The comments posted here at whocalledus under various numbers come down to this: Your local phone company sells blocks of phone numbers that are packaged in lots of 1,000, and sold again to an end user. The Attorney General could track down complaints about a number starting with area code 85*, followed by what looks like a regular phone number. However, it takes the AG a good two weeks to track down the number, say 856-210-0001. -- By the end of those two weeks, the number owner has switched to 856-201-0002. For one such block of numbers, it was stated that the owner was in Hong Kong.

The problem with the phone company selling these these blocks of numbers needs to be addressed. Phone numbers should not be a marketable commodity on the open market. We pay plenty for our home, cell, and office numbers. The real criminal is the phone company!
 Nov 13th, 2011