Here are some contact numbers to report this crime in Florida--
Florida AG Fraud Hotline # is: 866-966-7226

AG Name & Address:
Bill McCollum, AG
Office of Attorney General
The Capitol PL-01
Tallahassee, FL
Phone: 850.414.3300
FAX: 850.410.1630
 Feb 02nd, 2009
Contact the Office of Attorney General / State of Florida / The Capital PL-1 / Tallahassee Florida 32399-1050
Tel#850-414-3990 (3300)/ ag.mccollum@myfloridalegal.com
Bill McCollum
 Dec 22nd, 2008
If you really would like to do damage to this business,there is a much better way to do it than bothering relatives and neighbors of the owner. The State of Florida issues a License to Telemarketers that must be renewed annually! You may all make complaints online to http://www.800helpfla.com/compconfirm.html!! I called the Attorney General of Florida's office850-414-3300)you can also file a complaint there and they will take action when they get a critical mass of complaints- and they pointed me to the Dept. of Agriculture(of all things) for individual complaints. So, everybody file..and get these folks out of business for good!!
 May 20th, 2008
Told the guy I had over 25k in debt and he said he could help me reduce my rate to 6.9%. Askede for my number and I said well, what is the name of your company, and he said Card Services,. I told him I would need to check his company out first and he hung up on me. That pissed me off, so I called: 321-397-3200 and spoke with Amanda. She said they will remove my number from all of their databases (yeah right) 10 minutes later I got the call again.

I contacted the Fl Atty Generals office and was told they had a large file on them and that a class action suit is in the making. I would recommend you all give them a call to make them pay out the ass for this harrassment.

Office of Attorney General
State of Florida
The Capitol PL-01
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050
Main office telephone numbers
Switchboard: 850-414-3300
SunCom: 994-3300
Citizens Services: 850-414-3990
Florida Relay/TDD: 800-955-8771
Florida Toll Free: 1-866-966-7226
Fax: 850-410-1630
 Mar 22nd, 2007