855-416-4501 called and left message about unspecified legal proceedings against me, instructing me to call someone named Vanessa Jimenez back. Pretty obvious scam so I erased the message and found that many others have also been contacted with similar messages. Best advice: ignore it!
North Carolina
 Dec 12th, 2018
Received a call 12/12/2018. They said they had a legal case against a family member of mine. They had a name, which was similar to one of my family members, but they got the middle initial wrong, and the address they provided was an address from 12 years ago. They said they were calling from Maricopa County PSD, and even provided me with a case number. Sounded very legit, if I wasn't skeptical and untrusting, I would have believed it.
 Dec 12th, 2018
got this unwanted call today March 8,2018 same kind of message
 Mar 09th, 2018
They left a vague warning that "various legal actions will be taken against you" and said I had to call a generic "information center" to verify my name, address, phone number and identity after stating that the call was for a garbled Spanish name.
 Feb 21st, 2018
Called me today. Said their company is ACS. Said I had a payday loan in 2011 that wasn't collected due to some bank account closing. Even went as far as to use a fake ss number to verify and address.
 Feb 20th, 2018
working for a loan company, we have had multiple past cusotmers call and say this number and their agency is harrasing them and asking for funds in any form to hold until they can send legal docs to go to court for their past due balances. This is a scam. loan comapnies do not do this!!!!
 Feb 16th, 2018
They called and said they had legal matter on my wife and told me they would settle for $400 but they said a loan office turned this over to them and they could not give me info or even give me her social. They gave me address she hasn't even lived at for over 7 yrs but she's military so she's not allowed to even get loans. So I asked them to send me paperwork and they said they can't do that.
 Feb 09th, 2018
Called and said there was a legal action. Wanted me to call them...block this call. It is a scam.
 Feb 09th, 2018
Fraudulent extortion scam. They say they have legal claim against me. I have not received any certified mail which in VT a business has to do before action. I called local and state police. No one is looking for me! A scam they said
 Feb 09th, 2018
Didn’t leave a message
North Carolina
 Feb 08th, 2018