This ph# will call as Medical/Social security benefit company. They try to scan elder people with SS # and asking for Bank info.
 May 13th, 2019
Called me so I played their game. They turned their phone off because I started getting voicemail. I left a ton of messages! Just random fun stuff, weather, my day, just to mess when these scum bags :) they called again today and now they have people who can speak clear English. Yesterday it was broken English. Their stepping up their game hahaha.
 May 08th, 2019
They have my ss number and is impersonating the Social Security office
 May 08th, 2019
Scam. Same old SS# is compromised scam.
New Jersey
 May 08th, 2019
My husband keeps getting these calls as well. Social Security number has been compromised and one saying he won a government grant. These are scum bags with nothing better to do. Scam...
 May 07th, 2019
Called claiming to be from the Social Security Administration saying that my SSN had been compromised and I needed to call them back. This is a scam.
 May 02nd, 2019
Who is this?
 Apr 30th, 2019
Scam call woman's robo voice to call back number immediately
 Apr 30th, 2019
I have received several calls from this number saying that my SS# has been compromised. The SS office DOES NOT call you to tell you that info. It is a SCAM!!!
 Apr 25th, 2019
I got a similar robocall claiming my SSN was suspended because SS became aware that it was compromised, from a different number. If you look around at other people's info, you will see a LOT of them tried calling back a number that showed, and getting an out of service recording. It seems that many of these illegal calls, including apparent illegal telemarketing calls, are from spoofed phone numbers, not originating from the number that shows on our cells. (Can you imagine what these annoying twits might have accomplished if they spent their time/energy on something legal and useful?)
 Apr 23rd, 2019
844-686-9601 just called my cell. It was an illegal robocall claiming that my Social Security Number was compromised and that I needed to contact them back immediately or otherwise I would have the cops sent out to arrest. Yeah, sure. SCAM! Blocking the number instantly. I find it seriously hard to believe that the Telephone companies cannot locate who owns these numbers and who is sending these calls out. Someone had to pay to register this number, and someone has to pay each month to keep the number valid. Follow the money to who is paying the bill and arrest these scumbags.
 Apr 23rd, 2019