Called and left a message that I would receive a package, in the next few days, and if I didn't call 855-443-0697 within 3 days of receiving package, I would be going into legal mediation. Very threatening. BLOCK BOTH THESE NUMBERS.
 Aug 29th, 2018
This number keeps calling my with the same threats. Almost daily. I have no debts...creeps!
 Aug 14th, 2018
I received calls from 620-482-8131 multiple times and let it go to voice mail. The v/m is a recording and I never get to hear the start of the message, just a bunch of vague threats. The most recent says, "I hope you are not ignoring these calls because of some preconceived notion about their nature," and references some judgement that I can influence by calling them. Nothing else recognizable. The number they leave is the same one listed here: 855-443-0697.
 Aug 14th, 2018
Same thing happened to our business
North Carolina
 Aug 09th, 2018
Threatening phone call...would NOT give any info. regarding reason??? Said I could call back at 1-855-443-0697. Umm, NOPE!
 Aug 07th, 2018