It's your mortgage servicer. If you're getting a call your mortgage payment is probably overdue or it's close to the end of your grace period, usually the 15th of the month. So pay up, buttercups!
 Jan 27th, 2018
Called several days. Sometimes every other day.
 Jan 24th, 2014
They called again today from another number. Blocked them too.
Pete G
 Aug 27th, 2013
I use Ooma VOIP so just blocked them after second call.
 Aug 24th, 2013
I'll sound like I work for Ooma but I don't. I just block them with my Ooma voice over IP system
 Aug 24th, 2013
Rec'd call, didn't sound on the up and up. Caller id said "Mtg Operations" 847-550-7300 but they left message that addressed us by name and they said they were USAA bank and left the number 877-801-2448 for us to call them back. They left no context for the phone call which USAA would never do, and totally did not sound right. Sounds like bad news, if you get this call & feel you must respond call your usaa number on file, do not this one, SCAM! When I googled the 847 number tons of people getting calls from this number, some hangs up, no messages, others got messages pretending to be their banks (not just usaa) and saying behind on mortgage. Beware, this is scam.
 Aug 23rd, 2013
these people are probably seeking info for fraud purposes. don't give them anything
max elliott
 Aug 17th, 2013
i picked up and i started ringing. then it hung up.
M Silk
 Aug 13th, 2013
 Jun 04th, 2013
I received the same call from this number. Very fishy. I would not give them any information. He said our mortgage is due December 1st and wanted a check now.
 Dec 05th, 2012
received a call from Excel Mortgage, calling for someone I don't know. It's getting annoying when they are collecting debt for someone on the wrong phone #.
 Feb 11th, 2010
three calls have been made to me from this number with no one on the other end of the line and no automated message. When I called back, I was put on hold. A recorded message on hold said that any informtion provided by callers will be used against them for collection. When the call was answered the operator asked for my name and account number. I don't even know what they are calling about. Sounds fradulent to me.
 Apr 23rd, 2009
very annoying. wish they would stop calling
 Jan 10th, 2009
What exactly is MTG Operations collecting for? Anyone know? I have no outstanding debt, but I do have plenty of these stupid callers thinking I have the curiosity to answer an "Illinois" CID call.

If you were legit, you wouldn't hide your CID. Illegitimate calls, spoofed calls, and out of area are given the exact attention they deserve. A hang up on your illegitimate life.

How about a real job, like defending your country? Maybe you can harass the taliban with your BS calls.
 Aug 19th, 2008
The dead-air calls (no response from caller when phone is answered) are purportedly "courtesy calls" from MTG Operations - a collection agency. I found that out when I got fed up with a nightly series of after-business-hours, dead-air, hang-up calls and called the number back the next morning. I just want to can it be called a courtesy call when no one says anything?
 May 15th, 2008
I have received 2 calls today. Both calls are silent
 Jan 25th, 2008