these people call our answering machine all day long.this has been going on for weeks. a recording says hold please for an important message. then a person comes on looking for a josh evans. answered once asked did josh evans give you this as his number? no response - is this josh evans? then proceeded to rattle off this guys address. told them no but now that we had his address we were going to go see him so they'd stop the calls. on another occassions we just picked up the phone and said - we aint paying and hung up. he lives in the same county (at least the address is in this county not even the same town) so i guess some clever sleuth found any evans whose first name started with a j and decided this was the guys phone number. what bozos. we have learned from experience it does no good to tell them they have the wrong number. and the phone company says tough luck. even if we PAY the phone company to block that number they'll just use another. thank God for called id and answering machines. hope they are paying a dime each call.
jeff evans
 Oct 28th, 2006