did not answer because I didn't recognize the phone number.
New York
 Sep 15th, 2014
This is a call from Chase Fraud Department. They verified some charges were fraudulent on our card and re-issued a new card. I called the number on the back of my card to verify this was legit. AND IT WAS LEGIT. Please, to everyone saying it is spam and/or a scam, you can't assume it is spam/scam if you get lots of calls from them or you hang up on them after one question.
Z Man
 Jun 29th, 2013
Just got off the phone with Chase, its not a Chase number. And they told me to only call them (Chase) useing the number on the back of my card.
 Apr 19th, 2013
A voice message left on my answering machine stating they are Chase credit card fraud department and ask me to call 1-800-704-0285 ASAP regarding my recent transactions. After I started the conversation, I realized it didn't sound a credit card company. I ended the phone call right away and reported this to Chase credit card company.
 Feb 27th, 2013
No message was left.
 Feb 05th, 2013
another early morning call (PST) from Chase. Number: 847-783-7066. I was getting a large variety of 800, 600, and a few other kinds of numbers to the point I was shutting my phone off, but now have done this: call the following number from your cell phone: 1-888-382-1222.
It is the National DO NOT CALL list It will only take a minute of your time.. It blocks your number for five (5) years. You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked. You cannot call from a different phone number.
It has helped, but not entirely. Like how does one talk to a number that says it's a "non-working number" when that non-working number calls you!!!
 Oct 28th, 2011
I received a call from a company claiming to be Chase today. They are looking for my social security #. This sales rep was not as good as some of the ones I read about below. Because she was not interested in my account number and passwords into my account or giving me information. It was very strange. I'm 99.9% sure it's an identity theft scam. I heard that ss#s are bought and sold to felons and illegal immigrants in order to give them a new identity, the identity of an upstanding citizen. I also heard that it is popular to buy and sell children's ss#s, so we need to protect their numbers as well.
 May 27th, 2011
Bottom line is it is a scam. These bastards have been persistent they have been calling me for over 3 months now.
 Sep 29th, 2010
This is legitmate. Chase Fraud Services letting me know my card was being tested in small charge increments which is a precursor to larger amounts being charged.
 Sep 23rd, 2010
Regular calls from these morons. I do NOT have a Chase card. And I NEVER will. May the fleas of 100,000 camels infest these parasites!
 Sep 21st, 2010
A received a message from Chase wanting to verify some charges on my credit card. I called back the number that they provided1-800-955-9060 and it was legit.
Sweet Tangerine
 Aug 25th, 2010
That's Chase Fraud Prevention Department. Caller ID shows up as 847-488-6000 and they ask you to call them back at 800-955-9060. For me, they asked me to verify some charges. I live in CA and there were a couple charges made in Moscow Russia. Also other charges made from an INN and a Motel. Thank goodness for this department or else these charges would have gone through.
 Aug 18th, 2010
Called the number on the back of the card. They said that they were not exactly aware of the details of why the fraud department called. They said they did not recognize this number exactly but that they had quite a few numbers in their fraud department. But they said that they were sending me a new card with a new number to the address I gave the caller from (847) 488-6000. (I am a little credulous but called to varify.) On the same call they asked to varify perchases I made. I did make them. And I had them send it to my friend's address. (Just got back in the country from oferseas and am looking for an apartment.) And I gave them my date of birth to varify the changes to my account. as well as just mentioning that I had another chase credit card and one with another company... without any other account info needed.

When I called my bank they did not absolutly varify that fraud called. but did varify that they were sending replacement cards to my friend's address. I Think it is legit, but if it is a scam it involves calling my bank with information that they already had and to have them send a card to the address I gave them. sounds doubtful it is a scam. So the moral is to always call your bank back to varify...
A little guy
 Aug 11th, 2010
Just received call from them but didn't answer. So when I called back it said hit #3 if you want your number placed on a do not call list, I hit three, it then asked for my account number, I hit random #*# to get live person. I asked her to pull up my name to see if "someone" had an account there under my name. She asked for my SS# to pull that up - I laughed said no and told her all card companies can do this, none require SS#. I knew then it was more than a scam. She tried a second time to get my SS# so we could really see if someone had a card with Chase under my name. Wow, talk about persistence. She seemed much more frustrated than when she took the call 60 sec earlier. hummmmmm........?
 Aug 11th, 2010
Transcript: Hello, this message is for {name}. My name is Melanie calling from the fraud prevention department to verify recent activity on your Visa retail credit card account. Please call us back at 1-800-955-9060 at your earliest convenience. We are open 24 hours and any analyst at that number can assist you and please have your credit card account number available when you call. Thank you.
 May 25th, 2010
It was from Chase Visa Fraud( Chase USA) . They asked me to return call at 800-955-9060 to verify a purchase.
 May 21st, 2010
Don't have a Chase card but they asked for someone that happens to live a block away
 May 20th, 2010
I don't think this is scam. They called me today about a charge on my credit card, that I didn't recognize and I was about to call but they called me first. They didn't ask me for any card information they just asked me about that specific charge that they said it was suspicious. I told them I didn't recognize it, so they canceled my card. Then I became worried about being scammed and I called to the number at the back of my credit card and it's being canceled for security reasons. I guess it's not an scam after all.
 May 07th, 2010
This is a true number.
 Mar 26th, 2010
Phishing call saying CHASE to investigate fraud but they are NOT CHASE! They left a phone number on voicemail and gave false 888 number 888-413-2913) that when I called Chase directly using the phone number on my credit card, I was told they had not tried to contact me and that the phone number left on my voicemail was not one of their numbers. BEWARE!!!!
 Feb 18th, 2010
CHASE USA SCAM!! THIS IS A SCAM!!!!! 847-488-6050. 866-926-6910. 847-488-3313. They have called over 30 times in the last 5 days with recorded messages that have a different reason for calling each time! Come on people! I don't have a Chase card. This SCAM has been exposed all over the internet. If this is really Chase why am I getting different recorded messages with people with pretty thick accents asking me to call back for 5 or 6 different reasons. Also, they are VIOLATING the LAW by leaving recorded messages. Some posters on this blog are saying it is legitimate. Why would they even be looking at this site if they had no reason to suspect fraud? BECAUSE the posts are part of the SCAM!!!! If this is legit, why are some people posting messages indicating that they have contacted Chase and confirmed it is NOT Chase Bank. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!
 Dec 03rd, 2009
I don't even have an account with chase or whoever it is(8474886000) ,, never left a message. Don't know why they are even calling me unless it is a fraud.
Mo from Jo
 Aug 25th, 2009
Sounded ~really~ phishy--especially that I was supposed to call back with my credit card information.
I called Chase directly 800-945-2000) and confirmed that it was in fact a legitimate call.
Then I chastised the representative for a call that sounded very much like a phishing expedition.
(Thank gawd for!)
Mark the Spark
 Jul 14th, 2009
Claimed to be chase fraud department, individual became really hostile and said they would sue me for the accounts if I didn't give my personal information. They claimed I had a parking ticket, I called about the ticket and found no ticket with the proper authorities. Big time scam.
one person
 Apr 29th, 2009
Just called me about someone trying to apply for a Toys R Us Mastercard in my name. Started asking for personal information to confirm denial of the credit application. Told them, no way and hung up. Definitely some sort of phishing scam.
 Apr 08th, 2009
I had an issuse with my Chase account that normal support couldn't fix. I was able to contact some higher ups via information found on the internet. This is the number they called me back from that they said they were some executive office. We talked about the issue and they informed me that they were going to look into the issue.
 Nov 06th, 2008
They keep calling my cell all day long. Just get a beeping tone when I answer.

I really had enough!!
 Oct 17th, 2007
Some relatives alerted me to this scam and I thought I'd never get a call from them and then, sure enough I did. Never returned their call. They had said it was the fraud dept. and there was some activity on the card.
 Apr 25th, 2007
They left a message today at 3:20PM CST. Said this was's fraud prevention dept, asked to call back at some 800 number.
 Apr 23rd, 2007
they called me and asked for some other person. I said wrong number and the like 3 minutes later they called back and said the same thing. I thought it was some kids being stupid so I got online to get some info to scare the shit out of em but I guess not
 Apr 03rd, 2007
They called around 7:20pm to verify a charge
 Feb 20th, 2007
Chase Fraud Dept called to ask whether I had called within the past 24 hours (I had, to verify a new card) and to verify recipients and amounts of recent transactions on my VISA card.
 Jan 09th, 2007
Said they wanted to report activity on my credit card and that I needed to call back immediately. I have been on hold, so have not had the opportunity to hear from a person firsthand.
 Jan 08th, 2007
Computer from Chase credit card fraud detection. They (computer) gave me my card# and unauthorized transaction date/merchant/amount, then asked if it's valid.

I pressed "3" for "not sure" and immediately hung up when they tried to transfer me to Fraud rep.

Then 2 hours later, a lady called from ID 847-488-6000 to verify the same information. She asked for DOB and mailing address, not a card#. She went through a list of all transactions hitting my card and asked to indentify the ones that weren't authorized. I ended up closing my account.

 Dec 27th, 2006
Chase Visa Fraud Dept.

Rep called to inform me of unauthorized charges
 Dec 27th, 2006
i missed the call, but it could very well have been chase, where I have an account.
 Dec 18th, 2006
They called at 12:43 PST. Asked me to call them back at 800-955-9060 about a possible unauthorized charge on credit card.
 Nov 20th, 2006
Chase Bank looking to verify credit card charges and inform me that a charge had been denied because the submitter used an invalid expiration date.
 Nov 15th, 2006
They called just after 6 a.m. west coast time. Telemarketer from Chase Bank.
 Nov 07th, 2006