We rec'd the same letter. Thank you for going to so much trouble to provide the detailed information below.
 Jul 24th, 2014
Appears that Branson and Vacation Services are the same scammers using multiple toll free numbers in their come-on letters. Same basic stuff in the letter I received on 7/5 as outlined in the comment below made by the anonymous commenter at the bottom of this page. Only real difference was the difference in the toll free numbers. I made a mail fraud complaint to the postal inspector on the USPS website.
 Jul 06th, 2014
Thanks for the information and hard work that you did on this rip-off. I received a letter via mail from Fly With Any US Airline. I was suspicious and checked the web for info when i found your info. I was ripped-off by a timeshare in Puerto Vallarta of over 2k, maybe was lucky because they wanted a whole lot more. Thanks again.
Don L
 Jun 26th, 2014
The Fly a US Airlines SCAM

The key factors that gave it away:
1- The presentation of the letter (the only letters I get that look that are when I get my credit cards renewed and the pin # is sent in this format)
2- The name of the company on the letter was lame: 'Fly a US Airline' (Googled them- nothing found, searched other forms of social media- Facebook & Twitter with no results)
3- There's no website address on the letter (what company these days doesn't list their website address on any of their correspondence)
4- The blatant lie in the line "because of previous attempts to reach you have been unsuccessful..." (never got one phone call or previous letters)
5- There's no fine print on back of the letter (for something they're "giving away" you'd think there would be a whole page of fine print of exclusions and special circumstances)
6- The way the letter signs off "please call me" (no company signs off like that)

Did a bit more investigating by using a phone number reversal website. The number is registered to 'Vacation Services of America':
Brent Hedrick- owner
Denver Wood- partner
Shawna Clark-McFarland- admin mgr
Address: 3265 Falls Parkway Suite M, Branson, MO 65616
Phone: 877-522-8457
Email: vsabranson@yahoo.com
Web: vacationservicesofamerica.net (<--that website doesn't exist, tried it)
According to the BBB, they also operate under an alternate name: Branson Marketing Group.

When I Googled Vacation Services of America I was shocked to see the results; intranet page after intranet page of complaints written about peoples experiences with this company. For those who called the number and took advantage of the "free plane tickets & hotel" ended up getting taken for several thousand dollars.

The common theme between all the complaints seem to be once the consumer decided to call, they were then talked into attending a sales pitch at one of their locations. From there they were given the 'ol used-car-salesmen-pitch to buy the vacation "membership" for $5k-$6K & rushed through the paperwork. Once the paperwork was signed off, it was at that point they were sent off to enjoy their "free" getaway. Once these consumers realized maybe they made too hasty of a decision, they contacted Vacation Services of America to cancel the contract at which time they were told they had to access their account online through the companies website with a special code.

Here's where the company's slippery slope screws people: The contracts of these people that purchased them aren't listed on their website for at least a week. However, in the contract they were rushed through, the fine print says they only have 3 days to cancel the contract. If you recall from the letter, aside from the 2 round trip airline tickets, you're also awarded a 2 night stay in a Marriott Hotel. Two nights in a hotel means you're away for 3 days. So if you have only 3 days to cancel the membership, on the last day you're able to cancel the membership you're still enjoying your "free getaway". And even if someone were sleuth enough to remember the 3 day cancellation rule it wouldn't matter, because the contracts aren't listed on the companies website for almost a week- only accessible online to cancel. Sneaky, slimy & and dishonest don't begin to describe this scam. Oh, and by the way, Vacation Services of America list their earnings as $20 million per year, and it's a no wonder how they got that.

Many of you are probably wondering why I went through all this trouble to gather the information I found and record it here. The answer is simple- while I didn't get duped into this scam there are many others out there who have and who will. If we share all the information, then just maybe someone will be saved the heartache of such a slimy scam.
 Jun 09th, 2014