Stupidly I answered. Chinese accent or similar. Said it was about my windows operating system on my computer. I told him I didn't know what he was talking about, I said thank you and hung up.
He called back. I didn't answer. He had the audacity to leave a message, he said "hey you, you bitch, listen to me" and hung up!!
These people need to be stopped!!
This person said it was part of the IT department of my company, that a virus was detected on my PC and remote access was needed.... FRAUD!
Just got a call from Charlie with a Chinese accent... He said he had info on repairing my Apple or Mac computers... I told him that they promised me my new computer to be delivered today... Then I got my address , which was wrong , but then told him that it was coming to my business, correct?.. Charlie said " Yes" I told him I worked at the Consumer's Association of Fraud... He hung up..
North Carolina
 Jan 03rd, 2017
Yet another computer security scammer. Wanted access to my computer. Tried to argue with me when I called him a scammer.
 Jan 02nd, 2017
why can't they stop those microsoft scammers! my father fell for it 2 yr's ago until they wanted his cc. That was the reason i had to get call blocker- so my elderly father did not answer the phone. The scam has been going on forever! For freaking EVER! THey get really nasty too- when you call them out- called me all sorts of names.
 Dec 15th, 2016
Answered, caller hung up
 Dec 14th, 2016
Man with thick Indian accent saying he called about my computer, wanted to access it remotely. hung up when I called him out on it. Tried calling number back and it's disconnected.
 Dec 14th, 2016