DO NOT ANSWER!! Total SCAM!!! -- caller claimed to be from "Medicare Help Center" - caller ID said "ALLSPECBENEFITS." When I told the scammer that wasn't the name of a company and pressed him to tell me the name of the company he was representing he said "we represent top insurance companies like Aetna, Cigna, etc." I said "okay, well then you ARE working for a company representing those companies... what is the name of your company." I wanted this information so that I could report them to the FCC....but, he wasn't giving up the name... In fact, after asking him 3 times for the name of his company, he abruptly said "he didn't think they could help me at this time" and hung up on me. When I tried to call back, low and behold, somehow magically NOW I receive a message that "the number I have dialed is not in service." SOOOO... if you ask to many questions and they get suspicious that you're on to their SCAM, they can block your number! hahahahaha! Well, that's one way to get them to leave you alone! LOL
 Apr 15th, 2019