Apr 12th, 2008
The number 1-866-233-277 called and when I answer, nobody is there so I hung up. It must be one of those annoying telemarketers using computer to dial for them.
I think we should all complain about them to CRTC and this practice of using computer dailed numbers should be prohibited. After all they just waste our time.
Sometimes who hear computer voice Hold for an important announcememnt. If they do not have a courtesy to be there, when you answer, why should you hold for them?
After all, they are the ones trying to sell you something.
I have bought this telezapper sometimes ago to stop computer dialed calls, but I do not think it works. Anybody has an experience with that?
 Apr 07th, 2008
These guys suck ! Everyday at least two calls .There should be some rules and regulation to protect consumer's time and frustration.If someone has an idea pls type it down.Please curse these guys as much as you can.I will never give them business or recommend them to anyone.Who the hell are they ?
 Apr 07th, 2008
the recording on voice mail was offering to be entered in a drawing for cruise tickets if i answered 10 public opinion questions. I didn't listen to the rest of it, so I'm not sure who was conducting the survey (sorry).

They called twice today.
 Apr 02nd, 2008
This is NCO on behalf on capital one. Capital one claims no association with NCO, however I get the same harassing phone call every day.
 Apr 01st, 2008
I DO NOT ACCEPT CALLS unknow names???? If they want a answer put their Business name or Individual name on the C I Otherwise they are not going tg get a response from this party
George Lawrence
 Mar 29th, 2008
i'm in British Columbia
i've been getting 2 - 5 calls per day from this number, along with several calls from a few phone rings 15 or more times a day between 8 and 4, and none of them are people i know.
it's gotten so bad that i leave my internet connection on (i'm on dial up) so that my call director will record the call but not allow access to my answering machine. so when they call they get three or four rings then a busy signal.
it hasn't deterred any of them.
 Mar 26th, 2008
I don't understand why people leave messages on this board without reading first. NCO is a collection agency. They say they're calling from "Capital One" or "MBNA" or whatever, because that is the company they're collecting FOR. I seriously doubt your number will be removed from their list for very long. Good luck to everyone. I just pick the phone up and hang it back up quickly. (I don't owe them any money.)
 Mar 18th, 2008
same shit...
@ 0815 and again about 1000 on my cell. feb 26.08
 Feb 27th, 2008
Received many calls from this number. My CID shows the name field blank. Called them back. "NCO Customer Management" apparently wants to make some offers. They had an option to be added to the "NCO Customer Management Do Not Call List" so I thought it was worth a shot, they already had my number.
The message said in 30 days they will stop calling. Time will tell.
 Feb 23rd, 2008
We are in New Brunsick...We receive this call about 4 times a day...sometimes they call and i dont answer and they call back immediately...anyways, today i decided to call back...they said they were NCO and they were offering people things that may interest them...whatever..I put in my number under the do not call list..they said it will take up to 30 days...we will see..harassment I say,
 Feb 20th, 2008
This is just the latest call from this number...We have had many all different US based...ENOUGH
 Feb 06th, 2008
I'm in Canada and got this call. No ID
 Feb 05th, 2008
look up nco financial group more info from there you can get to bbb website. and you can go to all very interseting.
 Jan 20th, 2008
Ever wonder where drug addicts, prison parolees, and newly released mental patients go? They become debt collectors....oh.....that's why they're BRAIN DEAD DIRTBAGS!
 Jan 09th, 2008
I am up to 23 calls from this one number. irritating to say the least.
 Dec 12th, 2007
You can complain to the CRTC:
Golden Eagle
 Dec 06th, 2007
I'm based in Canada....I've receive this call today at 9:25am, they didn't leave a message. However this number has been calling me off and on. These numbers are mostly telemarketers, book clubs, credit card people trying to sell you insurance.
 Dec 05th, 2007
This # calls me up to 8 times in a day, I have gotten so tired of running to the phone to see who it is and find out it's Flipping 866-233-2777

NCO is not only a telemarketer but also a Collections Agency and the people that work on the collections side &^&*&%^*^^F^$%$&%$% all I have to say about them

I finally got Selective Call Rejection put on my line today (it came free with the plan I have in Canada)
 Nov 30th, 2007
So I have found out this call is from Idaho. Why they would be calling me is beyond me. I am also in Canada and this needs to stop. They hang up as soon as I answer and this is annoying.
 Nov 30th, 2007
Phoned several times and hangs up right after pick up. Already reported to the local authority to follow up.
 Nov 24th, 2007
Scam Artists using sequential dialing. Don't answer these calls
 Nov 20th, 2007
After doing some research on this site I phoned the number back and pressed 1 to be put on the do not call list. It did go through and let me put in my number. The company is NCO and they say they call time to time to offer products and services that they think we may be interested in. Hopefully the calls will stop.
 Nov 14th, 2007
Finally got sick of all the calls. They are now on my reject list. Yay for the reject list.
 Nov 08th, 2007
 Nov 08th, 2007
We get calls from this number at least twice a day. Most of the time I don't answer just because whenever I have answered in the past, the caller hangs up. I have never spoken with anyone at this company but I really do look forward to having a chat with them one day... This has been going on for several months now and I'd really like to know what can be done to stop these people from calling. I'm also a little leary about calling them and leaving my # for their Do Not Call list. So incredibly frustrating that they can harass people like this and get away with it. If I was to call my neighbour each and every day - several times a day and hang up, I'd be arrested for harassment for cripes sake - this is just so very wrong that they can do this and get away with it. Something needs to be done!!
Barb in NS
 Nov 02nd, 2007
In Ontario now. Get this number calling 2 to 3 times a day. My daughter answered the phone and some guy started talking. She told him they need to take our number off their list for that was the third time they had called that day. He told her if we'd answer our phone they'd stop calling the number. Can you believe that? How is harrassment like this legal? I'm in my own home here!
 Oct 31st, 2007
First time 866-701-8375, called me and believe not the last, Along with another telemarketer 1-866-233-2777 and
905-310-2255 which have reported on the web sites. The funny thing is my phone number is unlisted but for the past two months I have forward my private phone number to a non working number,I check the last ring who called me.I never give my phone number even to my employer, so these guys are just calling random numbers from coast to coast Canada and USA.I believe even if we change and pay some $50.00 to change our phone numbers it it only a matter of time they and who ever telemarketer will call again. I believe, they will continue to call because there is no Laws in place to protect householders. Good luck to all, or move to Mexico.
the mad Greek
 Oct 27th, 2007
called twice in one hour 11-12 pm 1st time as soon as i said hello caller hangs up... 2nd time let it ring voice mail got it no msg
 Oct 27th, 2007
I also receive calls from this number. They say it's NCO Fincancial (a debt collection company) calling to offer a Capital One low interest credit card. They wanted my personal details within the first minute of the conversation, before I even said whether I was interested in the card or not. This seemed very sketchy to me so I did a little research on this company and was also thinking of contacting Capital One to see if it's even legit or not. NCO is a disgusting organization, the fact that they STILL have a business license should make every Canadian uneasy about how the law does NOT protect the consumer. They have been repeated fined for unethical business practices, don't trust anything anyone calling you from this number says and DO NOT give them any personal information, NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY.

I have received no notice of any debt aquired by me that they may be calling to collect so I don't know why they are calling me, but from what I can tell they are creeps. I am staying far away and suggest you do the same.
 Oct 24th, 2007
This unknown number, is the first time it called on my unlisted phone. I do believe this will not be the last! Reading the many complaints from the west coast to the Atlantic coast of Canada, does not surprise me at all. Another number I believe does the same to many households is a 905-310-2255 a Telus number(telemarking)when I called back an answering service says "your number dial cannot be reached from your area" I assume I might be calling Mars. Never the less, note I have forward my phone number to a No longer disconnected number, and still receive these unknown calls. A final note to all on this site, CRTC is powerless to protect the Canadian Citizen, because if they cared they could have stopped this.Even changing your present phone number and shell out some $50.00, there is No guarantee these calls will cease. Purchase a caller ID phone is one way. What these people are doing is illegal. Another thought is for everyone to forward their phone number to their local police station or to the Prime Minister of Canada. This is a drastic measure, but will get some results. So good luck to everyone.
the mad Greek
 Oct 24th, 2007
im getting these calls too
unknown name 866-233-2777 calls almost everyday sometimes leaves blank msgs on voice mail wierd!!
 Oct 19th, 2007
when this call comes in it rings once and then stops but my phone says that there is extention being used. and i am not on the phone and there is no dail tone. all you here is like a clicking sound. after five minutes the call is disconnected.
 Oct 16th, 2007
Calls several times a week and leaves blank messages on my VM. Now my VoIP call fwd's them to their own toll-free number.
 Oct 08th, 2007
It was NCO Financial Services. After being on hold several times, I got the following numbers: Canada headquarters in Montreal 1-800-641-9793; Regional office in Vancouver 1-800-554-6841. I still have not found someone who can remove me from their calling list.
 Oct 02nd, 2007
This number keeps appearing on my caller id, never leaves a message and when I call it back it says, "were sorry, please call the toll free number provided". This is getting really annoying...can anyone get rid of these calls?
 Sep 25th, 2007
I live in Ontario. This number called this morning.. saturday 9:30am.
I traced it back to NCO which also deals with other companies in debt recovery. I don't answer calls when the display shows "unknown name" or "private number". Call ID's for screening, if I can't screen that way, I have an answering machine for the job.
 Sep 22nd, 2007
I guess some guy phoned for me from last night, and today but I was sleeping and I couldn't figure out who called cause I didn't have caller ID and no one knows my house number besides friends and work. So I did *69 and it came up to this number and I wouldn't let me phone it back. Anyways, it's bothering me so much I wanted to know who it is so I googled the number and this is what came up, weird.
 Sep 13th, 2007
Just got a call from them again. They call 2-3 times a day. If I pick up they hang up, and if it goes to the machine, they dont leave a message. Stupid telemarketers probably cant pronounce my last name lol.
 Sep 12th, 2007
hve been getting these calls for 2 weeks at the same time in the morning and afternoon im pretty sure but not positive is a credit card from a bank called MBNA.
 Sep 11th, 2007
Very annoying. Calls many times a day regardless of time of day.
 Sep 04th, 2007
Incredibly annoying and repetitive calls: I don't know if this works or not but a friend swears that if you answer the phone and just repeatedly hit the pound (#) sign the machine thinks it's a fax number. He says since he took this advice from a friend he has been getting less phonecalls from these types of numbers... I will have to try!
 Aug 29th, 2007
they call 4 times a day.
 Aug 29th, 2007
Calls everyday at same time. Nobody on the other end.
 Aug 27th, 2007
so i called the 800 number for NCO to ream them out..
after being transferred between agents a few times, i ended up being transferred to a completely different, totally clueless 3rd party company of no affiliation with NCO.

the lady there said they have been getting all sorts of these calls from people saying why are you calling, and it isn't them or their number. they own 877-233-2777 and not 866-233-2777.

unfortunately lunch is over, it is time to go back to work, otherwise i would call NCO back and demand to talk to a manager, and NOT be put on hold.
 Aug 23rd, 2007
I get these calls almost every day but I am going to try to stop them by dialing *57 ( in B.C. Canada). That is the report # for nusance calls, maybe it will work.
 Aug 22nd, 2007
I have been getting calls from these retards for over 6 months now at least 4 times a week sometimes more someone or something is got to be done about this (Vancouver BC Canada)
Dave L
 Aug 17th, 2007
sorry me again..

regarding the following comment:

"Call Screening" $5 or something a month, you can add 12 phone numbers to your phone that cannot call you! This was the first phone number I added. :) Try it, it works.

Thanks for the info but do you realize you are paying $60 a year for that? I contacted Bell about this number and am awaiting a response. If they tell me I have to pay to have it blocked I am letting them know that it is not my responsibility. I pay $40 a month and you can't stop one unsolicited call that is accessing me through your phone service... As a customer we deserve to not have to pay to have these types of things put under control. I can understand paying for call block is appropriate in some scenarios but not this one. Clearly this telemarketing company is not going to stop calling so something else has to be done.
 Aug 03rd, 2007
this call is driving me nuts..we get it all the time. i don not see how they benefit from this? i dont want to have to pay bell $5 a month to block a call when it is not my responsibility. bell or whatever phone company should take action on this... perhaps the phone companies don't mind this cause they make money by charging us to have these intrusive callers blocked...
 Aug 03rd, 2007
We have an unlisted number, I called it back once, it says please call back the toll free number provided, I called back again to hear the beginning of the message, and it was a fast busy, which I thought meant not in service.
 Aug 02nd, 2007
Another Alberta one here. I'm glad I found this website, I was intent on finding out who this Company was after another ring-ring-ginger call. I tried calling their Canadian Office in Quebec, this NCO place, and yeah, good luck if you don't speak fluent french! Yikes!
 Aug 02nd, 2007
I don't want to condone this - but what the heck. According to a good source, if you can get the company's fax # who makes unsolicited calls to you, simply send them a black fax page. It'll destroy the machines developer unit. An ink overload causes the machine to gum up. They waste our time - perhaps it's time we waste theirs and hit them where it counts - the bottom line!
 Aug 01st, 2007
Kyle, call me at 604-581-1783 immediately
 Jul 29th, 2007
Calls a few times a week, as soon as you answer the call is diconected, so I called back and you get a recording NCL products, it gives you the option to place your number on the do not call list which take 30 days to go through.
 Jul 24th, 2007
Called the number back and the recording said MCO.
 Jul 14th, 2007
Live in Alberta canada, received this call 6 times in last 10min.. what the heck is this all about
James B
 Jul 11th, 2007
They've been calling every day for the last little while... I like buddy who posted the CEO's Phone #.. :) Might have to call and pretend to be a tele-marketer.

Michael J. Barrist

Stephen W. Elliott
Executive Vice President — Information Technology

United States NCO Financial Systems, Inc.
507 Prudential Road
Horsham, PA 19044


NCO Financial Services Inc.
75 Port Royal East, Suite 240
Montreal, Quebec H3L 3T1
 Jun 28th, 2007
yep, shows up as unknown name. I'm in BC, Canada.
 Jun 20th, 2007
OK everyone here's how to get rid of these guys once and for all... I have received 122 calls from this number in the last 60 days and I couldn't take it anymore, I tried the "do not call list" - doesn't work, tried calling the numbers on their website that didnt work, so I called my telephone provider bell here in ontario and said if they cannot block this caller from my phone then I no longer will have a land line. It worked they have a service feature called "Call Screening" $5 or something a month, you can add 12 phone numbers to your phone that cannot call you! This was the first phone number I added. :) Try it, it works.
 Jun 16th, 2007
Should have waited and read all the comments before commenting myself! So I have now called the number and asked to be placed on the Do Not Call list ... and yes, the machine says it will take effect within 30 days. Anyone know where we can go to complain about this sort of technique??
 Jun 09th, 2007
We are also in Canada, and have been receiving these calls more and more frequently. We do not answer calls from numbers we do not recognize, but that's not detering who or what ever this is!!! VERY IRRITATING!
 Jun 09th, 2007
This is really annoying, they phone 2 twice a day... I want them to stop phoning here.
Amanda Cox
 Jun 08th, 2007
Every day when I come home, theres a missed call. Usually in the evening theres another call. IF I answer, no one is there (turns into fast dialtone)
Ive been on a do not call list since september thru the phone company. SO much for that.
 Jun 08th, 2007
They keep calling me several times a day with no msg. I am in Hamilton, ON CANADA. I wish I could send a single over the phone to crash their system.
 Jun 07th, 2007
Here's the home phone of the company owner call him and hang up see how he likes it. Michael J. Barrist 610-728-5233
 Jun 07th, 2007
I got a call from this number. A man leaves me a message, he can spell my name correctly. I believe it is related to TD bank because I just opened a account yesterday from TD bank. I never get any call from this number before.

I am going to talk with TD back as soon as I can and see what they say
 Jun 06th, 2007
Recieved a call 04/06/07 from this number answered it and a man asked for my son, I told him that he was a work, when I asked who was calling he hung up. Today 05/06/07 they called again this time the lasy said this is Angela from capitol One and asked for my son,he was home so he took the call he said he was not interested and that he would like our number to be put on the DO NOT CALL LIST lets see if it works this time.
 Jun 05th, 2007
For about a month or even longer, this number has been calling our house. And no one is there. So I checked out this site and called the number back. I managed to be added to the 'do not call list'. Hopefully within 30 days they will stop calling. Cause I am getting annoyed. I usually just answer but don't even say anything and hang up! Glad I found this site.
 May 31st, 2007
Gee..what is going to be in 10 years? telehypnosis telemarketing ? everyone knows that telemarketers are pain in the .... but who cares?
 May 30th, 2007
Well I have recieved many calls like you all have and did the "DO NOT CALL" thing which does not work. So I took it a step further and called NCO in Montreal and they referred me to the USA, called the 800 number provided, when I finally get a person and not a recording she asked what the nature of my call was and when I started to ask her about the DO NOT CALL LIST she HUNG UP. So I called the main NCO number and when a young lady answered I asked " Are you going to hang up on me like the last girl? " She said no and asked why I had called when I mentioned that going on the do not call list takes longer than 30 days more like 90 days she told me to call the supervisor whos name is (ready for this) BILL RUDE I calle dhis number which is 1-800-709-8622 and got a answering machine. So I left a message and a very long one at that, but did not leave my return number and since I called from a calling card my phone number will not show up. I would suggest to all of you to call BILL RUDE and fill up his voice mail with messgaes regarding this problem. Who Knows It Might Help Or Work.
 May 29th, 2007
Annoying call during business hours.
business owner
 May 29th, 2007
NCO (formerly RMH) is a rather large collection of call centers across north america. everywhere from BC canada to Florida. They do everything from tech support, customer service, to annoying creditcard and long distance telemarkting.

I used to work for them doing MSN dialup tech support. Company has ruthless morals, policies like manditory rebuttal (ie: dont stop trying to sell it to them till they hang up on you)

Overall, if its a real problem, block the #. otherwise. dont answer.

Or like that other dude said, call back, get put on the do not call list.
 May 29th, 2007
This number calls us all hours of day and night and will not identify who they are or what they want. BLOCK all calls from this number 8662332777
 May 29th, 2007
I received call(s) from this as well. Luckily I don't answer calls I don't know but this seems to continue day after day. Not just this number but many others.

Glad I found this site. I love it thanks.
 May 27th, 2007
Receiving calls from this number numerous times a day... VERY annoying!
 May 25th, 2007
NCO customer service is where it comes from, If you call it back you will get an automated woman talking to you and you can press one to be placed on the "do not call" list.!
 May 24th, 2007
If all of you would take the time to listen to the message when you call the number you will be given an option to be removed from their list. I did this 2 weeks ago and the calls stopped. 77 posts on this forum and no one could figure this out.
 May 23rd, 2007
Answered call. No response.
Annoying parasites.
 May 19th, 2007
Newer leave a msg..Canada land of opportunities...for telemarketers only.
 May 16th, 2007
Who is this calling?
 May 14th, 2007

I called Bell Canada today and reported these harrassing calls. They directed me to this site
Here you can fill out a do not call form. It takes up to 6 weeks but will take your number off of registered telemarketing lists for 3 years.
Hope this helps.
 May 11th, 2007
I live in Nova Scotia. This number calls at least once a day. Today I answered and it was a lady from NCO calling on behalf of Capital One, so I guess they wanted to know what was in my wallet. I hung up on her.
 May 09th, 2007
I'm in Toronto, I keep getting calls from this number as well. Same as the others, no response.
 May 09th, 2007
I received my first call that I know of today. I have unlimited LD via phone service through my cable provider. I will be setting up a 1000 page (or more)fax to their corporate office with the only line on each page being to take my number off the list. I will do this every night until it's removed. We'll see how long it takes them to remove it.
JB in MN
 May 01st, 2007
I have been receiving calls from this number for months. They about 1-3 times a week, and never leave a message. I am glad to finally discover your comments, because I was concerned that it might be a government organization, such as student loans (we moved recently so...). Like many of you, I called the number back and got their automated service. I asked to be placed on the 'do not call list' but, obviously, it didn't do much good.
 Apr 27th, 2007