Got the same message.. important court documents pertaining to a civil suite... I love the fact that Karma will come around to get these people one way or another!
 Apr 28th, 2017
hmm no way to delete my previous message. I think this is actually a "mediation company", a debt collector. I guess a lot of telemarketers of all kinds work out of Utah (Area Code 801).
 Apr 27th, 2017
I signed up with a network marketing company called Victory Nutrition International. The lady I signed up with said they would never spam call or spam text me. I think she personally fully intended that. However, I think some scrupulous marketers decided to join this company and abuse its network of customers. I avoided the auto-bill feature from the beginning, but they still had my information. A few weeks after joining I started receiving robo-calls from area code 801 regarding Victory Nutrition International. Now I am getting an 801-618-1892 voice mail telling me to call 850 203 5112. The vm message is quite scary, intended to insure a response from you. However, I believe it is just telemarketers trying to verify your number as belonging to you. I think it is network marketing / telemarketing related. No worries. This is the message you hear if you call back: " Papers regarding a pending civil complaint with the courts need to be delivered to you. This will be our last attempt to contact you regarding these legal documents. You may contact us directly at 850 203 5112."
 Apr 27th, 2017
Yep! they have you call back - I called back from an anonymous line to see what would happen. A recording picked up, and they did not identify themselves, but the recording said in an overly welcoming voice, "THANK YOU FOR CALLING" then asks you to hold and some cheesey elevator music comes on. I hung up.
 Apr 21st, 2017
Got the same legal vm
 Apr 21st, 2017
I received the same call stating its about important court documents and to press 1 to speak with an agent. This is the last attempt they say. Well... nobody will call you about an important legal document and not already have a human body on the line. Please watch out for this spam.
 Apr 21st, 2017
I got a call you I believe it to be a scam because they dont even say who they are!
 Apr 20th, 2017
i get the same message.
 Apr 18th, 2017
They say it is the last call about a legal matter but won't say who they are
 Apr 17th, 2017