Another blog comment said to call 866-246-7196 scam for a do not call request so I did and spoke to a person who said said they provide this service for a small number of companies that call consumers that want to minimize complaints and save time not calling people who don't want to be called. Sounded like a win/win so I gave the caller's phone number which they confirmed on their list and added the receiving phone number to the do not call list. It did take a business day to process then the calls stopped.
 Sep 16th, 2013
Just got one on my cell. No message.
Carol Nissenson
 Sep 16th, 2013
called my work phone, left no message
 Sep 16th, 2013
Called my cell
 Sep 13th, 2013
Spam call about vehicle warranty sales. Violated machine calling rules, and called my cellphone besides. The number is also on the Do Not Call registry.
 Sep 13th, 2013
Voice to text from my voicemail: Against the cost of repairs if you have not responded to this notification it's not too late please don't make the mistake of driving without a warranty you are still eligible to reactivate warranty coverage this is the final call before we close the file press one to speak to Wilbur presented it now about your vehicle press two to be removed from the follow up list hello and thanks for your response all records indicate your vehicle warranty may have expired please answer the next question so we can get your warranty reactivated you please call was in error please press two now to be removed yes your vehicle between the years 2005 and 2012 press one for yes press two for no.
 Sep 12th, 2013
Called my cell number went to voicemail amd left no message
 Sep 12th, 2013
same old auto warranty crap, never stops.....................................................
 Sep 12th, 2013
Call was made to my cell phone, which I definitely do NOT appreciate.
 Sep 12th, 2013