said there was a possible suit against me, didn't give a name of any company only a phone number and a file number
 Sep 10th, 2013
I received a loan from a company 2 yrs ago I made plans to pay back with my ss direct deposit card the 175.00 amount he was suppose to withdraw by that 2nd day was still in my account two weeks later, I called to inquire why the gentleman I spoke with said that the original person that set up the payments was terminated no longer working for their company I said okay well what's next I want to pay the debt which was a 300.00 loan he said give me your bank information and I did again nothing was removed from account then 2 days later the original man called and said I didn't get a chance to run your information and get the money but I will now I said hey they said you got fired and took my info to run it for and different amount, he said who was it, I gave him the name he said he would get back to me he never did later I received another call saying he could give me a better pay back plan and I said who are you he said such and such I said it's already been taken care of and by the way the one they said was fired called asking for my bank info again he said do not give it to him so I called the number back where the calls were coming from and they said HELLO I said oh no business name he said who's this I said who are you they called me names and threatened me, my husband called pretending to be a consumer asked for a loan and they told him to ask his bitch that just called before he called, I immediately called the police and had them contact the number Officer Abbott and another plain clothes cop came and told me to not give any of them any more info on me and to change my bank card I did I called social security to let them no they agreed with the officer and told me to not give the new number out here yrs later I began to receive threatening calls about litigation I told them to have the judge tell me what to pay and what was fair I do not trust a company with practices such as those that has taken place!
jackie henry
 Jul 12th, 2013
I got a call from this lady who said her name was Andrea Graham from Mariner and Associates. She said I was being sued and needed to speak with me or my attorney as soon as possible. I have found other places on the web saying these people are a scam. I don't have any outstanding debt that I could be getting sued over so I know they are trying to scam me.
 Jun 29th, 2013