Stop continually calling and hanging up on me....
 Dec 21st, 2012
Says they are Chase, but Chase customer service doesn't acknowledge them. Don't give any details.
 Nov 29th, 2011
They call a few times every day and never leave a message. Some how they even found out the number to a friends house that I stayed at for a while and now they are calling them. I never even used the phone there and yet they some how got the number. Chase has always been a problem and probably always will expecially if we keep bailing them and the other out!
 Nov 14th, 2011
told them to remove number from their call list and was told they cannot do that . what a f*****g lie- of course th4y can do that.
 Oct 29th, 2011
So this is the 4th call from them today. I saved the number in the phone under "IGNORE" and then told my phone to send the calls to VM. They never leave a VM or anything. I do have Chase as a bank but do not have any CC through them or anything. My accounts are in good standings as well. I actually emailed the bank to find out what is going on. THis is really annoying and getting really old FAST!!!
 Oct 26th, 2011
Some guy from India representing Chase. Can't understand WTF he's saying. Hablo ingles por favor! :(
 Jun 25th, 2010
What I have been doing, and what we all have to do, is to let the incoming calls ring and ring until they are finished ringing, and then phone back relentlessly afterwards, hanging up as soon as a connection with the offending party has been achieved. I overheard a live voice the other day saying (in the background) "There seems to be a problem with that machine." after I did this ten or twelve times. I sure hope so. I hope there are lots of problems with ALL their machines. One other thing -- we can all be determined NEVER to patronize any branch of CHASE, JPMORGAN CHASE, CHASE BANK or CHASE COLLECTION in any form, in any state, whatsoever. In short, it's time to chase CHASE out of existence.
 Feb 13th, 2010
This is from CHASE.COM....

You should never respond or reply to an e-mail. phone call, or text message that:

Requires you to supply personal information.

Threatens to close or suspend your account if you do not take immediate action and provide personal information.

Solicits your participation in a survey where you are asked to enter personal information.

States that your account has been compromised or that there has been third-party activity on your account and requests you to enter or confirm your account information.

States that there are unauthorized charges on your account and requests your account information.

Asks you to enter your User ID, password or account numbers, PIN numbers or card expiration dates into an e-mail, non-secure webpage or text message.

Asks you to confirm, verify, or refresh your account, credit card, or billing information.
 Feb 07th, 2010
I keep getting calls from 847-488-6050, I started getting them after I posted an ad on Craigslist and left my number! My bad, don't leave a number on craigslist use the anonymous email to send your number if someone responds...
 Feb 07th, 2010
Calls and leaves no message. Even when I answer the damn phone. Go figure... SO, we called back from a different phone, and the idiot that answered said they were from CHASE. We don't have any accounts from CHASE, never have, now...never will!!
Bogey Man
 Jan 25th, 2010
I have had many different calls from chase. These are the different numbers that they have called me from:

847-488-3003, 866-821-9635, 847-488-2070, 210-586-1026, 302-282-8004, 847-488-6050, 210-586-1027, 847-488-3313
 Dec 24th, 2009
CHASE USA SCAM!! THIS IS A SCAM!!!!! 847-488-6050. 866-926-6910. 847-488-3313. They have called over 30 times in the last 5 days with recorded messages that have a different reason for calling each time! Come on people! I don't have a Chase card. This SCAM has been exposed all over the internet. If this is really Chase why am I getting different recorded messages with people with pretty thick accents asking me to call back for 5 or 6 different reasons. Also, they are VIOLATING the LAW by leaving recorded messages. Some posters on this blog are saying it is legitimate. Why would they even be looking at this site if they had no reason to suspect fraud? BECAUSE the posts are part of the SCAM!!!! If this is legit, why are some people posting messages indicating that they have contacted Chase and confirmed it is NOT Chase Bank. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!
 Dec 03rd, 2009
Calls several times a day and leaves no message
 Dec 02nd, 2009
I wake in the morning to someone calling me from this number and I am fixing to call mt telephone company cause if it's not them there is a Frederick M.D. and the companies are related as I don't know who they are looking for BUT I have NO credit cards so I no that they aren't looking for me. They ask for different people everytime that they call. I am fet up to the gills. Enough is Enough.
 Sep 18th, 2009
They called my husband's cell phone at 4 different times Thursday 9/17/09. The first two times, he did not answer and they did not leave a voicemail. The third time, he did pick up and an automated voice said, "Please hold for an important message." Then, he hears the automated voice say, "All of our representatives are busy; please wait for an important message." Obviously, he wasn't going to wait around and just hung up. After the fourth call, someone actually left a voicemail. Not sure if it was a man or a woman as it was very hard to hear them. They said the message was for my husband, their name (didn't catch it), and that they were from Chase. They said they had some extremely urgent financial information to discuss with him and to please return their call today at 888-638-4956. Then the person says, "If I can just get blank blank (could not decipher) to this issue," and then there was this long pause. Maybe the person had to take a breath because they were talking way too fast or they took a sip of their beverage. Then they finally came back on the line and said how late they would be there and once again repeated the 888-638-4956 phone number. I did hear at least one other man in the far background talking to somebody else during the voicemail. I did a reverse phone lookup and the number is a landline based in Elgin, IL. The same website that has information on this number ( apparently also has information on the 888-638-4956 number. Unfortunately, the free result page does not give a location of the number unlike the report for the (847) 488-6050 number and I can't afford to pay the $4.99 fee for the complete report. That's all the information I have. I hope this helps!
 Sep 18th, 2009
Fed up with the calls? Capitol Hill is responsible for this mess.
(Our crusty politicians).
Check out the link and see what I did to these credit card collections hogs.
 Sep 12th, 2009
Chase credit card collection department. Call from 7am-9pm manyyyyy times daily. I have all the CC companies and the different #'s they call from saved to my phone and save the ringtone as silent. That way I can actually look for work as they already know my situation and my layoff and not be disturbed!!!
Kim Houston
 Aug 11th, 2009
Chase Credit Card Collection
Kim Houston
 Aug 05th, 2009
Said they were from Chase Bank and were trying to sell Credit Card Insurance to make your min. payment if you are laid off from your job. Said the $65.00 monthy payment was a bargin! Don't these people have anything better to do??
 Jun 24th, 2009
Got several calls
Ms Joy left a Voice Mail and she is looking for Patricia Bishop.
She states that Chase has exciting NEW offers from Chase Credit Card Services.

She is requesting a callback at 888-638-4956

5-13-2009 8:30PM CST
Caller ID: 1-847-488-6050
Caller: Chase Creadit Card Services
Caller Type: Collection Agency
 May 14th, 2009
Ms Joy left a Voice Mail and she is looking for Patricia Bishop.
She states that Chase has exciting NEW offers from Chase Credit Card Services.

She is requesting a callback at 888-638-4956

5-13-2009 8:30PM CST
Caller ID: 1-847-488-6050
Caller: Chase Creadit Card Services
Caller Type: Collection Agency
Caller ID: 1-847-488-6050
Caller: Chase Creadit Card Services
 May 14th, 2009
Its another number for Chase collections. They don't leave messages either. Scum bags got my cellphone number and never my home phone that was given to them. I don't answer...don't waste my minutes on my phone. If these IDIOTs would read my account they would find a Cease & Assist letter from my Lawyers. If they want to settle do it with them. I want to pay them but they have to cooperate too!!
 Apr 30th, 2009
This is happening to wamu too.. i think that chase and wamu are getting either scammed out of old account records, or selling the info.. these people are NOT from your bank... they want personal information. they told my boyfriend he owed them money, and his accounts are all current. he just closed a credit card with wamu.. and all of a sudden someone has his info. i would switch banks immediately. So far noone can tell me theyll do anything about it. chase and wamu = shit.
 Jan 27th, 2009
Chase is the biggest pain in the @$$ you'll ever do business with. I've been behind 2-3 months now awaiting my refi to go through to pay those b@st@rds off once and for all, and I get at least 8-10 calls or more per day. I finally turned the ringer off my cell phone after the first 3 weeks of this harrassment.
Fed Up
 Jan 19th, 2009
chase jerks
 Nov 29th, 2008
regardless of what anyone else says, this IS chase. they call me at least 10-15 times a day including weekends. sometimes as early as 7:30 in the morning on a weekend, and as late as 10:00 at night. even after you talk to them and set something up, they say the calls will stop but 2 days later they're back on again. everything they say is a blatant lie. all they care about is their money, they don't care about you or your situation or what you're going through. I've been unemployed for over 10 months now and they just give me this fake sympathy "we hope you get work soon" crap, when it's obvious the only reason they're saying that is so they can get money faster.
 Oct 07th, 2008
This number is NOT Chase. It's a eastern-european based scam. I got a call from them the day after I listed my number on an online directory. They try to get you to disclose all the information on your card including the three digit security number on the back. I imagine that they clone your credit card to go on a shopping spree once you give them your information. If you call them back or give them any information they will keep calling you back. Do not give out any of your account information unless you initiate the call!! Call the 800 number on the back of your chase card to check on your account.
Not Chase
 Jul 11th, 2008
this is chase bank. i owe them a minor amount. they call at least 15 times a day. very, very aggressive
 May 16th, 2008
yes they got my cell and call it at least 10 times a day even after i gave them my attorney info and told them to fax paperwork to him on disputed charges, and when my cell is not ringing off the hook, they call my home number, on neither phone do they leave a message and when you do answer you end up hanging up on them because they are rude. how do we block the calls?
 Feb 22nd, 2008
From: National Credit Rebuilders Inc

Name: Chase
Phone Numbers Used:847-488-6050
Phone Numbers Used:888-638-4956
Fax: 888-643-9628 - toll free, isn't that nice!!!

These collectors are a real pain until you confront them. They have called past clients at their work.

R.T. Steele
National Credit Rebuilders Inc.
R. T. Steele
 Feb 22nd, 2008
They have called my number literally about 8 times today and the latest one was at 8:30pm. Its ridious. I dont have any business with Chase. Never have. I dont have any credit cards! So my friend told me to answer "City Moruge, you kill em, we chill em"
 Feb 15th, 2008
In addition to that, it is on an autodialer, you answer the phone and get a message, "all our representatives are busy, please wait for an important message",..that never (I won't wait more than a minute) answers.
 Jan 17th, 2008
My brother's getting a call from someone asking for 'Corey.' They've already called his phone 3 times today and he's not even in high school yet. If anybody knows something about this, please email me at Thank you.
 Jan 11th, 2008
I called them back and they asked for my credit card number or social security to pull my account. I declined everything and called my Chase's official help number.

"Chase would NEVER ask for your full credit card number or social security."

All they need is the last four digits and your name to pull up any account.

People!!!! These numbers are fraudulent and are trying to steal your personal information!!!
 Jan 04th, 2008
 Dec 08th, 2007
i got 4 missed calls from this number. i looked it up online and its chase
 Dec 06th, 2007
I receive no less than 7 calls a day from this number. No message is ever left. Harassment.
 Dec 02nd, 2007
answerd the phone, no one there, set the phone down and walked away.
Its their dime. After abt 2 min, had a dial tone, hung phone back up
 Nov 13th, 2007
The call like 8 times a day. No caller id. It's Chase. In response to 'Punky' on this report list, different states have different hours that creditors can legally call you. 5am is illegal anywhere. Here in Michigan, it's 8am-5pm, 7 days a week. Anytime before or after that you can contact your state's attorney general's office and actually prosecute. Sometimes they'll wipe the entire debt!
 Nov 03rd, 2007
jeje, i have the same problem. they been calling me, every day, about 15 times a day... from 5 am, to 9 pm.. even sundays,
They always use area code 407-777-10887
 Oct 16th, 2007
They call all the time. Have called from several different numbers before. When I answer, they hang up and then call back 10 minutes later. This is getting ridiculous. They need to learn to leave a voice mail!
 Oct 12th, 2007
Ever wonder where drug addicts, prison parolees, and newly released mental patients go? They become debt collectors....oh.....that's why they are BRAIN DEAD DIRTBAGS!
 Oct 10th, 2007
Been calling me for 2mths..never a message until a week ago...they were asking for someone else. I finally answered and told them they have the wrong person....they still call atleast 6x a day even on Sat and Sun. I called them back and they just took my number....5 mins later....another call!!! I am so very pissed!
 Sep 23rd, 2007
Chase Bank. no msg left.
 Sep 19th, 2007
These people are harassing me and for some reason if I don’t answer phone from a 407 area code number, they simple switch area codes like 847 and call again. If this continues I will be forced to change my number.
Sean Carter
 Aug 09th, 2007
Women identified herself as calling from the fraud dept of Chase. She was calling to confirm my identity for a business credit card I had applied for the day before. Legit.
 Aug 03rd, 2007
they call and hang up. I don't even have a Chase account anymore. I closed it a long while ago.
 Jul 02nd, 2007
This is Chase Manhattan Bank's bill collector dept. They usually ring this number 3 or 4 times per day looking for some other person, and they don't take "There is nobody here by that name" for an answer.
 Jun 19th, 2007
No name, no messages. Irritating and I don't owe any Chase any money!
 Jun 13th, 2007
These people keep call 4 to 5 times a day even after I told them that they have a wrong number and that the person there looking for is not me. I asked for them to quit calling but they seem not to care. They are calling to collect on money owed to GAP. I don't even shop at the Mall! I'd like to know who I should report harrassing phone calls to who will actually do something about it.
 Jun 06th, 2007
It is Chase.

Could be for one of two reasons.

I booked $2000 of airline tickets on Wednesday and another $1000 on Friday. This could be a call for me to verify these transactions (as they are high value, close together and lots of fraudsters use cloned cards to buy airline tickets etc).

Alternatively, it could be a call to verify that this is still my phone and that I'm still in the country. I closed a CoD with Chase on Wednesday, against which my credit limit was secured, so they might think I'm doing a cut and run.

I reckon if you answer it once, they'll stop calling.
Jackie Boy
 Jun 01st, 2007
CHASE!!!they called me 10 to 15 time's a day. starting in the 8:10 AM to right up till 9 PM at night. I told them I have no money but will soon when i sell the house. I WILL PAY THR BILL!. 15 min. later it's start's all over. I started writing the time's down. 8:03 am 8:33am 8:47 am and on and on and on the phone would ring. I would talk to them and ask them to please please stop. I WILL HAVE YOUR MONEY! They would laugh and start all over again. BS! Now I will die and not pay them the money! NEVER!
 May 26th, 2007
what a drag, i couldn't figure out who this could be... but Chase makes sense. They call 6-8 times a day! totally ridiculous. don't answer these calls! i did about a month ago - the customer serv ice rep on the other line LIED to me, saying my payment that would bring my account current.. but it didn't. now it's "under investigation.. yea right!
 May 13th, 2007
Ah yes, they call me continuously from both numbers that people mentioned here. I do own them money, but come on. Talk about harassment!
 May 01st, 2007
they call and hang up.
I guess that want you to call them back!
 Apr 26th, 2007
Calls at 8am and 8pm and made the mistake of answering now they call all the time -- stating they are Chase...I think it's a scam as it is not Chase
 Apr 09th, 2007
I received a call from this number.... same area code and prefix as 847-488-6100..... figured its the same place calling.... decided to let VM pickup.... no message....
doesnt matter
 Mar 01st, 2007
This crabs called me at 5am, for collection!!!! Fuck them I am not paying them I am bankrupt!!!
 Feb 21st, 2007
No idea who this number is from.. calls my work and cell, but i dont do business with them
 Feb 20th, 2007
They continue to call from this number and also from 847-488-6050. I wrote to Chase, and they said they'd put me on the DNC list (in writing). That was last Dec 17th. I wrote several times since, both letters and emails. I STILL get 6 to 10 calls DAILY. Today I got a call from a 'representative' saying he would escalate my complaint. His number is 210-586-3095 (or get him thru the 800 number at 800-436-7927). Don't know if its going to do any good though.
 Feb 03rd, 2007
I get these calls from a ten year old First Chicago (BankOne, now Chase) disputed charge. They gave up on my old home phone, and I got a new work cell, had it for less than a month, and they got that! i'd say they are aggressive. When calls come in on a Sunday evening at 9pm, they are stretching their boundaries...
John N
 Jan 30th, 2007
Very aggresive, get at least 5 calls a day. They tell me I have payments left on an account I've never heard of, with my name on it. Will be contacting lawyer.
 Jan 29th, 2007
CHASE USA - They also call from 847-488-6100. AT LEAST six calls PER DAY, never any message. Previously called from 604-495-2468 (WHALLEY BC) and 407-771-0887 (CHASE). When they finally quit one number (after several weeks), they just start a new one in another state or country.
 Jan 16th, 2007
I called them back and finally got an answer. He said he was from Chase, although I had just called Chase directly prior to this and they had no record of anyone calling. He asked for my account number -- I said I couldn't provide it. He asked for my social security number, I again said I couldn't provide it, but that I would appreciate him stop calling my cell phone. He said, "that's fine." We'll see.
 Nov 14th, 2006
It's Chase Bank's collection department.
 Nov 09th, 2006
yep its chase,
 Oct 13th, 2006
Chase Bank
 Oct 11th, 2006
Definately, Chase in Elgin, IL
 Oct 05th, 2006
No idea who this is. They don't leave message.
 Sep 28th, 2006
(Illinois) I've received many calls from this number, July-August 2006.
 Aug 16th, 2006
Chase Bank, collections Dept.
 Aug 15th, 2006