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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

28 calls reported from this number.
Who CalledCaller IDDate
unknowncarmel, ny2014-03-21
unknownCarmel, NY2014-02-26
unknowncarmel, ny2013-09-06
unknownCarmel, NY2013-06-18
TelemarketersCarmel NY2013-09-10
scam845 842 11772013-12-05
not sure2014-02-20
I didn't answrr845-842-11772014-02-19
Don't Know845-842-11772013-12-10
Carmel, NY2014-02-17
carmel nyn/a2013-08-07
carmel nyn/a2013-08-06
???out of area2013-09-10
?Carmel NY2013-09-03
?out of area2013-07-26
Carmel NY2014-02-28
845 842 11772014-02-14
Carmel NY2014-02-07
No Name2013-11-30
Unknown name2013-08-12
carmel ny2013-07-10

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March 14th, 2014 Adrian NY

I get a minimum of 5 to 10 calls a day from this number. I do not answer the phone as I don't know the number. All it says is Carmel, NY. They do not leave a message. I have reported them but they continue to call. I am getting pretty sick of this.

February 21st, 2014 Diane KS

I don't know this phone number and I don't answer. I have a rule if they aren't in my contact list I don't answer. I calls from this number 7 8 9 sometimes 10 times a day. Get a hint I don't know you and i am not answering your calls, so leave me the HELL ALONE.

February 21st, 2014 Will UT

They want you to call them back and that allows them to charge you a toll fee $10 to $20 and it makes it legal because you called them and should be aware of the charge.....even if you were not aware of the charge it is your fault for calling them SCAM!!!

February 20th, 2014 cbs TX

They are calling me non-stop. I haven't answered. Good to know they are not ligit.

February 19th, 2014 Cheryl OH

Interrupts me at work several times a day...I work in the medical field...I use my phone for on call STAT studies.

February 18th, 2014 kitwilli VA

Multiple calls from this number (6-8 calls a day); no message ever left with call back number. It is a robo call which waits for someone to answer and then connects to a person.

February 15th, 2014 Molly TX

They have been calling three or four times a day for about 2 weeks. Tried to answer one time to tell them to take me off their list and they hung up on me. Tried 2 times to register them on my Caller Block system and they still are able to call. No longer answer their calls and they let the phone ring 4 or 5 times then hang up. Somewhere I read that this is a "spoofed" number and that is why we are unable to call or block the number.

February 12th, 2014 Al VA

My number is listed on the DO NOT CALL Registry; yet this company called looking for another person.

February 12th, 2014 MRS. G FL

This crazy lady called me at 8pm last night and starting asking me what kind of pets I have. I only answered it because it's the same area code as my best friend, I thought she was calling from her house phone. Nope. I couldn't understand this lady at all, I asked what company she was calling me from, she gave me her name. and kept asking me the same questions. I told her to take my number of the list and don't ever call me again, she repeated the question, do you have a bird or a at...NO!!Stop calliong me!! Why can't you tell me what pets you have jesus Christ, she says and hangs up.

February 11th, 2014 MAB PA

Don't know who they are, but they've been calling my home about 15 times a day. That's harrassment. Have reported them to both the FCC and DNC. I never, ever answer calls from unfamiliar numbers, and don't know anyond in NY.

February 11th, 2014 p SD

Call several times never leaves a message and no one is on the other side if you do answer

February 11th, 2014 Dennis Oliver TN

Calls multiple times a day and all I hear if I pick up are 'beeps'.

February 6th, 2014 WILLIAM H LANGE IL

I am really tired of being harassed by telemarketers. It is obvious that being on the "DO NOT CALL LIST" does not hinder these people.

February 4th, 2014 K MS

How are these people making money by repetitively calling me and saying nothing, or hanging up? trying to get in a quota or something? Leave me alone already.

February 3rd, 2014 w.n. NV

4 calls same day scammers wish someone in there area would track them down and ............well use your imagination !

January 30th, 2014 E. C. P. FL

Keep receiving calls from this number and it shows up as Carmel, NY, on my answering machine. I don't answer but it doesn't stop them. I've registered on the do not call list but I still get calls!

January 30th, 2014 Roger

The calls come in , you hear a bip sound than they hang up! I think some is pulling data and we should pick the phone up and hang up ASAP! so your call can't be pulled.

January 16th, 2014 ejgrace FL

This number has been calling me repeatedly for the last 2 weeks I don't answer numbers I do not now seeing how this is my cell. They call first thing in.the morning at 830 9 am n call until about 10pm the most calls I've received in one day was 7. It's quite sickening if I don't answer the first few times and you don't leave a message stop calling its as easy aa that. Seeing how I am from upstate ny you would think.that they'd get the hint cuz they aren't from.foreign country's n understand if you don't answer don't call repeatingly. But apparently not. We I wish other ppl luck that's having my problem they stop calling. Thanks Eric

December 7th, 2013 sailmate OH

I am getting between 8-10 calls a day - early morning to late at night. I don't answer numbers I don't recognize as this is on my cell phone. This nuisance needs to stop!!!

December 7th, 2013 sailmate OH

I have not answered these calls.

December 6th, 2013 rad ny NY

i've got 5 calls from this number. i answered one, and they terminated the call.

November 23rd, 2013 Julie WA

This number has called me 4 times without leaving a message.

November 4th, 2013 Patsy Simpson OR

These calls are very annoying and need to stop. When I do answer, there is usually no one on the other end. So, how do I get them to stop calling?

September 11th, 2013 Sassy DE

Very annoying telemarketers. Call, leave no message and then call again.

September 6th, 2013 contrarian TX

has been calling my number, for at least two weeks, at least 3 times a day. have posted on DNC list, but that hasn't stopped them!

September 5th, 2013 JJ TX

left no msg I don't answer if I don't know who is calling.

August 8th, 2013 Willie CT

These folks have nothing better to do, so they call me then call you, a sad commentary fro living right.

August 7th, 2013 WP7WhoCalledMe

August 6th, 2013 Linda CT

Calls constantly....4-5 times a day. They never leave a message.

July 26th, 2013 Sue GA

I did not answer.... answering machine picked it up but they did not leave a message.

July 26th, 2013 Sue NJ

Constantly calls, and does Not leave Message !!!! I will Not pick up !!!! They can call till their Blue !!!!!

June 20th, 2013 name PA

they are spammers

June 18th, 2013 Liz CT

Calls my office phone several times a day. No message.

June 15th, 2013 Randy NY

Received several calls almost daily

June 7th, 2013 Bunny CT

They called and didn't leave a message on answering machine. I don't pick up for numbers I don't know.