when that number calls you and don't talk it's because the automated system doesn't recognise your voice.
They are a recovering Agency.
 Apr 22nd, 2009
My partner and I received multiple calls from this group looking for people with the same surname as her but who are unknown to us. After consultations with our local police force (all efforts to deal with ICOR have failed, they are ignorant and unreasonable - Must be trained in the 'Kneecapping School of Collections Technique') We were advised to phone 1-877-503-2115, specifically request that our number be removed from any association with other people with similar names, and advise them that any more calls to our number by them will result in a charge of criminal harrassment being laid against their comapny. This we have done. So far so good. It has been two weeks.
 Feb 24th, 2009
il apelle sur mon téléphone 4 fois par jours et j,amais personne ne parler et sa raccroche à chaque fois.
Ses quoi cette foutue compagnie qui harcele les gens sans arret!!!!!
 Jan 26th, 2009
These people claim that they are from ICOR Canada. A real person has called several times looking for my husband. Finally, I called back and the person I spoke with (after a relatively heated, but not vulgar conversation) told me that she would take my number off the list and "good luck to your husband".

Today, I received another call, (who asked for my husband in french, as he has a french name, but is not French) and asked who they were, what they were calling for, and she told me it was confidential. I told her that someone already called from this number, and that the number should've been taken off the list. I then said if they are trying to contact him, that they should have our address on their list and that they should mail him something (of course I didn't tell her what our address is). She told me that something was mailed and that if my husband was prepared to deal with the consequences.

I consider this a type of threat from someone who does not provide any information about themselves, or their company. If they are legitimate, and do need to speak with my husband regarding confidential matter, then they would provide some more information about themselves.

I don't appreciate the threats. "Good luck" and "consequences" are not words that I should hear from someone who is indeed legitimate. I consider this harassment, and depending on what happens in the next few days with regards to phone calls (since they call EVERYDAY) will determine if I report this as harassment.
 Dec 04th, 2008